Current Bedtime reading

I’ve moved on from glossy magazines and Pinterest for a little while.  I’m trying to get educated on matters of home building.  There are two main incentives – getting the most out of our block and canal view in terms of house design and avoiding being ripped off at a later date because we forgot to include something in the original building contract.

This week I’ve read:

  • Town planning policy.
  • City of Mandurah Orders and Requisitions Planning Services.
  • House plan details, again and again and again.
  • Forum posts by fellow homebuilders on including an excellent multipage list of “Things you forgot”.

You can now quiz me on “set backs” (not a problem causing delay), 28 courses (alas, no food involved) and footing details (dance experience not required ).

Are there any other thrilling reads that I should be studying?

On a slightly more interesting note, I’ve spent a lot this week with a tape measure in my hand.  I have concluded that 29 courses in the bedroom is not really high enough to accommodate a ceiling fan, my current kitchen is about the same size as our proposed scullery in the new house (!!!) and the 1st Little Pig (see Characters) has grown 3 cm in 3 months.


4 thoughts on “Current Bedtime reading

  1. AM8 says:

    I know something else you should be studying… … … … … How To Build A Monkey Bar In Your Daughters Bedroom. 🙂

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