The oven(s).

I think I’d better issue all my lovely blog followers with a measuring tape.  This time I want your oven measurements, especially the width.  How much width does a macaron-baking Mama and pizza-throwing Papa need?

I’ve been going through potential house plans with a fine tooth comb and there is a chance we’ll be having two wall ovens.  Is 600mm enough?  Would you sacrifice 2 small wall ovens (included) for one 900mm oven?

And does any one have one of those new-fandangled steam ovens?  What do you think?

A small oven could stifle the Nice Wolf's culinary creativity.  This lovely oven was surely 900mm wide.

A small oven could stifle the Nice Wolf’s culinary creativity.

P.S.  It’s now 9 days later.  Thank you for the comments and emails about your ovens.  We are leaning towards one 600mm oven, plus one 900mm oven.  (His and hers!)   In the interim, I’ve found the perfect oven:


True love. This is the kind of oven I’d give a name to. And possibly kiss it.
(Available for the price of a small car at:


4 thoughts on “The oven(s).

  1. Kaye says:

    My only comment for ovens is to make sure you have a separate grill. My oven has a large oven below 600 x 450 plus a smaller top oven 600×300 ( very handy) that is also a grill. It means I don’t have to turn the big oven on for using a single shelf or cakes, pizza etc. I love it and it does everything I need, but I’m no gourmet chef. :). Kaye

  2. I like the practicality of having two ovens, especially when entertaining. One could be working on mains while the other is heating appetisers. That said, we went for the single 900mm. Because it’s just plain sexy. 😉

  3. Keep in mind your outside cooking equipment. You may not need 2 inside ovens. Blokes may like being sent outside to cook the prawns or check on the eskies.

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