Pre-construction survey

Discounting the purchase of land and a large pile of home design magazines, the pre-construction survey marks the first time we’ve handed over some money towards building a new home.  Although it only cost $500, it feels like commitment!

Land surveyThe survey confirmed that we do indeed have a rectangular block of varying levels with a canal at one end and a road at the other.  It shows some other stuff that will become useful eventually, but no surprises for us.  With this survey in hand, our preferred builder, is now willing to prepare some detailed drawings of our potential house design and its position on our block.


2 thoughts on “Pre-construction survey

  1. Phil tells me MH means Man Hole and pile of sand and grass means there is a pile of sand and grass! He especially likes the disclaiming note at the top of the map. Anyway it is fun to see something happening towards ‘the house by the water’.

  2. May says:

    Good start, don’t worry the amount of $’s that will need to be handed over from time to time will grow……..and the end result will be worth every cent, I am sure. Best of luck…..

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