Little discoveries from my W.A. visit.

Cocoflip replica

Replicas galore.

1.  I’m so glad I checked out the “Cocoflip” pendant replicas. At $300 (versus $1500 for the real thing) – I had to consider them.  They looked great from 2 metres away, but then as I got close I noticed that there was no join between the “ash” top and the “aluminium” bottom.  So I reached out to see how it was done and realised that the whole thing was painted tin.  If I’d been fooled online and had the replicas delivered I would have been so disappointed.

2.  A sad moment at Myaree Ceramics…. the oil-blue tiles that I had coveted to replace our discontinued splash back tile, have also been discontinued.  No time for crying.  There were a number of good options that were close to my original grey subway tile selection.

How about that white “painted brick” tile (bottom right)?  Very clever.  Possibly not in keeping with House By The Water’s style.  Here’s my selection:

Splash back tile.

Masia gris claro tile. $96/m2

I’m going to have it laid vertically for a modern touch.

Next, I needed to reselect floor tiles for the laundry and powder room.  The laundry was easy.  I’m keeping it simple.  A matt grey tile.  The powder room, however, is a little room where it may not cost much to experiment with something a bit “out there”.

Powder room mood board.

This floor tile is a bit unusual so I made a mood board to help the Nice Wolf visualise how it might look.

Here the Caesarstone bench top in clamshell and the floor tile seem to clash but in reality they looked good together.  The tiles actually come in 4 different prints (of which we’d use 3) so the tiler will have to puzzle it together.  Hmmmm?  That could be unpopular.  I’m waiting for the costs of laying this tile to be confirmed before I commit.

3.  Next stop, a meeting with the owner of “Well Built Landscape Construction” (WBLC) to discuss our front yard plans.  I give Nick 10 out of 10 for keeping his overheads low, with our meeting taking place in McDonalds!  WBLC gave me the best quote for a cobblestone driveway and have produced some stylish home landscaping.  We discussed the driveway and our front fence and gate.  I begged him to help me decide whether to go with vertical wood or steel infills and render for the front fence.  He would have humoured me with either option, but my sensibilities and his have pushed me towards steel infills.   WBLC will provide a quote to kick-start our front yard, leaving the garden preparation for us to do at our leisure.

4.    At Nick’s suggestion, I went to Water Garden Warehouse to study steel infills for our front fence.  They supply my favourite steel infill pattern – the “wattle”.

Available from Water Garden Warehouse.

Available from Water Garden Warehouse.

I photographed steel art featuring this pattern a year ago at Home Base because I loved it.  It’s still my favourite.

We need to choose a finish.  Powder coated is smart (no rust stains dripping down the rendered wall), but the rusty steel and Corten options have a more organic look.

Work in progress - but you get the idea.

Front yard mood board.  Work in progress – but you get the idea.

5.  And just because it’s right next door to Water Garden Warehouse, I had a browse in Eco Outdoor.  Our cobblestones will come from here and I always love their outdoor furniture, though it’s usually over-priced.  Currently they have a sale on so their outdoor sofas are closer to the realms of possibility.  It’s a good place for alfresco inspiration.  They have some tempting heavy linens for making cushions and a great vertical garden.

Vertical garden

The wooden frame hides typically ugly vertical garden infrastructure.

6.  I popped into to say hi to my “Construction Liaison” at Webb and Brown-Neaves’ office.  It’s always nice to put a face to a name.  Emma took the time to explain to me a proposed change to the width of our “gutter fascia” that despite my best attempts to understand, by studying the drawings, I still could not fathom.  I have been assured that the change is purely cosmetic.

So that’s it.  All else for the remainder of our house construction must be done remotely.  The next time I visit Western Australia will be for the “practical completion inspection”.  But you know, I’ll be hovering around in the mean time, one way or another!



22 thoughts on “Little discoveries from my W.A. visit.

  1. 1) I’m endeared by the landscaping meeting taking place at McDonalds. Buy the man a pie. Gonna be gorgeous landscaping too.
    2) That wattle pattern is pretty! I don’t mind the white powdercoat finish, as it’s easier to see the pattern (which is organic in its own right) but the rusty steel looks lovely too.
    3) Those replica pendants… so like, the ‘ash’ part is just laminate? They look good now but that won’t age well. (Unrelated: I ordered a nice spinning light knockoff, liked it, and then we discovered that I can’t install any Edison lights without rewiring half the house. WHAT. )

    Mid-2015 isn’t too far away now!

