Colour selection – children’s bathroom.

I’m finding colour selections quite overwhelming, so for the house interior, I thought I’d start with an easy room – the children’s bathroom.  The room will be used by 3 children for baths and showers.  There is a separate toilet beside this bathroom so these two rooms should match.  The rooms are quite small and I have no grand plans to make a statement with the colours.  Function and light is the priority.  This is roughly the bathroom layout:

Bathroom layout - does not include silver coated stag horns.

Bathroom layout as per display home.  (Silver coated ram horns not included.)

The top level bench surrounding the sink is to be Caesarstone, while the trim and cabinets are laminate.  My main colour dilemma is how to make the most of the cabinet detail that is shown in brown in the above picture.  I don’t like brown and the bold contrast looks a little masculine for my preference.

Here is a little inspiration for colours:

I love the light colour combination here, with a touch of wood that makes it feel homely.  Picture source:

I love the light colour combination here.  Picture source:  Better Homes and Gardens.

The touch of wood makes it feel homely and would tie in the wooden floors in the rest of the house.

Here is what I came up with:

Hmm... this interior design malarky is harder than I thought.

Hmm… this interior design malarky is harder than I thought.

It all looked terribly drab until I added the flowers and towels.  Of course the bath and frameless mirror are missing, also the plain white tiles for the bath hob, but you get the gist.

I have two worries.  One is that the beech Laminex will look awfully fake.  Has anyone used    this laminex and can share pics?  My second concern is that my choice of Caesarstone colours from “the builder’s standard range” may not include a pure white bench top.  I will have to check on that one.

As always, give me your critique.  I can handle it.


15 thoughts on “Colour selection – children’s bathroom.

  1. Miranda says:

    I think I can help with your second query. Yes, I’m pretty sure you can get a pure white bench top. In our bathroom and ensuite we’re getting Caesarstone Snow, which is described as a warm white. I think the WBN interior designer thought Snow was better with our tiles than Pure White, I think because the Pure White is a cooler colour.

    But I don’t think we were limited in the Caesarstone colours we could choose from. I’ve just looked up our selections and the Snow is described in our prestart variation as “Standard/Deluxe range”. I don’t think you’ll have a problem getting whatever colour you want.

    And I like your touch of wood. I can’t think of anywhere I’ve seen that laminex in real life but it looks great in your mood board, so I hope you can make it work!

  2. Your picture from house and garden is perfect. Is your floor in the bathroom tiled? You’ll find plenty of tiles that you love when you walk into a display room. Floor colour good. You don’t want to walk in and think ‘oh I must vacuum’ every time someone has combed their hair etc. Not sure about pure white bench top. I like a little bit of texture and your wood will provide that but if it makes things simpler you could skip the wood trims. It is lovely to refresh bathrooms with a new bathmat or set of towels or pot plant so a very clean base of whites and light grey is good. Gee I’m really sorry about the silver ram’s horns being out of stock. I’m sure Phil can find something up the back paddock and we’ll give them a spray. Gold? or silver? That has solved the house warming gift dilemma. Love Mumxxx
    Kate’s bathrooms are lovely. Maybe she could take a pic or two.

  3. Kate says:

    Hello, hello! Opinions galore here as always. I do like the wood in the cabinetry, but I wonder if a hint of it would be better than such a bold wrap around feature. Are you wedded to that specific cabinet? Love the basin and top ceaserstone though. Watch the brown in your wood/laminex and the grey of the floors work together – the beech colour and grey aren’t from the same slice of colour wheel and they aren’t opposites so combining them could be tricky. I think the Better Homes and Grdens one works because the grey tiles aren’t flat/consistent colour (the display home tiles are flat grey). xxx

    • Not wedded to the cabinet design – but it is the standard one for the house design. (We’ve changed the vanity in the ensuite because I didn’t like this one. A change at this stage may cost us. I’ll check.) I get what you are saying about the tiles. Now that I know what I’m aiming for overall, I’ll take a second look at tile options to see if I can get a better match.

    • Mmm, oak would be lovely. As we are building an “off-the-plan” house, variations to the standard provisions cost us extra, so we are trying to limit these changes. I am hoping to have no extra costs for this bathroom (though I’ve already broken that self-imposed rule with the addition of a laundry chute). Also, in our bathroom at our last house we had lots of lovely Jarrah (Australian hard wood). It looked beautiful but was trouble, trouble, trouble. Splashy kids plus wood in bathrooms equals work.

  4. I really like your color scheme. I too would be concerned that the wood/laminex would look fake. Maybe you could get a sample? Because in the picture the color is pretty. And warms up the space. Another option would be to go with a darker charcoal gray, or a lighter gray. It might be too much white and gray for you tho? I like in the better homes and garden picture how the drawer pulls are gray. It brings the color up from the floor.

    I am feeling your pain , I was at two different tile places today looking for gray tile for my master bathroom shower. It is really way more difficult to choose than you think. I really love the white tile around the tub. Are you keeping that tile there?

    • You are right HL. Now that I have a plan, I need to do some more research. I am a bit geographically challenged with this – I’m in Brazil, house will be in Australia. I’m relying heavily on online pictures, though in my suitcase I did bring a measuring tape, a handful of tiny Laminex samples and a few squares of Caesarstone!
      Yes, I’m going to go for white tile around the tub and also up the walls of the shower and W.C. Please post your grey tile once you’ve chosen one.

  5. Hi Jo. I’ve recently seen the beech laminex made up in a very elaborate wardrobe. I think it looks pretty good. As a forester, I think I will always look hard because I absolutely have to know if real or fake. I have ash timber laminate in our 10 year old bathroom. Obviously a decision made before kids and obviously totally wrecked now! So, given it is not practical to have real timber cabinetry in a kids bathroom, I think it is okay to have timber look laminex if you are prepared to wear your ‘fake’ wood loud and proud!

    Like you, I love the look of lights/whites with a taste of timber for warmth. If you have a degree of discomfort about wood look laminex, maybe you are better off keeping the vanity as standard laminex and using real timber accessories eg bathmat thingy and toothbrush holders/soap dispenser (plenty of that stuff around) and not to forget the timber horns.

    • Nice to have your helpful comments back Vic! I thought your computer might still be lost under a pile of builder’s rubble. I hope you are nearing the end of your reno.
      I’d prefer the laminate to fool everyone and look real. I have been fooled by laminate recently, but the wood tone was different to beech. This decision is not yet made….

  6. Africadayz says:

    Hi Jo. Relieved the silver ram horns will not be part of your decor scheme! I like the look of the beech laminate in the photo but appreciate that in reality it might look fake and only you’ll be able to decide about that. Also, you need to be sure it will withstand quite robust use which is what it will get in the children’s bathroom. Have you considered going all white and only bringing colour in through the use of accessories like towels and bath mats? In SA we get quite affordable granite tops for bathroom cabinets too if that’s an option. It’s very hard wearing; basically indestructible, and lasts forever.
    Interesting difference in vocab between Aus and here is your use of the the word ‘benches’. When I first started following your blog I found it very confusing. A bench here is something we sit on unless it is combined with ‘work’ as in ‘workbench’ which is something a cabinet-maker uses for cutting timber on etc. We refer to the built-in surfaces in our kitchens and bathrooms as ‘counter-tops’ or simply ‘tops.’

    • I think all-white cabinets will be my back up plan. Good to know about the terminology differences – it might explain why no one else on wordpress writes about the “kitchen bench”.

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