The Story So Far

Location, location...

We were having a rare weekend away from the 3 little pigs.  It was a beautiful spring morning on the Mandurah canals.  The outdoors seemed so enticing we decided to go for a run.  The conditions were perfect for falling in love….

with a block of land.

So we bought the block of land and celebrated from afar.  Still living in South Korea, we started to pour over builders’ websites.  It was quite a shock to learn the price of a new home.  So our old place in Mandurah must be sold first, before any financial commitment to building a new home.

Since settlement of the block we’ve been spending any spare time studying house plans, looking at magazines and having fun with the modern-day version of the scrapbook – pinterest.

We’ve decided to select an off-the-plan (pre-designed) house.  A house designed just for us, in the size and style we’d like, is out of our budget.  In Western Australia, the available house plans are endless, but when you narrow it down to designs that make the most of rear views, the options are few.  Hopefully, we’ll have arrived at a decision by the time our old place sells.

Thanks to our new neighbour for sending us a photo of the "sold" sign.

Thanks to our new neighbour for sending us a photo of the “sold” sign.


2 thoughts on “The Story So Far

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hi Jo, I will be very keen to read your new blog. We have bought a block in Mandurah Quay that we will be building on early next year, so I’ll be watching (and learning) with a lot of interest. Love Kathryn

  2. Hi Kathryn, It will be great to compare notes with you. Is your block on the waterfront? I’m not sure that we’ll be much ahead of you in timing since we want to sell old place first. Jo

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