Colour selections summary

A new “page” snuck onto the blog today.  You might like to check it out by clicking on the “Colour Selections” tab on the header above.  It comes with a warning – colours on computer screen do not equal colours in real life.  My sister is going to read that page and say – “That Caesarstone Snow is a bit pink, are you sure that’s what you want?”  I’m going to stand strong and trust what I saw in the tile showroom and the advice of the interior designer.

My favourite of the mood boards so far - the powder room.

My favourite of the mood boards so far – the powder room.

I’ll add to that page as more details are set.  I’m still playing with the exterior colour plan – trying to get the main entry right.  And, I’m waiting for Caesarstone to decide just how much people might be willing to pay for that lovely new Calacatta Classic that looks a lot like marble.

Have you had any colour disasters – when the real thing wasn’t what you had in mind?  Or maybe you’ve got some Caesarstone in “Snow” – tell me that it’s not pink….please.


4 thoughts on “Colour selections summary

  1. Hi Jo. I have seen caesarstone snow made up and took a sample home. I really like it. It was my pick for a ‘white’ caesarstone bench (but in the end I couldn’t go with a white, I can’t exactly explain why, a gut feel told me to go with a warmer selection?). So we’re having linen. Hopefully it will look good! The kitchen was meant to start this week but there has been additional delays as we are getting some cabinetry with timber tops and shelves in the living area and timber breakfast bar and apparently the timber people are having an extra week off. Sigh!

    Colour disasters: our house is originally 70’s – I wasn’t personally responsible but there was way too much burnt orange!! We have a rendered brick feature wall in our dining area painted dulux manor red (all else hogs bristle half). The wall was the double brick 70’s multi-coloured brown and we had Dad render it years ago. We also had another plaster wall painted manor red but that wall has gone in the extension so we are left deciding if the manor red has got to go. Forgive me for taking over your blog, but what do you think?

    PS. I love all the timber hooks but I am still waiting to find some funky ones within my price range!!

    • Hi Vic – don’t worry, I’m hoping you’ll write a guest post one day soon when your kitchen is finished! Pictures required. I love Caesarstone Linen. It will be great with timber breakfast bar. But, I’m very sorry – I’m voting for no manor red. I just pulled it up online and put it beside Caesarstone linen and hogs bristle. Even if they are not all in the same room – the red is so bold, kind of Central Australia colours, and the linen and hogs bristle is more calm and coastal. More painting for you…. How about Pantone’s colour of the year – Radiant Orchard? Just kidding! Send me some pics and I’ll happily wile away an hour or two finding you some suggestions. I will also keep an eye out for some affordable timber hooks.

  2. Miranda says:

    In just a week or two I’ll have some caesarstone Snow benchtops, and I’m confident I’ll be able to guarantee you that they’re not pink!

    No colour disasters so far, but they’re only just starting to put in all our selections. There are certainly a few things (so far) that when I saw at our house surprised me and were not how I pictured – the site levels relative to the street is the one that springs to mind for me!

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