Farmhouse tour.


Photo by Matt Rex.

Photo by Matt Rex.

Come and have a sticky beak at my Mum and Dad’s farm house in frosty North-East Victoria.  They started with a 2 bedroom shack beside a small walnut grove and a few paddocks for cows.

Ten years ago, with the help of local builder, Rob Boland, they extended the living areas and bathroom and added a bedroom, to create an interesting, light and open, modern home.  The house features 3 separate roofs and exterior wall cladding in Colorbond “ironstone” corrugated iron.

3 Roofs

Front Entrance.

Front Entrance.

Deck for cuppas.

Deck for cuppas.

Should you drop by, you can be sure of a cup of tea and some home baked goodies on the deck, followed by a garden tour.


Tasmanian Oak Kitchen Island and Alpine Ash floors salvaged from bush fires.

“Tasmanian Oak” kitchen bench tops and Alpine Ash floors salvaged from bush fires.

When I’m visiting, I often take over Mum’s kitchen while she takes over supervision of the 3 little pigs.  This kitchen has been the hub for years of entertaining a large extended family and has served as my benchmark for sizing up the kitchen in House By The Water.  You might remember that this is my “gold standard” for kitchen bench size.

Living area:

An atrium above the kitchen keeps the living area light at any time of day.

An atrium above the kitchen keeps the living area light at any time of day.

Dining room:

My Dad made the dining table when Mum was pregnant with me.  That’s an estimated 14600 family dinners!  When the clouds lift, Mount Feathertop is at the centre of the dining room view.

Master bedroom:

The pitched ceiling is lined with corrugated iron which gives a nice sense of space and a farm house touch.  The bed is centred in the room so you can check on the cows in the morning without getting out of bed.


Bath with a view, if the neighbours aren't home.

Bath with a view, if the neighbours aren’t home.


The laundry was originally a small shed, a couple of metres away from the back door of the house.  It doubles as the farm control centre, also housing the electric fence unit, chook pellets and an impressive gumboot collection.

Mum's ergonomically designed laundry trolly.  She pushes the wet laundry up the nearby hill to the old Hill's Hoist.

Mum’s ergonomically designed laundry trolly. She pushes the wet laundry up the nearby hill to the old Hill’s Hoist.

Right now the wood fire is roaring in the living room and the house is busy with grandchildren.  Toys and games are everywhere.  The kids will be outside soon to help with some farm jobs.  Dad is “up the back” renovating his tractor shed.  Mum is in the shower, but I think I’ll have another cuppa and wait for the bathroom to warm up another degree or two.

Header photo and photos in the last gallery are thanks to Matt Rex Photo.

18 thoughts on “Farmhouse tour.

  1. Lovely. Wish I was there. I’ve always loved the bath beside the window and it’s view to the wrens in the strawberry bushes outside the best. Love, Aunty Kate xx

  2. Harry says:

    Jo, it’s awesome, what a beautiful place to live, way too cold for this little duck but i love it, the house is fantastic.

  3. Love the deck – I’m going to have to put the kettle on!

    So true what you say about the kitchen (heart of the home) – we bought an ex-display model to form part of the kitchen but ideally would have wanted to design the whole thing from scratch as such an important room. Hope it works!

    Are you staying with your parents during the build?

  4. Africadayz says:

    Wow Johannne, now I know where you get your flair from! What a gorgeous house. I want to be there right now. As it is, I’m having a cup of tea right now, in front of a fire, warming up on one of our Johannesburg’s Southern Hemisphere winter days. And please tell me what is ‘a sticky beak’?? Enjoy your time back in Australia with your family. You’re clearly escaping Brazilian World Cup madness…

    • Thanks Africa Dayz. Yes, my aesthetic preferences have definitely been influenced by my parents. To have a “sticky beak” is to have a look, but infers an element of nosiness! It is usually used kindly. We will back in Brazil in time for the final week of the World Cup. I hope that Brazil is still in contention at that stage so that we can enjoy just a small dose of the madness.

  5. mariashumptydoo says:

    What a beautiful farmhouse in the mountains!
    Great extensions from the original cottage. I love the bathroom with a view (in fact all the rooms with a view), the various artifacts… the rusty bucket with flowers.
    Excellent choice of photos: good resource for Pinterest.
    An inspiring home!

  6. Miranda says:

    What a beautiful home (and beautiful photos)! I can see how that aesthetic might have partly inspired what you’re going for (in a rather different style of house though). Thanks for sharing.

  7. Wow Johanne, what a great home your parents have. So much character, love all those beautiful views. I love the corrugated ceiling in the bedroom, the bathroom with the beautiful window. What a neat story with the dining room table…love that.

    Have a fun, safe trip. H

  8. Reblogged this on House by the water. and commented:

    Fancy a “Tree Change”? I’m reposting this story I wrote 2 years ago about my Mum and Dad’s special farmhouse because it’s for sale. Located near Mount Beauty, it’s just 30 km to the snow fields of Falls Creek and a short drive to the vineyards and gourmet food trails of North-East Victoria. For more information and any enquiries, you can call my Mum, Joan, on 0431700921.

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