House plans

At last, we can reveal our house plans.  Our “house by the water” will be based on the “Rubix” plan by builders Webb and Brown-Neaves.  Last week we signed a PPA (preliminary plans agreement) to build the “Rubix” – making a commitment with our signatures and a payment equal to 3% of the build price.  We’ve been playing with the standard plan for a few months, making adjustments to suit our site, taste and family size.  The most obvious change we made is to the roof line.  We’ve selected a “coastal elevation” which softens the look of the house.  Other changes include increasing the size of the dining room window, changing sliding doors to stacking doors, changing the design of the kitchen bench to accommodate 5 stools and turning the study into a 4th bedroom.  We also added a laundry chute, an external door to the powder room (for poolside access), a 900mm freestanding oven, space for a chest freezer, and provision for future gas fireplace, gas to the alfresco dining area and water for an outdoor shower.

Ground floor.

Ground floor.

Upper floor

Upper floor

What we love about this plan:

  • The void space above the living area.
  • Open, rear living.
  • Plenty of windows to the canal view.
  • An indulgent kitchen space, including the scullery.
  • Plenty of space to add storage/cabinetry to rooms later.
  • Plenty of room left on the block to enjoy the outdoors.
Site plan showing plenty of room to entertain and play outdoors.  There is even room for a veggie patch.

Site plan showing plenty of room to entertain and play outdoors.   I’ve cut the plan short, but there is even room in the front yard for a veggie patch.


5 thoughts on “House plans

  1. Kathryn says:

    Lovely plan, I think it really suits the block. I particularly like the void area and the stairs.
    I bet the downstairs bedroom is going to be in hot demand in a few years 🙂

  2. Whoo hoo, a laundry chute! The kids are going to love it so much they will probably use it, no more picking up dirty clothes off the bedroom floor and bathroom floor (that is if they are anything like mine). I assume it will come out in the laundry, where is the ‘in’? Is it rude to ask how much this worthy upgrade cost? We are still considering one but as we only have two bedrooms upstairs, it won’t solve the problem of MY three little pigs who will live downstairs leaving clothes everywhere.
    PS plan looks great.

    • Not rude, it’s good to compare notes. This addition is costing us $1.7K. Gulp. The entry is the kids bathroom, the out is laundry. Shame it won’t cart the clean stuff up again….

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