Christmas on the Canals

Source:  Habitually Chic.

Source: Habitually Chic.

Don’t all book your tickets just yet, but Christmas on the canals is going to be jolly!  What could be more fun than dangling our feet over the jetty, waiting for Santa to pass by on his boat delivering lollies for the kids on Christmas Eve?

Breakfast of toast and a cup of tea by the water-side will be followed by a slow, drawn-out present opening ceremony for my kids and their cousins (firmly controlled by my father).  Then I’ll get my apron on and finish sorting out the lunch, ably assisted by The Nice Wolf.  I’ll probably be ready for the first cocktail about now.  Lunch will be hot, despite our warm Christmas weather.  We’ll eat.  Too much.  Then we’ll all laze about on every available sofa and hammock reading new books, chatting or snoring.  When we’ve recovered, we’ll throw ourselves into the swimming pool in an attempt to regain an appetite in time for a dinner of leftovers.   After dinner, the kids will beg us to watch their concert – something they rehearsed during the day.  The adults will resume their favourite slouchy position on the deck, sip drinks and complain about their stomachs.  Perfect.

The Mandurah canals like to dress up for Christmas.  It has become “a thing”.  The residents go troppo with Christmas lights and hundreds of boatloads of tourists and locals cruise by the houses taking photos and listening to Christmas tunes.  It’s a little bit “Blackpool at night” (Canadian readers, think Niagara), with neon flashing overload.  You can imagine that kids love it and you can’t fault the community spirit.

Mandurah canals at Christmas time.  Source:  Mandurah Cruises.

Mandurah canals at Christmas time. Source: Mandurah Cruises.

So as not to be a party-pooper I’ver been thinking about how we can join our neighbours in a way that complements our lovely new home and without spending thousands on the light plastic fantastic.

Call me colourist – but no orange will be allowed.  Preferably no pink either.  I’m envisioning a flood-lit gum tree with a possum or two sneaking away with a Christmas pudding.  Santa lazing by the pool, in his board shorts with a stubbie in his hand, or maybe a fishing rod.  I reckon I could make a roster of bodies to fill the Santa suit, so long as I keep up the supply of stubbies (possibly secretly filled with red wine).

In the mean time, I’ve been scaling Pinterest for some sparkly inspiration.  What do you think?

Picture sources:  1.  Target (U.S.) 2. An Angel at My Table, Mari Eriksson.  3. Wednesday Custom Design.  4.  Bloomingville ornaments – Temple and Webster (no longer available).  5. Unknown.  6.  Recyclart.

Do you go troppo with Christmas lights?

Can you recommend festive lights that are the ultimate in good taste?

Have you seen lights that scream Aussie, Aussie, Aussie (Oi, Oi, Oi) at you?

Or do you think we should save on electricity and pretend we’re not home?


12 thoughts on “Christmas on the Canals

  1. Harry Cockram says:

    Had a look at the place yesterday (from the other side while sitting on a friends boat having the mandatory stubbie) I don’t think you will have room for a decent gum Tree Jo, the place is full of brick walls, canal side that is.

  2. It sounds like a very merry ‘xmas Jo and so relaxed just the way I like it. I normally start with bubbly at brekkie and move on from there lol.
    I’ve yet to see the canal lights so might just have to book a ticket this year.
    I’m afraid I can’t help you out with the lights department as all our efforts are put into our 8ft christmas tree and then we have a rather pathetic looking small plastic santa flashing in the front window and white fairy lights wrapped around the balcony.
    I have to admit that this is my very favourite time of year – I love all the hype and atmosphere and especially trawling the streets with grandson J (turning 3 on Fri! ) looking at the Christmas ligts. Merry Christmas 🙂

    • Actually I like simple fairy lights the best. Pretty. An 8 foot tree could definitely take some decorating. So much fun! I hope your little J helped. Merry Christmas to you to (though I’ve more posts to come before then)! Let me know if you book a cruise. I plan to go with my daughter in January, but if we get lucky, some friends might take us.

  3. Can’t wait! I love the Christmas tree in the old boat, or at the end of the jetty. Out-class the neighbours by lighting up some vintage blue glass buoys hanging from a tree or from your house. Or make and hang a huge paper mâché white dove and light it up with a spot light. Plus plenty of fairy lights, and cocktails.

    • Now there’s an idea that I know my bloggy friend at Coastal Vintage will love! I quite like the dove idea too, but I think I’d have more chance at pulling off the possums and pudding. Fairy lights and cocktails go without saying…

  4. Africadayz says:

    I like the first picture best. Tend to like ‘white’ Xmas lights. But it all looks like a lot of fun and that photograph you have at the top – of the tree in the rowing boat – is stunning. Maybe this time next year you’ll be there?

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