Guess the handover date competition.

Last week site works commenced on our block.  By yesterday, the site survey should have been completed and the concreters should be in this week to pour footings for our retaining walls on the canal side of our home.  Once the retaining walls are completed, the concrete pool will be installed, then it will be time to lay the slab.  I had a quick chat to the “Starts Manager” last week, who let me know the immediate plans.  So, from the moment of the installation of the builder’s sign, it has been all action.  Suddenly I’ve been checking the weather on a daily basis, hoping for good conditions for whomever has work to do on our block.

And, because I’m still excited, I thought we’d have a bit of blog fun…

My sisters have been busy over the last few years creating adorable children.  My Mum likes to heighten the anticipation of a new grandchild with guessing competitions.  A few months out, we guess gender, name, date and weight of the soon-to-arrive baby.  Just a little bit of fun, with my Mum promising a bottle of champagne to the winner.  Then she wins.

In keeping with this spirit, (I know houses and babies are not quite the same,) let me introduce House By The Water’s first (and probably only) competition.

WIN a bottle of West Australian bubbly!  

Made in Margaret River.  Red or white sparkling wine.

Made in Margaret River. Red or white sparkling wine.

Guess the handover date.

Here’s the conditions of the competition:

  1. Handover date is defined as the day that the builders give us the keys to our house in return for our final payment.  (The final payment is due within 10 days of practical completion.  Practical Completion means works is completed, apart from any omissions or defects that may be found at the Practical Completion Inspection.)
  2. The winner is the person(s) who selects the handover date correctly, or is the closest to the correct date.
  3. To enter, leave your guess in the comments section of this blog post or on the House By The Water Facebook page.
  4. If the winner is local, they may choose to drink their prize on House By The Water’s deck.  If the winner is not local, I will try my best to get the prize to you, but if you are residing in Saudi Arabia, I’m going to have to come up with a substitute prize.  If you are one of my favourite overseas home-building bloggers, be warned, I may deliver the prize in person.
  5. The competition closes in one week from today, on Tuesday July 15th at 9 pm (West Australian time).
  6. The winner will be announced on this blog and on the HBTW Facebook page within one month of the handover date.
  7. Webb and Brown-Neaves employees and their families are not eligible to enter.

Here are some clues:

  • We specified on our Preliminary Plans Agreement that the house should not be completed before July, 2015.
  • Our building contract states that “Time to complete works” is 315 working days (from which exact day, I’m not too sure).  This does not include Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays.  Good luck calculating that one!
  • Don’t forget it’s a double story house.

May the luckiest reader win!


34 thoughts on “Guess the handover date competition.

  1. Wow it looks like things are moving quickly – how exciting !
    I laughed when I read your comment about keeping a close eye on the weather – I have never followed the weather as closely as I do now lol.
    Hope the travels down under went well and looking forward to hearing the progress on the house 🙂

  2. John Hayes says:

    If the builders have any English blood in them I predict a completion date of 24 December 2015. I’ll be able to come along and collect the prize in January 2016.
    Hope I’m proved wrong! Love John H

  3. We are 3 months behind (the Highlands – apparently when god made time in Scotland he made a lot of it)! I am throwing my hat in the ring – would love to sip it on your terrace! September 3rd 2015. Good Luck

  4. trixee says:

    Ooh, I’m always up for some bubbly. OK I need to get out my calculator, I will report back, stay tuned! 🙂

  5. trixee says:

    I’m torn, I think it will be early September but am wavering on the actual date. I think I’ll go for the 7th September 2015.

  6. Miranda says:

    My guess is 30 September 2015, though I hope it will be sooner. I also predict that they’ll go pretty quickly until lock-up (which is a big payment) and then really slowly after that!

  7. I’m going long, because every house I’ve seen on Grand Designs ends up going over on timeline and budget — January 11, 2016. I hope it’s sooner though, so you’re all settled in time for summer 🙂

    • Oh goodness! Grand Designs don’t do “off-the-shelf” designs by “volume builders” but I’m flattered by the association! I think we’d need to add in a under canal dolphin-viewing tunnel or something for G.D. to be interested.

  8. The competition is now closed. Thanks for entering. A few entries transferred from Facebook: Bec Nov 8th, Noni Aug 26th, Eshani Oct 19th. (Putting them here in case I can’t find them on Facebook next year.)

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