Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo.

Photo by Ngoc Minh Ngo.

There’s a bit of a lull going on.  After a thorough check, we signed our 12 pages of variations to the contract.  In the end, our variation totalled $30K.  Most of that is for the retaining walls.  We tried to deal with the majority of our house plan tweaks before signing the contract, while the builder was still in sales mode.  (The changes we made pre-contract signing are listed on the House Plans page.)  Now Webb and Brown-Neaves will take a couple of weeks to update all our drawings to include the variations we’ve agreed to.  I suspect there will be more page signing to look forward to.

In the mean time, my trusty measuring tape and I have been busy.  I’ve been mulling over the house plans yet again and measuring up all our furniture to see what is going to fit where.  I’ve been taking notice of all the areas with nook potential.  It’s a completely lovely past-time.

Nook 1:  The dining room.

There is a one metre wide niche in our dining room. It is too small for our antique buffet table.  I think it could be the spot for a laptop nook, with a drawer or two to hide the bills.  One probably does not usually associate computers with dining rooms, but the reality is that laptops and iPads end up in the main living area.  I might aswell plan them a place.  In my head, there is a floating desk top and an occasional chair.   There is room for a laptop and a vase of flowers, nothing else.  I couldn’t find a picture to demonstrate this exact idea.  I’m going to start the trend.

Nook 2:  The hallway.

Surrounded by stairs and visible from the library, there is a nook in the hallway that is large enough to fit my favourite piece of furniture – a Tasmanian oak buffet table.  It will be the perfect place to drop the keys.  The landline telephone will be located here.

Nook 3:  The hallway (again).

This is more of a niche than a nook, just a 90mm indent in the wall.  I’m not sure if it is intended to be for a large painting, or whether it is a remnant of the original house design where a door to the study was located.  Anyway, it could house a painting, or it could fit a narrow bench upon which to sit and put on your shoes.

Nook 4:  Upstairs living area.

This large nook was designed to be a small library, but we’ve dedicated the entire home theatre to that.  In our house it will be more useful as a study/office storage area.

Not enough nooks for you?  You can find more on my Pinterest boards:


18 thoughts on “Nooks.

  1. trixee says:

    I love nooks. Nice to see you’re swapping your theatre for a library, more people should do that. (By the way, the link to laptop nook from the Block appears to be broken)

  2. Africadayz says:

    What a lovely post. I also feel we’re in a bit of a lull which isn’t great when you’re almost at roof height. Things just seem to be moving too slowly. I like the idea of using a diningroom for other purposes too. In some ways diningrooms used only for meals are becoming almost obselete. I’ve seen a few examples of them doubling up as libraries and work areas.
    I’ve also been wondering where to have a fixed landline. It’s interesting that traditionally we always seem to put them in the entrance hall. I have sometimes wondered if that dates back to the days when one would sometimes allow a complete stranger into one’s home to use the phone… We would never do that now. Not in SA, anyway. And so many people have cell phones anyway.

    • Thank you AfricaDayz. I decided to locate the main phone in the hallway for centrality. In theory, if we are upstairs or downstairs we could still get to the phone before the caller gives up. In reality, you are probably right – it’s probably obsolete. We still use our landline here because our mobile phone service is unreliable, as are most services in Brazil! In Australia, many people do not bother with a landline. I don’t blame them, it’s expensive.

  3. My sister has the most useful space between her kitchen and the dining room; computer nook. This is the place that gets most of the incidental computer trade; recipes, address, phone numbers; homework references etc. fabulous. Everyone is in the kitchen anyway, and no one stuck away in the study. Which they do have, and is used also for more serious computing, and storage of all the bills etc.

    So I am on board with your trend.

  4. Love the picture with the grey bed in the nook! Beautiful!!!

    My husband does not want to put a landline in because of the cost, but I don’t want my kids talking on cell phones, when they get old enough to chat, I just don’t think that radiation is that good for their little heads? So we too are putting in a land line. :).
    Love the library. So much more important than a media room.

  5. I too wish I’d designed more nooks in, and definitely window seats. I created a recess in our hallway for a bookcase but because I didn’t work off the dimensions of any specific bookcase, will probably end up having to pay a small fortune to get one custom-built. I noticed in WBN’s Montauk they created a nook especially for one of those bookcases with ladders, and it looks brilliant. We’re having a landline in the new house, after having done away with one for the past few years, but have put the phone points in the pantry, master dresser and study, so we’ll buy phones with mobile handsets (otherwise we’ll be spending a lot of time sitting inside the wardrobe on the phone!) I love your idea of the laptop bench in the dining room, that makes a lot of sense. Can’t wait to see your house built, it’s going to be fabulous!! Bring on the photos of concrete and bricks! 🙂

  6. I like the idea of nooks as I think it makes rooms more interesting. We’ve added 3 to our house. We designed them to fit in various bits of furniture like a very large jarrah pot and other pieces which we have had made over the years.
    A computer nook near the kitchen is a very good idea and will no doubt be well used.
    We would have preferred not to put in a landline as our current one hardly gets used but ended up putting one in the study on the ground floor.
    It will start getting very exciting when they start site works. I visit our place almost every day and am loving seeing our new home take shape.
    How are you going with your tree selection?
    Happy planning 🙂

    • Thanks Deb. Any pics of your house build hiding any where? I have a fair idea of the trees now – though I’m leaving some decisions until I talk to local tree farms/nurseries. However, we reviewed our landscaping plans on the weekend, and boy do we have a lot of place for low shrubs and bushes. Starting from scratch in the garden means a lot of work.

      • Away tomorrow for a week for some zen in Bali so will pop some photos up for you to look at when I get back.
        Yep the landscaping ‘stuff’ is hard work. We have bitten the bullet and got someone to draw up a design for us and now waiting for that. I do have a good idea of plants and trees that I would like to use but it is the actual design that has been doing my head in!

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