Building contract

The building contract has been doing laps in my head for over a week now and still it makes me nervous.  It’s not just the massive dollar figure that makes me feel a bit sick in the stomach, it’s the feeling of responsibility to get everything right.  My signature on there will mean that I’ve checked everything and found it to be correct.  It’s a good thing there is generous time allowed for signing before the fixed price expires.

For those who haven’t done this before, along with the standard building industry contract comes an addendum (all the details of what is included in the building price), a list of variations to the contract, updated floor plans, elevation drawings, site plans, electrical plans and carpentry plans.  Altogether there are 43 pages of text and 13 pages of plans, with cross references all over the place.

The potential for error is frightening.

The potential for error is frightening.

Up to this point, we’ve made many small changes to the standard house plan and we are probably up to version 5 or 6, but with so many changes, human error does sneak in.  With the luxury of time, I hope to:

  1. Understand everything that I sign.
  2. Minimise the little errors.
  3. Feel like the builders and I are “on the same page”, so to speak.

6 thoughts on “Building contract

  1. The contracts used by WBN are standard and don’t leave any nasty little surprises, this is the peace of mind building with a reputable builder. As long as you are satisfied with the basics, you can sign knowing that during the pre start phase there is lots of room for variations and changes along the way. Once the pre start phase is finished and the contract goes to site and hence construction, the changes will be limited and will attract a hefty admin fee each time, so it’s best to get it sorted at pre start. Very exciting times ahead, good luck!

  2. You don’t sound like a big baby at all… can be very overwhelming, especially when you are investing large amounts of money! I’m building with them at the moment, we are almost at lock up. It is an individual design, 2 storey. The process once the slab had been laid has been very quick and the quality of the trades used has been excellent. I’ve really been enjoying the whole experience, I have already started designing the next one ha ha

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