Watching the build.

It has occurred to me that I’m going to have a bit of trouble keeping an eye on the build.

In case you missed it in a previous post, there is the small issue of the house being built in Western Australia, and me being currently located in far, far away Brazil.  (The house is my dangling carrot.  One more international assignment then I can settle down into blissful, ordinary, predictable, normal Australian suburbia, in a beautiful family house with a lovely view.)

Despite the geographical challenge, you’ve probably noticed that I’m doing my best to enjoy every minute of the building process.  I’ve let my fingers do the walking and there is not too much that can’t be done online.  I realised this morning, that most of the big decisions are just about made and in a few months, it will be time for me to chill out and let the builders do their thing.  But I know that most people who build visit their developing home at least once a week to check on progress and take a few exciting photos of flat paddocks of sand, slabs, piles of bricks, wiring, scaffolding and that sort of thing.

"Sunset over slab".  Photo by Brilliana.  at Film and Fancy.

“Sunset over slab” by Brilliana von Katterfeld at Film and Fancy.

You may not be sorry that you could miss out on these types of photos, but me, I’m like a doting new parent- I want to see it all!  So I’ve come up with a few schemes to overcome my problem of being an absentee home-under-construction owner:

  1. Install web cams.  I couldn’t find a precedent for this.  I suspect it would a) p… off the tradespeople and b) be way too complicated for someone who thinks Smart Wiring is a shoe-phone belonging to Agent 86.
  2. Employ Agent 86.
  3. Approach Mandurah Cruises to see if they will reroute their daily cruise past our block and ask their tourists to email me iPhone pictures.
  4. Convince the very lovely, smart, wise and, not to mention, handsome (or should that be beautiful?) builder’s liaison officer to send me weekly progress pictures.
  5. Bribe local neighbours, friends and readers to regularly paddle/drive/ride/walk/ motor past our block and send me photos.  I’m thinking of a roster system.  Payment by the universally accepted currency, beer.  Actually, I already owe one homemade apple pie and one home cooked meal for similar favours.  I might have to start a new page to keep track of I.O.U.s.  No, I’ve got it – payment in wine on the HBTW deck once it’s done.  Any takers?

I’ll leave you with a beautiful house building photo, thanks to Brilliana von Katterfeld at Film and Fancy.  Don’t you love the colour palette?  Teal tinged trusses, sandy bricks, Scandinavian-inspired grey minimalist shed, bitumen in metallic platinum gloss.  Film and Fancy house


17 thoughts on “Watching the build.

  1. May says:

    Will grab some photos now and again for you when we walk or ride past, no worries. We know the feeling. We did the same, from block to finish – hundreds of photos. More so for you being so far away. It will be a superb house for sure.

  2. trixee says:

    I only get down to Mandurah once every 3 or 4 months, so I can take some for you when I’m down that way. Do you know when your build is starting?

    • Thank you Trixee, that’s very kind. Probably a few months off site works. Don’t want to peak to early! I think my Mandurah friends have taken my blatant hints, so don’t worry. You should visit once it is all eventually finished though. I think that any one still listening to me blab on about the build once we are finished will more than deserve a glass of wine on our deck.

  3. mariashumptydoo says:

    I love “the Sunset over slab” Jo, and your unique mastery of the English vocabulary describing the colors of the building materials. As someone who is bilingual, I find it Impressive…
    I think you are going to have lots , lots of takers for taking photos of the work in progress.
    “Scary’ for the builders… Worst than if you were next door!
    Of course, having my best friend living in Mandurah, I will visit sometimes as well. So I am a taker too. Love. Anne-Marie

  4. housenerdmaya says:

    I LOVE Brilliana von Katterfield’s photos! She makes everything look like art. I totally understand how this would be frustrating but I think you are doing the most amazing job!

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