Site progress is going swimmingly!

The landscapers took charge of our block for a week.  The only evidence of their presence from my far away vantage point was a hefty invoice.  So I sent out an S.O.S. to my Mandurah friends:  “Do we really have a pool?”

The resounding reply was “Yes!”

And what a beautiful chunk of concrete it is.HBTW pool

Let me draw attention to the features:

  • Steps
  • Things sticking out of the wall (for lights, we hope)
  • Built-in ice bucket!

I don’t think it’s too early to “bags my spot”.  I’ve never been good at art, but just so it is on record, my spot is marked by the green arrow:

Wooden bench seat going here.  Throw on a couple of outdoor cushions and I'll be set for the afternoon.  ...Should have had that ice bucket installed up this end.

A wooden bench seat is going here. Throw on a couple of outdoor cushions and I’ll be set for the afternoon. …I should have had that ice bucket installed up this end.

Thanks to my lovely friends and Brian, site-supervisor extraordinaire, for the photos:

The pool was whipped up in a matter of days and the site was handed back to the builders.

Next steps:

  1. Set up scaffold over the pool (for safety) and along the retaining wall.
  2. Fill the retaining wall cavities.
  3. While the concrete is curing, waterproof the back of the walls.
  4. Backfill the site.
  5. Prepare the house pad for the slab.

I am eagerly waiting for the site supervisor’s next report, any day now, confirming that these tasks have been done.

In other minor news, I have subscribed to Nearmap for one year.  Nearmap is a provider of aerial photographs.  Initially I was put off by the high price of $200 per year, when the Mandurah area was only scheduled for 4 updates in the next 12 months.  So I let it go.  My hesitation paid off and a half-price offer appeared in my inbox.  $100 for one year.   Still expensive photos at $25 a pop, but you know how I like my photos…..

The most recent photo was taken on July 18th when work on our retaining wall footings had just begun:

Nearmap shot of our block.

It has been fun to check out the block over time (Nearmap pictures for our area date back to 2009) and to see some of our previous homes.

Are pictures of piles of sand and curing concrete not your thing?  Don’t worry, I’ll be philosophising about home cellars, libraries, rugs and spaceship lighting again soon.  Maybe one of those topics is up your alley?




19 thoughts on “Site progress is going swimmingly!

  1. Yeah – how exciting… it’s funny how you getting your pool before your house! We’ll be waiting a year to get our put in after the house. I love that you are doing a built-in ice bucket – how awesome!!

    • Hi Jennifer. I can see that you are as experienced with pools as I am! The “ice bucket” is actually where the filter goes, I think! But since you are doing your pool later, you could have a real ice bucket!

  2. Oh wow what a great view from your pool – it is going to be stunning! I love the idea of the ice bucket too!
    We used to use that near map until we had to pay for it – a great tool. Thanks for update on special – think we will sign up.
    Looks fantastic Jo 🙂

    • Thank you. Deb, I requested a quote and was emailed the original price. It was only after a couple of weeks of “not signing up” that they emailed the new offer. It may not be advertised.

  3. KL says:

    Love following a new build and all the decisions it entails! It was clever installing your pool first before the build…it looks like a perfect size!

  4. Uncle Trev says it is good that the pool is getting lots of curing time. I’m thinking the ‘ice bucket’ is some sort of leaf trap?? Now all you need is a lift/crane for hauling Grannie out. Grannie x

  5. Sarah says:

    Ice bucket may be the skimmer box? But could possibly function as both. Are you planning a seating area near the rivers edge? Looks amazing so far.

    • Thanks Sarah. Yes there is a bench seat built in between the pool and the canal. We’ll fit it out with outdoor cushions. And of course you can dangle your legs over the edge of the canal. But actually, our dining room and alfresco area will be pretty close to the canal – with the set back from the canal wall being only 6 metres.

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