The Sign has arrived.

Hello builders!

Hello builders!

Wooohoooo!   Yeah Baby.  Woot! Woot!  Do a little happy dance….

My Mandurah spies sent me this photo today.  Yup.  We have a sign.  The builders have arrived on the block!

There’s been a bit of a block tidy up too.  Our neighbours are extending and for the past year have had the luxury of our vacant block for parking, crane access, brick storage and garbage skips.  Thumbs up for leaving our place clear.

Block cleared.

Block cleared.

I’m excited.  That’s all.


13 thoughts on “The Sign has arrived.

      • I finally found out how to upload photos!
        Yes that long window is the kitchen splashback with louvres on each end. Hopefully there will be a lovely green backdrop rather than supersix fencing!
        How exciting seeing the sign go up and block being cleared! Looking forward to following your progress.
        Hope the window shopping and holiday going well 🙂

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