    • Plus, the landscaper has Melbourne-taste in landscaping. I think we are going to get along. The wattle in white is gorgeous, but I think it would give too much glare – W.A.’s sun is so bright. The light there is is quite different to any where else I’ve been.
      Nice pendants you picked – I’m sure you’ll find a good re-purpose! The “ash” on the pendants I saw was painted metal!

  2. Beautiful taste Jo.
    Those pendants look lovely on the computer – what a shame that they weren’t any good.
    Water Garden Warehouse has become one of my favourite places – we have our water feature coming from there and some bowls for succulents around the pool. The wattle pattern will fit in well with your landscaping.
    It sounds like you had a very busy and successful trip back. 🙂

    • I loved the bowls at Water Garden Warehouse Deb. I took some pictures! Prices not bad. I can’t wait to see your water feature. I ran out of time to stop by Freo, so Japingka gallery will have to wait…

  3. KL says:

    I had the same experience with the ‘replicas’ too Joanne; the designs I liked weren’t much chop in reality. Really like the new tile selections too. I think Corten steel can be powdercoated clear so it doesn’t rust further. ? Look forward to seeing it all come together!

  4. Miranda says:

    All your selections look great. Hopefully there won’t be any more discontinued items and everything else will go smoothly.
    Emma was our CLO for the very end of our build. Hope she’s helpful to you.
    We have just bought our outdoor furniture from Eco Outdoor (Aquila table and Tully chairs). It should all be here early next week, along with my Lujo sunlounger bought after seeing it on your blog 🙂
    And I think your front garden is going to look amazing. Can’t wait to see it all come together.

    • I was just looking at the Eco Outdoor catalogue again last night. Your choice looks good for our weather. Should last forever! My husband is suggesting we forgo wood for our outdoor furniture choices now. I’m not sure that I can give it up completely. Those Tully chairs look like a good compromise. Report back on the Lujo!

  5. trixee says:

    I almost cried when I read your blue tiles were discontinued, but your replacement selection will look great.
    It’s a shame you didn’t like the coco replicas. I too had no idea they were painted tin, and I’ve seen them a few times now! Never looked that closely at them though.
    One of the things I love about your blog is your extensive research – I’m off to check out some of those links now 🙂
    Re landscaping, I thought you were using Tim Davies Landscaping?

    • Trixee, TDL have designed our pool area and back yard (canal side) and are constructing that, but we can’t afford them for the front too. We asked them to quote for just the cobblestone driveway and already that blew them out of contention. For the front yard we felt comfortable designing it but we need some help to construct it quickly once our house is handed over.

  6. Love the fence rusty look. Powder coating will inevitably get a chip or two, eg first time Little Pig parks his bike in a hurry,and then little rust marks will appear. I have always loved the long sleek look of your kitchen to scullery, maybe keep the tiles horizontal to keep lines and eye running that way. The thrift manager at our house would say if you have to touch the lights to see the difference then go for the cheaper ones….but that’s your father speaking not me!

  7. I too, am mourning the discontinuation of your blue kitchen tile. I loved them. I like the idea of laying the new selection vertically. We are going the most ‘out there’ in our powder room and ensuite as well. I do love your floor tile selection, it’s so dainty and ornate. My fingers are crossed it doesn’t cost the earth to lay them.
    Sounds like you’ve found a perfect match in a landscaper!

  8. Africadayz says:

    Very good thing you were able to check out those light fittings. They should specify that sort of thing on the site. Those photos are totally misleading. It’s all looking so good! I think you’re going to be in your house before I’m in mine!

    • Yes, I hope your builders are getting a wriggle on! Our second floor slab is due to be poured tomorrow. It won’t be long before I will see the shape of our house.

  9. I love the “Cocoflip” pendant replicas – for the price difference I don’t think the painted tin would bother me. They are amazing looking in the pictures. Bummer they won’t work out.

    I like your choice on the claro tile. 🙂

  10. Your water feature and front yard mood board make me wish I could do something like what you’re doing! The entrance to your home is going to be very dramatic – I’m excited to see the final outcome (as I’m sure you are too!) Also, good call on installing the tiles vertically, that will create a cool modern touch (like you said) with a classic style.

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