Future Link (a.k.a. data stuff).

My idea of Smart wiring.

My idea of Smart wiring.

Despite the fact that I love the internet almost as much as I love my children, thinking about the data cabling for the house was a bit of a drag.  Talk of cables, networks and links makes my eyes glaze over and muffles my speech.  I was going to leave it all for my nice husband to sort out, but, well, he was in Brazil, and there I was in Perth with an appointment at Intelligent Homes made by our builders.

Our builders tout a “FutureLink package” which is described in one paragraph full of acronyms and numbers.  I understood none of it.  I asked the kind man at Intelligent Homes to be gentle with the technical terms and he managed to do that without being patronising.  It turns out that it just meant putting cables into the house for the telly, telephone, internet and security system.  All I needed to know was which rooms we plan to watch the telly in, answer the phone, etc.    I thought I was home and hosed, until I received the quote for “extras”.

We are relatively non-complex IT users, so I had hoped the “FutureLink package” would cover our needs for the near future.  Here are the “extras” that we may fork out for:

– upgrading the security system so that the cat/goldfish/snake won’t set off the alarm. $132.

– purchasing and installing 2 speakers for the alfresco area (the audio pre-wire was included in the package, but without speakers it’s a road leading to nowhere).  $949.  (After a bit of research, I’ve found that the same speakers are available for nearly half the price in the U.S., so Igor will have a little shopping to do the next time he’s passing through Miami for work.)

– extra “smart wiring” that includes pre-wiring for an intercom (so we can let people in the front gate), a TV antenna and its installation, stuff to hide the TV cables and several other items that I don’t entirely understand but are “necessary” for the “included smart wiring” to work.  $1847.

I asked about installing USB charging points in the power outlets, but neither Intelligent Homes nor our builders are currently doing this.  Looks like it will be an after build addition.  No problem, it shouldn’t take a Sparky long to install them.

Smart, but might have to organise it ourselves.

$40 from neatgeek.

I’d love to go on, but all that has left me in need of a doze.  I’ll leave you with a thrilling picture of the ground floor smart wiring plan:

The smart wiring plan.


5 thoughts on “Future Link (a.k.a. data stuff).

  1. Pardon me while I get my shoe phone. As long as you’ve got plenty of points in the garage and the kitchen you’ll be right. Good luck with the plans and Good thinking 99, mumx

  2. trixee says:

    Maxwell Smart was awesome! It’s a bit disappointing that they suddenly have all these extra charges for you, but I guess that’s the way it goes. The USB charging points are an interesting thing – I like them but I don’t think they’re entirely necessary, and may even become redundant soon enough when the technology changes yet again.

  3. Miranda says:

    Just wanted to say that I really feel sorry for you having to do that meeting on your own! That does not sound fun. We had another meeting about structured cabling yesterday. Cameron works in an IT-related field, so he basically does all the talking. I think my role is just to chime in at the end of their discussion to ask the silly questions like “What will that thing look like on my ceiling?” and “So, when I walk up to the front door, what do I do to open it?”

  4. Africadayz says:

    Golly. I’ve been trying to put all this stuff off but can see we’re going to have to tackle it soon. I have shared this post with my husband in the hope that it will prompt some action on his part. Not my strong point at all; just wish everything could be literally wireless.

  5. Well done doing this on your own as I really wouldn’t know where to start.
    We have just finished our structured cabling plans but really left most of it to my other half and then just added my little bit here and there.
    You do wonder if there is an easier way especially with wireless.
    The plan looks good.

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