The kitchen bench.

Attention has been drawn to the kitchen bench.  It needs to be big!  My uncle, very experienced at sitting around kitchen benches, says so.  He likes to sit and watch the cook(s), getting his fingers dangerously close to the knives, in order to sneak a little taste.  He reckons that my Mum and Dad’s kitchen bench is the perfect size, and given that it has recently been the scene of Christmas dinner preparations for 21 people, he could be right.  So I sent my Mum to measure.  3.2 m x .85 m.

Mum and Dad's kitchen bench - the gold standard in benches.

Mum and Dad’s kitchen bench – the gold standard in benches.

Here is another beautiful kitchen bench, in a beautiful home:

What do you think?  I think that it would be more useful if the space underneath the bench was cupboards, but I’m impressed by the bench’s capacity to seat a family of 5.  I wonder how long it is?  At our last abode, there was bench seating for 3, so I ate my breakfast standing up for a year.  That’s enough.

Here is another one of my favourite kitchen benches:

And here, sadly, is my current kitchen bench:

I promise never to make macaroni cheese again if I have a big kitchen bench.

I promise never to make macaroni cheese again if I can have a big kitchen bench.

If you love your kitchen bench, please measure it up and post a comment.

13 thoughts on “The kitchen bench.

  1. Don’t get white marble, stains like buggery. Get a corian or a composite. Must be at least 85 cm wide to accommodate you cooking on one side, and me with a good Margaret River white on the other side without any risk of spatter landing in my drink. Helpful? Xxx

  2. Hi Jo. My kitchen bench looks like yours, just add a compost bin and a half drunk cold cup of tea. My ‘servery’ on the other side of the cook top is enough space for 4 overlapping plates (there are 6 people in my family). Poor me, poor me. Post extension I will have an additional piece of kitchen bench measuring 2 glorious meters wide, 1.2 deep. This is on top of what I have now. Eeek!! Matt says we are getting stone(composite) but I’m a little frightened by the cost…stay tuned on that one. I definately want a long narrow timber section just sitting above bench height (say 10cm) for the breakfast bar. I love the warmth timber brings and the idea of having it fixed just above the bench proper is so that it takes your eye off any stuff sitting on the bench from the lounge. The timber will tie in with other cabinetry in the lounge.

    Never having had a breakfast bar, I’m excited to be able to fit 4 seats, enough for the little people. I have visions of me standing at this bench watching 4 children merrily eating their wheatbix while I contruct lunches, sip my latte and ok, so I’ll be standing having my breakfast… its not that bad is it? Also in my kitchen extension is a large bin cupboard so I don’t have to empty the recycling, rubbish and compost umpteen times a day. Other improvements include having the prep area directly opposite the pantry and fridge. With all these time savings I shall cook more fabulous meals. Yep, life is sure going to be perfect post extension.

    • Hi Vic. Thanks for all the practical ideas. I think I need a new list – things to check on the house plan (eg. size of bin cupboard). Your layout suggestions are matching what is in my mind for our new place. Raised breakfast bar is a good idea. I like a bit of timber too, for homeliness. Re: standing for breakfast, I always felt like I was the waitress behind the counter, only no one ever paid me!

    • Kaye says:

      Hi jo, my sage advice for a kitchen bench is to make sure you have a big drawer or two underneath for all the ‘stuff’ that seems to accumulate on top of kitchen benches– tissue box, notes, pens, things you don’t want to throw out but don’t know what else to do with. K 🙂

  3. Mum and Dad’s bench (as pictured) is Tasmanian Oak. That is really just glued together strips of alpine ash. Ours is 10 years old, and might need a sand and polish in a couple of years. No stains, just the odd knife scratch. I noticed the first scratch but the rest have just blended in.
    I love the Bayden Goddard design. I note the stove top fronts on to windows. Our neighbours recently incorporated that concept and were required to fit a ‘lift out of the bench’ heat shield between heat source and window.

  4. Be sure to consider the materials you might use as well. I love Caesarstone in neutral colours and am looking forward to having a huge island bench. But not too huge. Caesarstone can work up to 3m before you have to introduce a seam. I can’t stand the thought of a seam running through my bench top, so any benches in our place will be 3m or shorter!

    • Thanks for the tip Fancy Pants. I checked out your blog and have concluded that you have good taste! I couldn’t figure out how to follow your blog though?? I’m interested to see how you will turn a DA home into your style.

      • I have no idea how to allow people to follow my blog! I’m so hopeless when it comes to technology. Will work on it though. Perhaps in the meantime just bookmark the page? I’ll keep checking back! 🙂

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