Patience and building.

I’ve been studying the habits and characteristics of fellow Australian new home builders.  There are hundreds of them hanging out in the HomeOne forum, sharing the thrills and spills of building.

I’ve noticed that new home builders get very excited at several points during the home building process:

  1. Choosing a house plan (or, less often, receiving plans from their architect).
  2. Choosing colours for their house, inside and out.
  3. Seeing a concrete slab on their block for the first time.
  4. Seeing many Tradies’ cars parked in the vicinity of their block.
  5. Reaching the “lock up” stage.
  6. And finally, receiving the keys to their new home.

In between these times, there is a lot of frustration and whinging going on about inaction and delays.  While I’m still fresh and enthusiastic, I am going to make some resolutions in order to maximise the enjoyment of building:

  1. Mentally add time on to the expected house completion date.
  2. Absolutely no complaining about how long it takes to build a house.
  3. Consider any lulls in the process a positive opportunity to go shopping, for the house, of course.

Without any further ado, I introduce to you my first “lull” purchase:

Persian rug.

A Persian silk rug – destined for the library or master bedroom.

8 thoughts on “Patience and building.

  1. May says:

    Great colours in the rug – in my opinion perfect – both colour and print for a library. Yes, always factor in extra time and also some contingency $’s – there is usually a + – % that one should take into consideration. Main thing is to keep enjoying the project…M

  2. You’ll love the process – I know we did. I learned so much throughout the process and it’s one of those truly rare opportunities one gets in life. I’m a chemical engineer by training but the whole process of building has helped me appreciate the civil side of things…:-) Pun intended… 😛

  3. After reading this post you gave me a strong urge to ‘permit’ myself to buy a decorating item! But NO, I must wait. We are in the waiting part where the building permit folk have everything they need to issue a permit (and are working on our job) but are yet to deliver. It should be a formality as all the checks were done when we applied for dispensation to build closer than usually allowed to the fence. The moment they do, the builder can come to do the final measure up for ordering materials and will schedule the excavation. I am more than content in this holding arrangement as I know that once it starts life will be extraordinarily busy.
    We need to vacate half of our existing very small house and so my time is spent condensing, boxing stuff up, donating, and selling unwanted stuff. Other spare time is spent researching and decision making (yay, I finally found a vanity of suitable quality and style within our budget this week!). The very fact that we have no space for our existing stuff means that I can’t buy new stuff. Or if I did the kids would have to live in the cubbyhouse. This does take the fun out of the holding, waiting period, so I am very envious of you and the delight you must feel in purchasing your library-to-be’s lovely rug!

    And good on you for having a great ‘waiting’ attitude. I too have doubled the builders estimated build time in my head. I’m also planning on going into an induced-semicoma, my mind entering a deep vagueness (greater than usual) so that I cannot really feel the pain of four kids sharing a bedroom and us sleeping in the lounge. (Just hope I can wake up from it when its over).

    Last week I just happened to be walking past a friends block of land as the excavator, dozer etc arrived to clear the block of the old house and take away the rubble. I stood there with her, watching the demolition for an hour (Marcus was in 2 year old boy heaven). I got to see how exited my friend was, seeing a major milestone after 3 years of planning. I think you need to ride the high’s that others have with their builds to keep you going.

    So, what is next to buy?

    • Vic, I do hope I am laughing “with” you. It does sound funny in print. I hope you are taking lots of photos. I’d love to see before, during and after (and the vanity). It has been full of action here responding to the latest house drawings and costings, so no purchases for a little while.

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