Pre-start countdown.

There are 6 more sleeps until “pre-start”!  Well, sort of.  There are 4 flights and a 13 hour time zone difference between me and the pre-start meeting, so who knows how many sleeps that will really be.  My suitcase is out and the first item packed is my trusty measuring tape.  Do I sound excited?  

I tried to explain the purpose of my trip to Australia to my language teacher: “It’s like a giant shopping trip!”  I’m looking forward to seeing our block again and to meeting with Webb and Brown-Neaves’ interior designer.  I hope she’s not going to sigh heavily when she sees all my carefully prepared mood boards.  I’m not particularly looking forward to some of the less glamourous parts of the process – negotiating some changes to the builder-supplied paving, sorting out the locations for the techno wiring, making some changes to details I missed earlier (e.g. cheap windows with bars through the middle of our beautiful view) and, gulp, hearing the variation price of the Caesarstone colours that I’ve fallen in love with for the kitchen bench.

I’ve got my little list of things to remember to discuss and my big list from Home One Forum members of things they wish they didn’t forget.  I’ve got my addenda and plans to re-read.

Source:  Arquitetura & Construcao.

Source: Arquitetura & Construcao.  Architecture by:  Angelo Bucci.

I’ve been suffering technical problems lately.  No internet, home phone or telly for more than 2 weeks now!  So you are on photo rations.  However, I couldn’t write a post without adding at least one photo – so I’m showing you my favourite picture of the week.  I love this garden.  (Actually there’s a better view of it on the front cover of a local magazine.)  The wood, water, stone and plant combo is modern, private, and relaxing.  I bought the magazine on the basis of the cover because we have been thinking about using cobblestones on our driveway and the lower level of the canal frontage.  I was worried that cobblestones were not a good fit for a modern home, but this photo shows it working so well.

See you again soon, when I report from the beautiful land Down Under with plentiful internet!


13 thoughts on “Pre-start countdown.

  1. trixee says:

    How exciting! You might be a little shocked about the cost of upgrading the window though. I wanted the same thing for my ensuite window, but it would have required upgrading to a full commercial frame and shopfront glazing (big, thick glass, and expensive). The reason this is costly is because of the structural integrity required. But if this is to be a major feature for you, then the cost may be worth it. I’m getting envious just thinking about it!

  2. Miranda says:

    Good luck! Don’t feel bad about getting lots of options costed so you can choose later. Their pricing can be really unpredictable: sometimes getting the more expensive version (according to retail prices) cost the same as getting the cheaper version (eg a couple of the cornices we were looking at) and sometimes things we expected to be cheaper were really expensive (eg Caesarstone they charge per metre when it only comes in a 3m length, so extending from 2.5 to 2.9m, say, wouldn’t actually cost them more, but they charge more). You just don’t know unless you ask!
    Hope it all goes well.

    • trixee says:

      I agree – I mean we are getting some expensive windows costed too just so we know what we’re up for, we may even be pleasantly surprised! 🙂 We were just warned in advance not to get our hopes up too much.

  3. Hi Jo. Good luck with the meeting, hope you don’t suffer too badly from jet lag. You’ve probably already left by now but Matt’s tip is to take everything on-board the flight (his bags were often lost Brazil/Australia). Just a thought: have you asked about ‘nogging out’ for fixtures ie will there be timber put in the wall cavities where you expect to put towel racks etc so they can be mounted securely? Exciting times!!

  4. Oh my goodness! That garden is amazing. And I feel like a bit of a dummy, but I always thought you were based here in Perth? Obviously I was mistaken. Good luck with your meeting… I would think your Webb & Brown-Neaves interior designer would appreciate you arriving so well-prepared! So exciting!!

  5. Africadayz says:

    Good luck with your meetings Jo! The cobblestones look great and I think you should go with your own window choice if at all possible.

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