Flying visit to Western Australia

Oil blue tile.

Latest kitchen mood board featuring oil blue tiles.  Fingers crossed that Myaree Ceramics still have these in stock.

I have 3.2 days in Western Australia next week, with the First Little Pig as my sidekick.  Readers who have patiently followed me since last January will know that I can do a lot in 3.2 days.  It’s all in the planning.

  1. Go straight to block.  Gaze and enjoy the moment!
  2. Go to block again.  Get serious with camera, measuring tape and chalk.
  3. Enjoy socialising with old friends.
  4. Meet our site supervisor on site.
  5. Reselect tiles for our splash back, laundry floor and powder room floor.
  6. Meet with landscaper to discuss driveway, front fence and plans for the front yard.
  7. Hit the shops.

W.A. shopping hit list:

Essential shops:

Design Farm – are the W.A. suppliers of these beauties:

Picture:  Coco and coco-mini pendants by Cocoflip.

Picture: Coco and coco-mini pendants by Cocoflip.

Boardwalk lighting‘s – online gallery shows Coco pendant look-alikes.  Depending on my splash back choice I may want 3 of these pendants, so I might have to resort to replicas…

“If I have time” shops:

District (formerly Table and Chair) – Rumour has it they are the W.A. dealers for Jardan furniture.  I’d like to check out their sofas.  Subiaco.

Remedy – Armadillo rugs, Eucalypt Homewares and other nice things.  Fremantle.

Japingka Gallery – Aboriginal art.  Fremantle.

Perhaps locals have a few secret spots to suggest…  I’m sure I’ve still got 0.2 of a day to spare.

Front fence

And because there is always some home dilemma going on in my brain that I like to share, here’s my latest front fence short list:

Option A:  Upright railway sleepers or other hardwood a bit like some of these:

Pictures:  1.  Living Style Landscapes.  2.  Inspired to Give (unverified) via Pinterest.  3.  Arch Daily.

  • Pros – Coastal look.
  • Cons – Could be tricky to install, might not age gracefully, might not work with an automated gate, nor a front yard that requires a small amount of retaining.

Option B:  Rendered fence with decorative steel panels:

Pictures:  1.  Tim Davies Landscaping (unverified) via Pinterest.  2.  PLR design.

  • Pros:  Should last.  Looks great.
  • Cons:  Could get pricey.

Help me decide before Monday!




23 thoughts on “Flying visit to Western Australia

  1. trixee says:

    Lol, how’d you figure on the 0.2 day? I really love your new splashback tile selection, it will look stunning! The colour is superb.
    I’m afraid I don’t have any secret spots to suggest, I rely on other people telling me about their secret spots.
    Re fence, I love the steel panels, they seem to be becoming a trend now too. The upright wood posts are cute but I wonder if it might look too rustic for your house? Maybe not, sometimes contrast is good. Also, if you’re going to be keeping an animal it may not be secure enough.

    • Just made the 0.2 to up to keep myself entertained! Good point about the pets. I hadn’t thought of that. As for the wood being too rustic – that has crossed my mind and I think you might be right. The steel panels are my current front runner but I keep switching between the two.

  2. Wow you have a far better idea of the décor shops in WA than I do – although I haven’t really got as far as that stage yet. Absolutely loving your mood board for the kitchen – especially those splashback tiles!

    I’d go the decorative panels, although those sleepers are gorgeous as well. The older the panels get the more fantastic they will look, I’m not sure wood weathers as well.

  3. Amanda Hyde says:

    The stools on your mood board! Do you know where you are going to get them from? I am looking for some just the same.

    • Amanda, I bought mine in South Korea, but you can get the real thing from Living Edge in Australia or replicas from Matt Blatt. Two out of 5 of mine broke in our last move – they were brand new! Grrr! I love them, so I’ll be replacing the two broken ones.

  4. KL says:

    Will the panels rust? Waterside location downfall. Everything here does so I’d be heading towards the timber option. Love the splashback colour!

    • I think you can get them powder coated or pre-rusted depending on the look you are going for – but I’ll have to double check now that you’ve mentioned it.

  5. You are so organised Jo – you put me to shame!
    Love the mood board and your splashback tiles will look great.
    I am now going to look up the shops you have mentioned.
    Natuzzi in Subiaco do some lovely settees so might be worth a look.
    I would lean towards the panels because I think the sleepers might get hammered in the location but then so will almost anything close to the coast.
    Have fun 🙂

  6. Howdy,
    I like the wooden posts as they seem more substantial than the panels. Enjoy your visit to the site.
    Love Bruna (for some reason , I’m listed here under Eva!!)

    • Hi Bruna. I suspect Eva has used your computer and forgot to logout of wordpress. Sounds like 50/50 on the steel vs. wood vote so far. I might have to let myself be pursuaded one way or the other by the landscaper….

  7. Wowzer! Your kitchen is going to look stunning. Love the mood board, everyhting complements each other well and the splashback tiles will give it a gorgeous pop of colour.

    I vote for the panels. I think they will go seamlessly with the house. Hope you find some time for a bit of non-house related fun in Perth😄

  8. Brooke says:

    Exciting times Johanne! Be sure to check out King Furniture on Stirling Hwy! Have a look at their site but pretty sure you will be well impressed with their range! Good luck !;)

  9. Miranda says:

    3.2 days is not long – especially with lots of tile selections to do! I think I won’t add to your list – you’ll be far too busy already 🙂
    I absolutely love those Cocoflip pendants. The last thing I liked at Design Farm (a magazine holder) was so expensive I almost laughed out loud when the person told me the price, but the lights I liked there were more reasonable. Hope your lights are in the reasonable category.
    I’m not sure which one to vote for in the front fence options. I really like both. I like that your steel panel pictures have nice, soft natural designs, rather than anything too “hard”. That might be a good link between the modern style of your house and the organic look you like?

    • Thanks Miranda. I’ve loved those pendants from the very start of the “house plan”. There will certainly be one of them, maybe 3. The Design Farm price is consistent with prices in the East. Not cheap, but I’m putting them in the “art” category, with the potential to really set the style of the house.

  10. Set your landscapers a challenge and ask them to find a way to integrate both the decorative panels and the railway sleepers. See what they come up with. Perhaps a they could use the sleepers between panels, and/or the sleepers could then carry through your front yard up to your front door, or though the vege garden. Why chose? Have both! 😉 xxx

  11. Those pendants are amazing…..

    I have loved that wood fence since you put a photo of them here a long time ago. You could go with less rustic wood if you dont think it would go with your house. I think it is so beautiful!!! And unique. (Maybe its just unique here, I had not seen it before). So my vote is the wood fence.

    I am excited to see your final picks for tile. And you photos from the site and what you are loving ‘in person’. Safe travels 😊

  12. Ok I just read Kate’s (sister?) comments, I think she has the fence answer. And she is spot on about the wine 😄.

    And because of you I was on my couch watching Downton Abby sunday night. I am addicted. :).

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