Door heights.

Hedging your bets...   (Picture source:

Hedging your bets…
(Picture source:

For the hard core house-building readers, a quick note on door heights.  The standard door height for our favourite house plan is 25 courses* or 2040 mm.  When I informed the builder that we’ll be installing wood floors throughout, the question of upgrading door heights to 28 courses came up.  The sales pitch was that they “look awesome and are currently fashionable”.  Of course, my first question was “how much?”  Answer – about $4000 to upgrade most of the doors in the house.  No, thank you.  However, I was a little bit tempted by the idea of raised door heights for the main front entry and the entry to the living room, but at approximately $1000 a pop (they’d have to be custom made) I’m declining at this stage.  Our ceiling heights will be varied, ranging from 28 courses in the kitchen, 29 in the upstairs bedrooms, 31 in the dining ares, 32 in the library and a ginormous 63 in the lounge room (with void overhead).

As always any measurements of your door and ceiling heights will be appreciated – especially from those of you whose homes I’ve been in and so already have a sense of the space.  And you could throw in your opinion on the matter too, if you like.

*One course = height of brick plus a layer of mortar.  Typically about 86mm.  Or so I’m lead to believe…

Owners of this beautiful Bayden Goddard Design home, if you could just measure up your doors for me, that'd be great.

Owners of this beautiful Bayden Goddard Design home, if you could just measure up your doors for me, that’d be great.


2 thoughts on “Door heights.

  1. Kathryn says:

    This question has just come up for us too. Looking through the display homes it seems like high doors are very much in fashion. The floor to ceiling sliding doors (linen, robe) etc look especially good. having said that, I think we will go with standard height because you have to draw the line somewhere. We are probably going to have 32 course ceiling ground floor and 30 course upper floor.

  2. Helen says:

    Hi there,
    We will be building next year too, and as for higher door heights, this is an absolute have to have for me. This upgrade is worth every cent, as even the simplest house design looks amazing with the taller doors and entry!

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