Sneak preview

On top of all the excitement of the sale of our old place, updated house plans and costings  for all our requested variations to the plan arrived from our potential builder.  Champagne, money in the bank, fresh house plans – what more can a girl want?

Since we are not yet committed to our preferred house plan and builder, I’m just going to give you a little peek for now.

Front of house (roadside).  We are thinking of a lightly coloured render and garage doors - white, light grey, and stackstone cladding to the two columns to make it more interesting.

Front of house (roadside). Disregard the colours here.  We are thinking of a lightly coloured render and garage doors – white and light grey with stackstone cladding to the two columns to make it more interesting.

Some day I’ll post a full list of our variations and their costs, but today here are a couple of things that we immediately crossed off the list:

  • caesarstone backsplash to match bench tops $4000
  • frameless glass door to ensuite WC to match shower door $1900

The rest of the variation costs were not too unexpected but did bring up the need to do a whole new round of research which this week has included:

  • soakwells and their use for pool backwashes
  • stackstone cladding vs. its cheaper cousin, feature limestone render
  • ovens

    Stackstone cladding - for a feature wall on the front and rear facade of our house.

    Stackstone cladding – for a feature wall on the front and rear facade of our house.

Now dear readers, you know the deal.  I give you pictures, you give me advice.  It’s ovens again.  I am currently presented with a choice of Blanco versus Westinghouse for 900mm freestanding oven, 600mm wall oven, microwave and range hood.  Does anyone have an opinion about any of these products?  The price difference to us will be negligible.


8 thoughts on “Sneak preview

  1. Inger says:

    I know this is a bit late, as you discussed ovens before. My sis, a big foodie, is renovating her kitchen. She is ditching her 900mm and getting instead two 600mms, one conventional, and one steam/convention, both Miele I think. I could find out. And a warming draw. She has been to several demos, and this is her choice. I can get model numbers if you at all interested.

    • Thanks Inger. We have decided to get one 900mm freestanding oven, plus one 600mm wall oven. Igor particularly wants the wide one, and I particularly want 2 ovens. Miele is a big price hike from Blanco and Westinghouse, so I’d have to know that these options were useless before swapping to Miele. If you don’t mind, ask your sister if she know anything about those ones. (“Choice” haven’t reviewed most of the options I’m looking at – I already checked that out.)

  2. Dear Johanne,
    No luck with me, for advices about ovens… But I love the stackstone cladding: very ‘earthy’, elegant. . And, and …the sketch of your dream home: Wow! “superbe!”

  3. Yes, love the stackstone cladding (but I am a daughter of a stonemason/bricklayer). I just love a mix of exterior finishes.

    And re the ovens: We have a westinghouse 600mm wall oven (model PXL688 electric separate grill walloven). Why did we buy it (had it for 8 years)? Because my parents had one that lasted for 20+ years of course. There was no research done on what was better for cooking. Basically our budget removed most European brands and we went with what we knew. I’m sure foodies would shake their heads.

    While I am no masterchef, I do like to cook, bake and make food myself and I have never cursed my Westinghouse for any failures. The knob that allows me to change from fan bake to pizza bake lets me avoid any common oven complaints. It does the job.

    I’ve never used a Blanco oven so I’m in no position to compare.

  4. kaye says:

    Hi Jo, House looks great. Just a thought- we have a pale yellow render on the outside of our place. It shows every rub mark, dust speck, insect footprint, lizard dropping and other things …….This leads to fairly regular hosing of the outside of the house. Next time we’ll be going darker.

  5. Bruna says:

    Like the design and the idea of making a feature of columns. Choose shower screen wisely. I chose a cheap one when needing to replacing ours and it’s quite unsatisfactory (leaks and looks ordinary). Bruna x

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