Mood boards for the kids’ rooms.

I’ve found a new toy.  Another fun way to waste spend hours on the internet.  It’s Polyvore. Polyvore is a digital mood board creating tool, suitable for use by those with no real talent for online graphics or design.  I’ve tried a few other free mood board programs before but either found them difficult (yes, no real talent), or severely limited by the products you can plonk onto your boards.  While Polyvore is American, it is loaded up with products from Ikea, Freedom, West Elm, etc….. all found in Australia.  You can even find some Australian-made items loaded up by “yours truly”.  Using the “cutting tool” you can clip images from other websites, or if you feel lazy, you can simply choose a similar item to the one you have in mind, for the purposes of the mood board.  They also have plenty of background images to mimic your choice of wall paint colour, floor boards, or even empty rooms.  You can add text, but I’m still working up to that.

Here are my first couple of mood boards:

HBTW open living

My first board – trying to get a feel for how the kitchen, dining and living rooms are going to work together. It’s open plan. These are not exact selections just a rough end goal, to help me avoid any incongruent decisions or purchases.

A2's bedroom

This room is for our little artist. She’ll be 9 when we move in. We already have the bed, chair, art and bunting. I’ll paint an existing bedside table.The rug is from Anthropologie, my favourite shop.

I decided to try and get more specific for my son’s room – using only what we already own or I know that we can buy in Australia.  I needed some inspiration first, to focus my plans, so I turned to my Pinterest files and picked my top 3 boyish bedrooms.  The 3rd little pig will be 5 when we move into House By The Water – so I’m trying to find a happy medium between babyish and dull.  Tricky.

Nautical without being too heavy on primary colours.

Nautical without being too heavy on primary colours.  I love this.  Source:  Country Living.

The tiniest bit of bright colour sneaking in - easily modified as tastes change.

The tiniest bit of bright colour sneaking in – easily modified as tastes change.  Source: unknown, but I’m guessing Australian!

Brown, greys and blues would be in keeping with the rest of the house.

Brown, greys and blues would be in keeping with the rest of the house.  Great desk.  Source: The House That A-M Built.

Here’s what I came up with using an existing bed, chair, boat and chest:

Room for J

I might need to learn to use Ebay for the lockers and do a bit of a makeover for the old chest we collected from a sidewalk.  This room might satisfy my love of “industrial style” home decoration, which so far I’ve restrained from in planning for other rooms.

If you get keen and try some of your own mood boards, share them with me on Polyvore.  If you like something I’ve used here, you can find it on my Polyvore boards and “like it” to use it on your own.  After just a short play on Polyvore, I already find this tool better suited to mood board creation than PowerPoint which I was using previously.  Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Mood boards for the kids’ rooms.

  1. jumbani says:

    Great. Love love love all the way. Quick one: stratco has advertised similar locker in a catalogue this week. Also check out my map at mapworld. They are based in Willetton ( I paid postage & had it delivered). Giant world map – political is a big focal point in my study. That’s all. Will check out rest at leisure. Pallavi

    Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2014 18:38:48 +0000 To:

  2. Miranda says:

    Looks great! What lucky kids you have!
    I really love Ms 9’s rug. I wish Anthropologie would come to Australia…

      • Miranda says:

        Unfortunately they don’t ship furniture and large items, so probably not rugs.
        I checked when I went to look up your rug 🙂
        A trip to the US in between finalising house plans and moving in sounds like great timing for all sorts of exciting purchases. That would be lots of fun.

  3. So funny to hear you’ve been using powerpoint – I have been doing exactly the same! Will have to have a look at polyvore! Btw anyone else who thinks it sound slike a tube of putty or something!?

  4. Like Amélie’s combo very much. Like first boatie theme room combo very much. BUT are you aware how much pic NO 4 reflects your childhood with teachers for parents …we still have map in shed…. lockers and desk featured in your pic can be found all over Mt B, I’ll look out for one if you like . Phil says they are a bit useless other than for hanging stuff….. they were meant for lab coats, hockey sticks, school blazers and old apple cores. More often than not the old ones have buckled doors as a result of big boys kicking them in when they lost their key. I’m off to the shed to see what we can get rid of (to your place) now! Mumx

  5. I am really enjoying following your journey.
    We have just started our build on the coast and so love all the great ideas from you and the other bloggers and forums.
    I am now going to have a go with the polyvore board but not too sure how I will go as not that great on the computer.
    Your new home is going to look stunning 🙂

  6. I have used Polyvore too! And you are right – you can spend hours tinkering away at things on there. I also have found Moodboard is pretty good too. It’s in the App Store and the free version, Moodboard Lite, only lets you do one mood board at a time but is great to get an idea of what it can do.

    IKEA’s Most recent PS range has a tall thin locker in it that has shelves. Could be an option if you can’t find a (clean enough) vintage one!

  7. Your place is going to be amazing and I’m enjoying working my way through your blog. Thanks for the suggestion of a new website that I can get addicted to!!

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