Breakfast in bed.

In my family, Mother’s Day is celebrated with breakfast in bed.  It’s usually something yummy that my husband has helped the Little Pigs make.  I do love breakfast in bed and I often try to sneak it in on non-celebration days too.  Which brings me to my latest dilemma….the position of the bed in the master bedroom.


Plan A shows the bed in the logical position, on the only uninterrupted wall in the room.  It leaves plenty of space for a chair or two by the windows.  But sitting up in bed, with my cup of tea, I may not be able to check out the water for passing dolphins.  I’d have to drag myself 4 metres to the chair, and that’s just not the same.

So I’m considering putting the bed in the middle of the room – there is enough space – like in Plan B or C.

But a bed in the middle of the room makes me worry about:

  • wasting space
  • it looking out of place
  • bad feng shui?   (Nah, I’m not really worried about that.)
  • and worst of all, its similarity to a certain famous pink bedroom on the Mandurah canals, exposed for all the tour boat patrons to see.  I can hear the commentary now:  “And this is where the blogger from HBTW eats her breakfast…”

Here are some examples of “bed-in-the-middle-of-the-room” done right:

The common theme here is a low wall, in these cases, built in.  Commitment required.

Here’s a possibility that would allow me to change my mind:

Dividers create a visual wall.  Looks OK, but could be clumsy without a real wall to keep it upright.  So how about this one?

This bed head would normally need a wall to prop it up, but my husband thinks that he could attach it to the bed to suit the middle of the room.  This last idea is growing on me by the minute, not least because we could do with a bit of a bed update.  Here’s an idea of how it might look in our room:

Domayne's "Amelie" bed head and some of our existing furniture.

Domayne’s “Amelie” bed head and some of our existing furniture.  (According to my husband, the silver tea set is not included.)

What do you think?  Could you, should you, would you put your bed in the middle of the room for a better view?  And, if so, what would you do with the “left over” narrow spaces created by this arrangement?

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!  You know where I’ll be!


13 thoughts on “Breakfast in bed.

  1. … looking for passing by dolphins! That is so surreal… I’m so jealous 🙂 I like the bed in the middle of the room. In your collage of pictures I like the top left the best. Get the bed as close as possible to that gorgeous view you are going to obviously have. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that view EVERY morning, not just your breakfast in bed days. Plus I like the idea of that half wall there – you can use it as your night stands having drawers built in and a ledge for books.

  2. trixee says:

    I think having a bed in the middle of the room would freak me out a little! If I had to have one, I’d like a nib wall at least behind it, so that counts out the dividers (also, I’ve been unable to find any decent ones in Perth, you’d probably have to get one custom made). Can you get the builder to add a nib wall during build?
    On the other hand, I love that bedhead from Domayne! If your hubby thinks he can make that a bit more solid, it looks like a viable option.
    Alternatively, could you just get hubby and the kids to move the bed for you the night before Mother’s day? That could be a fine tradition… 🙂

  3. We have a free-standing short wall behind our bed. The walkway it creates is 80cm wide. Your bedroom is bigger than ours I’m thinking so you would have room to put built in shelves on the back of your wall….for books, bits and other stuff. Out of sight so no ‘clutter issues’ in Plan B. Would work with Plan C too but you’d need to keep it uncluttered. Friends with a big bedroom have drawers on the back of their freestanding wall. The foot of our bed is only 50 cm from window…. a bit too close on frosty mornings. Not a problem in your climate.
    Negative: I love a change, I’m a furniture re-arranger. Can’t do that now.
    Top left hand picture is stunning. So is the one underneath it.
    BUT I reckon you’ll get a good water view in Plan A.

  4. I am a furniture mover…..the wall would be too much commitment for me. But the bed with the large wall/frame looks like it would work perfectly. All those pictures are beautiful too. Those huge windows are going to be amazing!

  5. Miranda says:

    Do you need to make a decision now? These things are so much easier when you can see the space, and work out what view you’d get in Plan A anyway (even if you need to ask someone to send you a photo). Maybe all you need is a big pile of pillows and cushions to sit up on to admire your view?
    Otherwise I can see the appeal of the last bed, which would give you flexibility if you want to change things later. Plan C would probably make me uncomfortable because I wouldn’t like facing away from the door when lying in bed.

    • Miranda, the main reason to think about it now was to plan for a power outlet in the floor of the room in case we put the bed in the middle. We did this, so now we can relax and wait. Since I wrote the post, I’ve also realised that our windows on two sides of the bedroom are much bigger than the original display home design, so our chances of a view from the bed placed on the wall are much better. I like your stuffed pillows idea too! Thanks.

  6. Looks lovely; I also had planned for our bed to be in the middle of our room, and designed for a 3/4 wall behind the bed, which would be our dressing area behind the wall and entry into the walk in closet. Couldn’t get that all to work out, so we abandoned the idea. I still love it though. If you keep the bed on the wall, possibly a raised floor in the bed area to boost your view out the window. Just a thought. Good luck

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