Igor returned from his trip to Australia yesterday bearing gifts.  Lots of glossy brochures from display homes and a handful of building/decorating/landscaping magazines.  You know what I’ve been doing today.

I now have a large collection of magazines, each one a different publication.  But before this stack started to overtake the lounge room, there I was in South Korea, with newly purchased land burning a hole in my pocket and a local magazine supplier that trebled the price of imported magazines.  I did the only thing I could, I discovered Pinterest.

Pinterest is an online scrapbook.  You can save pictures you like into folders to review later.  It is quite addictive.  Within a week or two of collecting pictures it soon became clear to me the style of home design, inside and out, that I liked.  There was a trend in the colours, materials and shapes that I was collecting.  Aunty Kate tells me that I was creating a “mood board”.

In some ways, I’m getting a little ahead of myself, finding paint colours and lamp shades that I like, but it has been useful to discover modern products looking good that we might otherwise discount.  It is helping to develop an overall picture in our mind of what the end product, our dream home, could look like.

You can see the 5 latest additions to my Pinterest scrapbook in the side bar on the homepage of this blog.  These pictures will be automatically updated as I find new inspiration.  (Aunty Kate, aren’t I clever?)   To see my entire picture collection, you need to visit Pinterest and I warn you, it is a seriously lovely time-waster.  You can find my Pinterest folder by clicking on the “more photos” link underneath the sidebar pictures on the home page or by clicking here.

Screenshot from Pinterest:

My taste - greys, woods, whites and lots of light.

My taste – greys, woods, whites and lots of light.

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