Powder room.

I nearly didn’t write a post for the powder room, but then I thought it was mean-spirited to deprive you of these inspiring pictures.  Here’s my top 5.

Light and simple.

Light and simple.  Image source: The Style Files.

A little darker grey and the wood seem to make this powder room a bit masculine.

A dark grey and the wood seem to make this powder room masculine.  Photo credit:  Segev photography, via Houzz.

Light and airy.

Light and airy, despite the smelly boots.  Source:  The Style Files.

Darker tiles for splashback works nicely with the black.

Darker tiles for the splash back works nicely with black.  Source: RTL Nederland.

You know fancy floor tiles make me weak.  (I still haven't discounted them for the laundry and powder room).  Cute nautical touch for the mirrors.

You know fancy floor tiles make me weak. (I still haven’t discounted them from the laundry). Cute nautical touch for the mirrors.  Source: E-mag DECO.

Our powder room is the only bathroom on the ground floor.  It will be for guests, but it will also be used by the youngest little pig who will sleep in the downstairs bedroom. Dangerous, I know.  I’m trying to forget about smelly socks, and worse, in order to plan a guest-worthy powder room.

Here is the basic layout we are working with:

I’m going to try and tie the laundry and powder room together in terms of colour, although the laundry will have a Laminex bench top while the powder room is going posh with Caesarstone.

Powder room mood board.

Powder room mood board.

I tried some combinations that included a decorative floor tile, but it all looked too busy.  This mood board shows:

  • Travertine white honed tile (National Tiles) – I need to find something similar from one of our builder’s tile suppliers.
  • Feather Dawn paint.  (I dabbled with Grey Pebble this time, but it looked too dark.)
  • Clamshell Caesarstone vanity top.
  • Polar white Laminex.
  • White wall tile. (Standard issue, matt surface.)
  • Builder supplied mirror and basin.
  • Some very cute wooden dots that you can hang clothes and towels on from Muuto.

In order to bring the laundry and powder room together, I now think I’ll have to modify my laundry plan a bit.  The floor tiles are too dark.

Phew.  That’s it for tiled rooms.  I’m fully prepared for my “pre start” meeting now.  I will be happily swayed by good advice from the builder’s interior designer, but it will be for the smaller details.  The basic mood/colour/theme for the bathrooms, laundry and kitchen is established.  This should help me avoid making any on-the-spot decisions that I later regret.


11 thoughts on “Powder room.

  1. What about one of those wooden bath mats for the pool season so you don’t have to stand in pools of ‘water’ to use the loo. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bathroom-Shower-and-anywhere-Solid-Teak-Wood-Mat-Slip-Resistant-/290875467853 ….a project for Igor. Plantation shutters might look nice in there too….although you aren’t having any of those anywhere else are you. A feature mirror would make a big difference too.
    You will probably find visitors will want to get dressed for the pool in there too, so I like your hooks for hanging things up, or little pigeon hole shelving http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-BKf5yrQZaeU/UY0TiPOnwEI/AAAAAAAAGzE/T5Vb9xGqXJI/s1600/Wire_Locker_Room_Hooks.jpg Might be too vintage for your look. xx

    • Yes to wooden bath mat. I was thinking of one of those for the main bathroom, but it would be good in the powder room, and maybe outside the external door too. Yes to shutters (not 100% sure of our external door type, but I think it is glazed). We plan to have plantation shutters in the kids’ bedrooms and the other bathrooms. Yes to feature mirror, might have to get some tips from creative sister about that later. Not sure about cute shelving… will keep it pinned in case. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Trixee, I asked a few other bloggers that very question. The answers I got were software I didn’t own. In the end I had a go just with powerpoint. I’m not the world’s most technologically advanced blogger, but it seems to work OK for me.

      • trixee says:

        Ah OK, thanks – I was hoping there was some magical online tool that would put one together for me! I had a go at doing one for my powder room too (I edited the post to add it) but it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be!

  2. Africadayz says:

    I think the first one is my favourite too. I love baskets in any shape or form and use them whenever I can. Interesting that your bedrooms are on different levels of the house. Unfortunately, in this country, security is quite an issue and has to be taken into consideration when building or designing a house. We tend to group all bedrooms together, often in a way that can be locked off from the rest of the house at night.

  3. Miranda says:

    That’s a lovely big powder room. You’ll have some very lucky guests! (And I love those Muuto wooden dots – about to go look them up now…)

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