For the love of a cobblestone driveway.

Cobblestone driveway by William Dangar on Flickr.

Cobblestone driveway by William Dangar on Flickr.

Pavers are fine, but cobblestones are special!  They remind me of some of the beautiful old cities that I’ve visited around the world.  We asked our builders to change the standard driveway pavers to cobblestones.  They said “No problem.  That’ll be $70K.”  Undeterred and encouraged by my blog readers I asked for some independent quotes.  Happily, we now have a quote for $25K and are waiting for some more quotes.  Still rather extravagant for a driveway but, as you will have gathered by now, sometimes we are suckers for something beautiful.  Our builders will credit us about $5000 for the driveway pavers that were included in our contract.

One decision always seems to lead to another with building plans, so now that we are mentally committed to the cobblestone driveway we’ve realised we need to consider the track across the driveway that will host the automatic/motorised gate.  That means we need to think about the front fence again.  I’m going in circles!

We are still being drip fed variation costs.  The latest being $2300 for dropped footings to the dining room and alfresco walls, over which our deck will be laid.  We are still missing an actual sum (as opposed to a provisional sum) for the earth works.  Despite this we have received our final variation cost sheets for signing.  For the next day or two I will be triple checking all the documents but I think our pre start consultant has it under control.  The messiest item to check is the electricals and lighting.  The provision of lights comes from one company, the smart wiring from another, and the installation is by the builder.  Some of the lights, electricals and installations are included, others are not.  During a quick scan, I spotted the words “oyster lights”, so I’m suspicious that I’m going to find some mistakes in there.

Enough chatter.  Can you tell that I’m avoiding checking those documents one last time?


19 thoughts on “For the love of a cobblestone driveway.

  1. May says:

    Cobblestones are amazing, you will love it and you are going to live there for a long while so worth it. Your home is going to be absolutely stunning

  2. The cobblestone will look great. It sounds like it is all coming together nicely and your place will look stunning.
    We’ve taken the easy option and chosen exposed aggregate which we can hopefully soften with landscaping.
    I am now searching for pendant lighting for the kitchen island. Unfortunately the ones that I have just found and like will mean taking out another loan! Will keep looking but think we will end up just biting the bulllet and getting them.
    Good luck going through the documents – a glass of red always helps!

    • Exposed aggregate is a good alternative I think. We considered it for around our pool, but were redirected to tiles by our landscape architect.
      Good pendant lights are expensive. I have a weakness for them too. I think they can define your style. I’d love to see which ones you are looking at. (As for the “red” – I’ve gone off all wine here, way too hot. The alternative, “caipirinhas” are too strong for paperwork, but perhaps they could be the reward for completion!)

      • Caipirinhas sound temting but dangerous so perhaps a good idea to leave them until after the paperwork!
        I will try and put a pic up of the pendants. I’m not very good with that ‘stuff’. I have got the hang of pinterest now and am hooked so if all else fails I will direct you there to look.
        Good luck with the paperwork 🙂

      • That’s the one.
        We have quite a few bits of aboriginal artwork I am trying to work with those colours. I am looking at the oranges and yellows which is working out well as a lot around at the moment.
        Don’t you love pinterest!

      • Ps Some more pendants in my kitchen folder.
        I like the copper one but think it might be too much with all the other colours. We have some old copper bowls from Middle East so might be able to tie it in with that.

  3. Miranda says:

    Good luck with all that checking! I know that feeling. We were so sick of those documents by the end of our checking. But then there were still things that were missed…

    Your cobblestones are going to be gorgeous. Glad to hear you found a better price than $70k. Here’s hoping the next quote comes in even lower!

  4. I love the look of cobblestone, very old school to say the least. Sounds like you have a big project on your hands, can’t wait to see what it will look like in the end. Good luck!

  5. Judy says:

    Hi Johanne – just wondering if you can let me know where you got the better quote from? We also got a shock with the cost of cobblestones but would still love to us them. Thanks. Judy

  6. Bruna Evans says:

    Cobblestones would be dreamy. I always love taking ‘longcuts’ through bluestone alleys with the grandchildren around Fitzroy.

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