Shipping container houses.

Redondo Beach House by De Maria Design.

Redondo Beach House by De Maria Design.

I’m still twiddling my thumbs.  So it’s another “light” news week on the blog.  Last year I resolved to go shopping for the house, to bide my time when the building process was going through a quiet patch.  I bought some fancy-pancy tractor stools, a pendant light and a persian rug.  Unfortunately, in our most recent move, the stools and rug were damaged, putting me off making purchases that will be subjected to one more move.  So, I’m changing my dealing-with-lulls strategy and I’m going to chat with you instead….

We’ve used a few shipping containers in our time.  It has been suggested to me, more than once, that we could be putting those containers to better use, have an almost-instant house and go someway towards compensating for our disastrous carbon footprint.  (OK, no one said that last bit, that was my conscience speaking.)

I’ve gotta tell you, some of these houses made from shipping containers are very nice.  I could certainly live in them.  Here are some of my favourites:

Source: Price Street Projects.

Cordell House, Texas.  Source: The Coolist.

Finally, an amazing Australian house, made from 31 shipping containers by Zeigler Build.  I love the container door details as a feature in the hallway.

One website that I read likened the construction of container homes to stacking lego pieces.  I think that the ambitious owners of one Australian container-home-in-the-making would beg to differ. You can check out the nitty-gritty of building a home from containers on their blog, the Odpod.  If you were to choose to build a shipping container home for the sake of speed and simplicity, I would suggest sticking to one or two containers.  I am coveting a little box in the bush just like this:

Port-a-bach, thanks to Atelier Workshop.  (Bach is a New Zealand term for a small holiday or beach house.)

P.S.  Since starting to write this blog post, 56 pages of final house plans, contract variations and an addendum landed in my inbox for checking and signing.  I’m no longer twiddling my thumbs.


15 thoughts on “Shipping container houses.

  1. I’ve seen a show about shipping container homes the home network. Very creative, and actually not only green and cost effective, but also very safe! And a lot of them depending on how they are built with are mobile. Too cool!!

  2. Anything to get the cost of building down. Clearly very versatile – there is a shipping container ‘restaurant’ on London’s South Bank – ‘Wahaca’

    Does anybody know how much a shipping container costs?

  3. I love these houses…..I saw a really cool one in smallhousebliss that would be the perfect guest house. They are just such a neat way to use these crates.

  4. trixee says:

    I’m not a fan I have to say, how do you insulate them? I’ll concede, though, that it would make a useful shed.
    Congrats on your paperwork! Hours of reading pleasure ahead 😉

  5. May says:

    We saw Container City in Christchurch – it was really cool. It was part of a shopping precinct that was destroyed in the earthquake. Beautiful colours, nice flooring etc. etc. great for trendy shops. Not sure about insulation, but I guess one could clad the inside to fix that. Enjoy your wad of reading !!!

  6. Africadayz says:

    I love this post. I’m interested in container housing. It is fascinating to see how attractive some of the houses are. It has been suggested that container housing could be an option for here, but it has not been welcomed. People here want brick houses, even if they’re getting them for free. Wooden houses have not been accepted either.

  7. You’ve given me some new ideas. I’ve been dreaming up bush shack guest house for years and more recently vintage caravan in the walnut grove….. Now trying to persuade ‘the bloke with the power tools’ ie your father, that he would love to build a container guest house
    … The one with the drop down wall / deck. Keep dreaming, Mum x

  8. Love the idea of a container house, or a smaller place. Something pre-fab and ‘easy’ – not that anything in housing is ever easy, it would seem 🙂
    Loving the small house plans on this page:
    Thinking that’s the go for the retirement home when we’re ready to downsize and live more affordably.

    Enjoy the paperwork. Every bit that you go through and get done is one step closer to you into your beautiful home 🙂

  9. I first was interested in container architecture late 2010 and it continues to be a very exciting type of structure. The shipping container is much more versatile then we used to think! Thanks for the article, best of luck on your home in progress!

  10. When I first saw the title of this article I didn’t expect these homes to be so beautiful! I guess it’s true what they say, you can find beauty in the most unexpected of places! Very interesting how you can turn something seemingly un-home-like into a beautiful living space! Really takes the whole “resuse” idea to a whole nother level!

    Thanks for sharing these!

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