Tiles that floor me.

In preparation for selecting laundry colours, humour me with a little diversion into the world of tiles.  Tiles are my new obsession.  I think I may have fallen victim to the influence of fashion because I never used to like tiles.

Maybe it is the fact that I’m currently living in “The City of Tiles” where every second building, old and new, short and tall, is covered in tiles.  Tiles are literally everywhere.  They wash up on the beach in front of my current abode after each high tide.  There is even a tile museum in this city!

Two of the little pigs wandering in "The Tiled City" of Sao Luis, Brazil.

Two of the little pigs wandering in “The Tiled City” of Sao Luis, Brazil.

Or maybe it is the hours I’ve spent on Pinterest lately, where dreamy pictures of tiled floors woo me.  I’m thinking that the laundry floor could be a little bit fancy.  Check out these tiny squares of art you can walk on:


From Jatana Interiors.  Reproduction tiles $165 per sqm.


Source:  Jatana Interiors.


Source: Encaustic cement tiles from Lindsey Lang.  £185 per sqm.

And here’s how they might look en masse in my laundry:


Source: Original Style. £274 per sqm.


Source: Bolig Pluss.

Floor tiles by Lindsey Lang.

Floor tiles by Lindsey Lang.

You might have noticed a couple of prices above that make you choke and no doubt any one reading from our building company will be laughing in a “Tell her she’s dreaming” kind of way.  So I’ve come up with a poor woman’s alternative:

This concrete floor has been stencilled.  Source:

This concrete floor has been stencilled.  Save money on tiles and holiday in Grecian Paradise instead?

In fact our laundry has only about 4.5 sqm of floor to be tiled, so potentially the difference between the standard tile allowance ($60 per sqm) and some tiles from Jantana Interiors could be less than $500, plus additional installation fees for a smaller tile.  The builders don’t allow owners to supply materials, so this is something that might have to be done after handover.

Aside from the cost, would you do it?  Have you found any suppliers of beautiful tiles in Western Australia?  Did you lay any tiles after handover or manage to sweet talk the builders into laying something different?

Want to see more beautiful tiled floors?  Visit my Pinterest “Floors” file by clicking here.

8 thoughts on “Tiles that floor me.

  1. Judy says:

    Love some of those tile inspirations pics! A word of warning that I found picking a non standard tile added a huge amount to the upgrade cost. I naively thought it would just be the difference between the tile cost multiplied by the Square metres – but they also add a lot extra for laying non- standard tiles. I wanted a marble hexagon mosaic for the bathroom floor but the upgrade cost was just too much. In the end I found a ceramic basketweave that had a cost price within budget but still had to pay a few hundred extra to get them laid

    • Thanks for the warning Judy. I’d better come up with a back up plan. Spending extra on a few features is OK – but in the laundry it is not really justified. A basket-weave tile will be perfect in your style of house. Any pics yet?

  2. Reen says:

    Hi I just found your blog today after wandering around on the HomeOne website. We are in early stages of choosing house plan and waiting for quotes, so all this awaits us. Love love love your ideas and colours, I’ve found through my growing obsession with all things interior that I keep being drawn to the same style of kitchen colours as you. Glad to have found your blog, can’t wait to see how it all pans out!

  3. Bec says:

    Hi Jo! I don’t usually like tiles either, but the Jantana ones are beautiful, and I think would add character to a home. You could ask your builder not to do the floor coverings at all, and just organise it yourself. Save doubling up on payment. Some builders will allow it!! And so they should!! Best of luck with it all.
    Bec x

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