Top 5 features for our dream home.

Apparently people like lists.  Aunty Kate, who is actually qualified to comment on this, told me so.  My cousin, a professional organiser, told me to write a list.   I suspect they are quite wise.

So here is my first list.

The Top 5 most important features for our dream home:

  • Plenty of windows to take advantage of the canal view and let the outside in.
  • A large sense of space (high or raked ceilings, voids, open living areas).
  • A big, functional kitchen with room for two cooks.
  • Natural materials featured – wood, stone, plants, water.
  • Room left on the block to run around on some grass, plant a herb garden, cool off in a pool and accommodate 3 BBQs.

Feel free to add your own list in “comments”.


14 thoughts on “Top 5 features for our dream home.

  1. Kathryn says:

    Love your list, especially the 3xBBQ’s 🙂
    A big kitchen is my number 1. After 12 years of cramped cooking and tripping over each other, it is our prime reason for building.

    • Ha! Ha! I wondered who would be the first to bring this up. Perhaps I’d better add a guest booking page to this website. (By the way, you are too web-savvy to be “old and bewildered”.)

  2. Jo, I know you run a tighter ship than I, but still……STORAGE STORAGE STORAGE.
    And a walk in pantry.
    And space for the biggest fridge in all of Christendom.
    I am not bewildered, well not usually. But I do like an en-suite.

    • You are right of course, Inger. Storage would be number 6. Will have to think about the pantry thing. The plans I’m looking at have “sculleries” but no walk in pantry. Perhaps Igor will share his cellar space with me?

  3. Jamie says:

    Appologies to Igor for not catching up. Very important, don’t forget to add the jetty to the list as I will need somewhere to keep my boat.

  4. Fairley says:

    Big Big kitchen bench with tons of room for friends to sit around while you do all the work.Needs tons of natural light.and great ventilation. perfect example would be your mum and dads LIttle pool with big big sand filter complete with energy saving device invented in QLD and featured on the inventors.also for air con.So much time and money spent on pool and at the end of the day small pool is great. Also willing to contribute to Jetty ie out door carpet circa 1990 Boyds Bay Houseboats as new. Conditional on Marias household owning state of the art jet ski for use of visitors. Fairley

    • Fairley, Mum is measuring up her kitchen bench for me, as we speak! I’m always happy for friends to watch me work in the kitchen, so long as they keep my wine glass filled. I’ll get Igor onto the sand filter and energy saving device research. I loved your old place in the hills, so I’m paying close attention!
      As for the jet ski, when those QLD inventors come up with a silent jet ski, I’ll think about your jetty offer!

      • joan55555 says:

        Jet ski with sail. I can rig that up for you. We have large sand filter in back shed. Unused. You can check it out when you come to visit. The jetty is gaining attention. I’ll pass the hat/bucket around. Looking forward to catching up with you there Fairley and all. It’s going to be quite a party.

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