Landscape design

When we woke up to a little package of 3D landscape drawings in our inbox it felt like Christmas morning.  Immediately we were visualising our summer days sitting on the deck, watching boats putt by and listening to the kids splashing in the pool.

We are not afraid of a bit of work in the garden and fancy that we could put together a nice yard with plenty of greenery, a place to BBQ and a bit of decking.  Our last garden was certainly all DIY.  But when we saw what our landscape architect came up with to complement our future home, we knew it was better than any plan we could have conceived.

So that was the good news.  The bad news was that this impressive design was double our budget.  Together with our landscape architect, we’ve been cutting pieces to bring the design closer to our budget and now we are at a point where our “back garden” will look more like this:

Plan B is without the fancy louvre shade structure at the end of the pool, has a fibreglass pool and leaves Igor and I with plenty of the work to do ourselves.

Plan B is without the fancy louvre shade structure at the end of the pool, has a fibreglass pool instead of concrete and leaves Igor and I with plenty of the work to do ourselves, including all of the lower (canal) level.

I think it has the “Wow” factor.  It’s a little less organic/Aussie/au naturel looking than I had imagined for us, but it really suits the house.

To keep within our budget, we are forgoing the shade structure for now, but the umbrella looks pretty good and some of the landscape can evolve over the years.  The pool, on the other hand, needs to be right from the start.  This is why I’ve been reading up about concrete pools versus fibreglass pools and badgering people-in-the-know to figure out which is best.  There are pros and cons to both, but assuming a good quality product and careful installation, the most significant “pro” for concrete in my mind is the look of it, and the critical “con” is the price.  I am talking about at $10 – 20 000 difference between the two for the proposed design.  Has anyone got two bobs worth to add to that little dilemma?



7 thoughts on “Landscape design

  1. Africadayz says:

    Hi Johanne. If you’re able to put the surround of your choice round your pool, I wonder if anyone will be able to tell at a glance whether it’s concrete or fiberglass? We also need to make some pool decisions in the next few days. It seems to make sense to get the excavation done while all the other ground work is underway too.

    • Yes, probably it would just be me that would notice. My Uncle, who maintains pools for a living tells me that a concrete pool, fully tiled has the best life span, but the upfront cost is a quite a hurdle. What kind of pool are you leaning towards?

  2. Judy says:

    Hi, I was thinking of contacting Tim Davies Landscaping for our new build- how did you find working with them? Were the design fees expensive? Thanks , Judy

  3. Cameron and Miranda says:

    Hi Johanne
    That design looks great. Did you enjoy the process of getting the design done (other than the budget issues, of course!)?
    We’re having a concrete pool at our place, but that’s because it’s right next to the house, so the concrete was necessary for structural/engineering reasons. I’d understood that the main advantages of concrete are that you can choose whatever shape you like and it can be built right up against the house. If you don’t need it for those reasons, I’d go with fibreglass if I were you – and spend the money you save on something more fun!
    Miranda (and Cameron)

    • Hi Miranda, I only met in person once with our landscape designer and then we’ve met on skype since we are not currently in W.A. So the “process” has been quite brief, but I did pick TDL because I felt their style (as seen on their website and at the WBN display homes) was in line with ours. We are still not 100% decided about the pool. My sensible side says fibreglass, but Igor is not 100% convinced yet. Our neighbours have just put in a lovely concrete pool, infinity edge, in front of the canal. It is going to be amazing. Thanks for commenting!

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