Blueberries and olive leaves.

While I wait for a response from builders about the costs of variations to the standard plans, I’ve been dabbling in a little colour therapy.  Here’s a combination that makes me weak at the knees:

While I adore this blue, particularly paired with white, plus a bit of wood, metal and silvery-green, I know that colour is something very personal.  So I thought I’d have a little fun and test out the polling mechanism of this blog and the taste of my helpful readers.  Forget about resale, I plan to spend decades in my new home.  The question is simple.  Do you love the blue or not?

Here are some other colour combinations that I’m fond of:

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You can find your own favourites at  Of course, nothing beats sample pots of paint, but for the geographically challenged there are plenty of websites to help new home builders with their colour selections.

Here is a clever site for visualising house exterior colours.  If you’re in the market for a new roof, gutters or sidings (fancy word for exterior walls) you can select a house facade similar to your house plans, then change the colours until you find a winning combination.  I tested it out with a contemporary coastal elevation, making sure to throw in some “copen blue” :


5 thoughts on “Blueberries and olive leaves.

  1. Ask and you shall receive…my opinion! I have many!
    Definitely in moderation. I remember 18 years ago having a mad keen love of sunflower yellow and sky blue. Thank god I was at university and didn’t have a cent to apply those colours across my home. Like you, I love, love, love that blue, but I’d suggest you use it sparingly and where you do use it, make it in places that can be updated. Eg. perhaps in a splash back that can be replaced, or paint a blackboard that colour, or invest in some accessories (pillows, lamp shade, rug, vase, crockery or bed linen) that can be updated when you fall in love with a new colour in 10 years time.

  2. And I remember 13 years ago when I loved egg yolk yellow, we painted it through most of the house. Every baby picture of Gena has the egg yolk yellow in the background, blarring out. Well the choice was ’90’s baige or a colour that made us HAPPY. If you go with what makes you happy now but keep it to what can be easily re-painted etc (like wise Aunt Kate says), then you have minimised some out-dating risk.

  3. *Love the blue/silver grey…use it in a special area or two.
    *Limestone walls ‘stand alone’ as far as beauty and time and are a magnificent feature of Mandurah and WA. It needs no enhancement but if you have a simple way of showing it off, go for it.
    * I have often admired the external creams, soft light greys and especially whites of houses on waterfronts and how they reflect the time of day.. you can’t go wrong. Add a texture or a darker feature for some drama if you are inclined.
    ps: spoken like an amateur expert!

  4. trixee says:

    I love colour too, especially unusual combinations of deep, strong colours – my wedding flowers were red and purple, sounds horrible but they were amazing together – often it’s the particular shade that really matters.

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