Big Art.

A little birdie told me that….. not only do we have bricks at our block, but we also have bricklayers! Alas, no photos yet, so I’m going to fill this space with some art.

Courtesy of my mother-in-law, who is rather artistic, we have a lot of paintings.  Probably the hallways and bedrooms of our two floors will become mini impressionist galleries.  But in our living room, there will be a great big wall that calls for something different.  Kinda like these:

The wall that needs art (shown here with the black meshy thing):

Ruben living room.

The display house model of our future living room. Photo source: Webb and Brown-Neaves.

What I want:

  • Australian spirit.
  • Big  (eg. 2 x 1 metres)
  • Colours that work with my grand scheme – blues, blacks, greys, whites – all OK.  (Other colours OK too – but in moderation.)
  • Paint or textiles.
  • Maximum price $2500.

Here are some Australian artists currently on my radar:

Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa

Paintings from: Japingka Gallery.

When we visited Yulara in central Australia last year, my kids were lucky enough to experience a short “dot painting” workshop with Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa.  Maureen was the “artist in residence” at Mulgara Gallery at the time.  Some of Maureen’s art was for sale at the gallery and I loved them!  She has plenty for sale online but the prices at the gallery in Yularu were far better.  I should have squeezed one into our camper van…

Sean Wilkinson

Sean Wilkinson calls his style “Australianism” and I think his paintings ooze Australian culture and scenes.  Most of these paintings are too small for our wall, but I reckon I could commission a piece especially for House By The Water.  Fancy a trip to Mandurah, Wilkinson family?

Adriane Strampp

Nina and Patrick's "Offspring" home featuring "Ghost Garden" by Adriane Strampp.  Source:  Homelife.

Nina and Patrick’s “Offspring” home featuring “Ghost Garden” by Adriane Strampp. Source: Homelife.

OK, so I may be a little big biased towards this artist – lured by the love scenes filmed in her home.  Unfortunately large paintings by Adriane Strampp are out of my price range, otherwise I don’t think I could resist a piece of her oil on linen.

Sarrita King

My perfect colours.  Serrita King is a young Australian aboriginal artist with her finger on the pulse.  I can’t wait to see some of her paintings in person the next time I’m visiting Fremantle.

Do you have some Aussie art that you love?

24 thoughts on “Big Art.

  1. Some other ideas for you if you’re looking for something coastal?
    we are about to invest in a painting by a local artist here in Noosa
    I’ve filled other big spaces with a series of vintage fishing rods in the hallway sitting on old wooden reels and also framed a vintage nautical chart to fill another wall. Enjoy shopping for the right painting. Oh what fun!

    • Sally, those paintings of Noosa beach by Christine Clark are gorgeous – they bring back happy memories of weekend escapes when we lived in Brisbane. I hope you are going to share your choice once you’ve purchased.

  2. I really love Adriane Strampp – oiled linen is so luxurious. I’d say since you are on the water, I’d say to go with something with a hint of nautical to it. I am a photography art person – photography makes gorgeous large backdrop art.

    • Hi Tom, I think Emma Blyth is synonymous with Mandurah art. I remember appreciating it at Pronto’s in 1999 when we first moved to Mandurah. The colours she uses are a bit bold for what I have in mind for our living room. How’s your house coming along? I haven’t seen any blog news from you lately.

  3. Wow what beautiful artwork Jo.
    I do wish I hadn’t seen this blog though as I think I might be taking a trip into Freo to look at Serrita King and Maureen Hudson Nampijinpa’s work. LOL
    I love having art on the wall 🙂

  4. xkleternalicons says:

    I so love beautiful artworks but have always popped them into the ‘luxury’ catagory…the most recent ‘The Block’ television series featured some stunning pieces and made me realise how essential art is, to complete a room. I adore all the works you have shown here (especially the Aboriginal artists) and you certainly will have a magnificent spot to hang the right piece to full effect. I’ve no artist to recommend but will look forward to seeing your choice and following your progress.

    • Yes, I adored the Bromley painting used by the double D’s. I don’t think I’d want the gorgeous girl competing with our water view though. A mute point, because Bromley paintings are way out of my price range. Shannon and Simon also used great art – they had friends in the right places! Luckily, so far we have spent $0 on art, so I won’t feel too guilty buying one piece – and besides, it is my husband’s gift to me for my 40th birthday. I do remember a beautiful picture of a whale on your website. I can still visualise it. Was that not a print you own?

      • xkleternalicons says:

        Yes and no. It was a limited edition print from the artist which I had bought but after 4 months of no communication or delivery date in sight, I sadly requested my money back. Still love it but somethings are not meant to be. The Bromley was lovely but I was thinking about the more abstract paintings used on The Block. I do agree that all the contestants appeared to have received ‘mates rates’ which is difficult for the viewer to relate to.

  5. Miranda says:

    What a fabulous post! Thank you!
    If we won lotto, Cameron and I would buy a big Larry Mitchell painting to put up in our living area overlooking the pool. Something like this:
    My parents have a beautiful painting by Douglas Kirsop at their place. It has lots of blues – they have a nautical theme too. His work is also at Yallingup Galleries.
    The other art gallery I like down south is Studio Bistro:
    From there, I like Joanne Duffy and Rob Forlani’s art, but it’s a bit too abstract for Cameron.
    And I think I’ll have to put the Japingka Gallery in my diary for this weekend…

    • You have great taste Miranda, but expensive! I enjoyed checking out all your suggestions and can’t wait for a trip South when we move back to W.A. The other gallery there that has some great artist’s work is Jahroc. They deal with Bromley’s art. I remember visiting there more than 10 years ago and loving the work, but I do remember that the staff were a bit twitchy, and that was before we had kids! I must remember to get some straight-jackets for my kids before our next visit.
      If I was in W.A. right now, I’d propose a gallery meet-up this weekend with you and Deb! I reckon Trixee would be keen too.

      • Sounds like a great idea Jo.
        i know Jahroc well – we have a dining room setting from them.
        Lots of beautiful art locally to tempt you.
        Looks like Miranda and i will bump into each other in Japingka Gallery this weekend ha ha 🙂

  6. trixee says:

    I have no idea what I like when it comes to art, but the Nampijinpa work is gorgeous! Maybe you could plan a family holiday back there again.

    • Yes, I love all those. But they are all too small or too expensive. Maybe we should visit the Kate Owen Gallery sometime? I have been thinking about a bit of DIY – I was paying close attention at Maureen’s little workshop! I’d have to get some decent paint. And some wine.

  7. Naomi says:

    Dusan Malobabic is a painter in Perth with some lovely beach water scenes. Very reasonable prices. I found him on Ebay “Paintings by Dusan” is his store name. For more abstract painting try Amanda Krantz.

  8. I love visiting the Japingka Gallery when visiting Freemantle. I bought my first piece of original Indigenous art by Walala Tjapaltjarri from there. Last time I went to Freemantle I visited Aboriginart and splurged on a BIG (150 x 90) piece by Gracie Morton Pwerle and three smaller pieces by Linda Smith Penangke. Three very different styles. My husband has said we now have enough art …. I will do a blog posting about them when the build is further on.

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