Australian made.

Photo source:  Mark Tuckey.

Photo source: Mark Tuckey.

I’m patriotic all year round, but in honour of Australia Day, it’s time to dedicate a post to the talented artisans of Australia and some companies that proudly produce beautiful things in Australia.  There are plenty of reasons to chose Australian made products for my home but the clinchers that actually make me buy local are:

  • Australian style.
  • Made to last, quality.
  • Reduced environmental impact related to shipping.

It’s becoming harder to find Australian made products, particularly as companies like Freedom and King Furniture move their manufacturing overseas, but collaborating on this topic is only going to make it easier.  If I’ve missed your favourite Aussie-made goods for stylish homes, please add them in the comments.  I love recommendations.


Mark Tuckey:

Mark Tuckey showroom.

Sofas, beds, chairs, tables, drawers, mirrors, etc.

OK, I could actually move right into a Mark Tuckey show room.  I love everything they make.  They make chunky furniture from “recycled timber and sustainably managed forestry sources”.  Like many companies on my list, don’t expect Ikea prices, but don’t expect your purchases to end up as landfill either.


Domayne furniture.

Sofas, beds, desks, dining sets, entertainment units, etc.

Domayne has a good range of Australian made furniture.  I’m eyeing off a king size bed from there.  For some fun, check out their new app which allows you to visualise how a particular item of furniture will look in your space.


Jardan furniture.

Sofas, beds, rugs, lighting. Source: Jardan.

Jardan make sofas to die for and prices to match.  Their furniture, designed and made in Melbourne, is classy.  Combine wood and linen and I go weak at the knees.  (No longer stocked in W.A. I believe, but available online.)


Bay Furniture  – West Australian custom made furniture including sofas, chairs and tables, using local wood.

Oz design – Some, but not all, furniture made in Australia.

Arthur G – Having recently oohed and aahed over my friend’s new Belair sofa in a gorgeous fabric she selected herself, I can vouch for its comfort and style.  Available in Perth.

Nomi – Scandanavian in style, but designed and made in Australia.  Tables, benches and chairs.  You can mix and match their parts to semi-customise your furniture.


Moochie Lou:

"Wattle" fabric by Moochie Lou.

“Wattle” fabric by Moochie Lou.

The design, fabric printing and production of Moochie Lou‘s bedding, cushions and tableware all happens in Australia.  My favourite print is the “wattle” but you might prefer W.A. inspired “Hamlin” or “Flow”.

Old Grey House:

Old grey house linen.

Tea towels, table linen, cushion covers.  Source:  Old Grey House.

I “helped” the 3 Little Pigs buy me some Old Grey House tea towels and a cushion cover for Christmas.  I love the gumnut inspired prints made in Western Australia.  A limited selection is available online, but I look forward to visiting local markets and stores for a greater range.

Ink and Spindle:

"Silver Gum" bedding by Ink and Spindle.

“Silver Gum” bedding by Ink and Spindle.

Completely gorgeous!  You can choose your own colourway, but I like this one best.  Ink and Spindle sell fabric and ready made items such as cushions, ottomans and bean bags.


Bonnie and Neil – Bold and beautiful cushions, tableware, decorative wooden tiles and small furnishings.  A bit on the pricey side.  Great splashes of colour, if you are that way inclined.

Cloth Fabric – Fabrics, lamp shades, cushions and ready-made curtains.


Eucalypt home:

Ceramic loveliness by Eucalpyt Homewares.

Ceramic loveliness by Eucalpyt Homewares.

Floral or Eucalypt?  It’s hard to choose, but you know it’s gotta be blue.  You can buy Eucalypt Homewares in shops around Australia or at West Australian markets.


Samantha Robinson – Handmade porcelain vases, jugs, plates, bowls and teapots.



Mr Cooper pendant by Cocoflip.

Mr Cooper pendant by Cocoflip.

I’d better not put yet another picture of my favourite pendant on the blog.  So here is Coco’s brother, Mr Cooper.  Cocoflip design furniture and lighting.  They have a limited selection but the quality is superb.

Who did that:

Pod Lux pendant by Who did that.

Pod Lux pendant by Who did that.

Tasmanian made flat-pack timber chandeliers (yes!) or leather pendants.  “Who did that” create lights that make a statement.

Inkster Maken:

Limestone pendant by Inkster Maken.

Limestone pendant by Inkster Maken.

Inkster Maken has a small range of lights made from South Australian limestone and hardwood.  Concrete looking at its best!


Barnlight Australia – Include a range of Australian made lights of industrial and country style.


Bauwerk Colour:

South Fremantle house painted in Bauwerk Basalt and Bauwerk Slate.

South Fremantle house painted in Bauwerk Basalt and Bauwerk Slate.

The paint choices from Bauwerk Colour make me want to get out a brush.  You can order colour cards and paint online or visit their Fremantle warehouse.

Pop by my “Australian made” Pinterest folder for more Aussie goodness.


14 thoughts on “Australian made.

  1. Africadayz says:

    What a gorgeous post! I too love Australian design and also, over the past few years, have mostly bought Australian clothes; Country Road, Yarra Trail, Trennery and Witchery to name a few.
    One of my favourite things on this post is the ‘rope-hung’ light fitting.

    • I like those brands too, but you are hard pressed to find a product at those stores that is made in Australia. Until last year you could still buy Australian made towels at Country Road, but no longer…

  2. Great post Joh! I love Mark Tuckey. I have my eye on a lovely table perfect for the Dining room. And you can never have too many posts of the Cocoflip on the blog. It’s on my list too!

  3. mariashumptydoo says:

    Yes, great post Johanne! Reminding me of elegance from my bush property in tropical north Australia… Sadly Freedom is no longer in Darwin!
    I like the ‘Silver Gum bedding’ from Ink and Spindle.

  4. May says:

    Gorgeous post, good info for friends setting up a new home or redecorating. I too like the rope hung light fitting and the chunky stools – they are Cheryl’s favourites, I think she has two of those….

  5. Oh wow, there’s certainly some talented people featured in this post. I’ve recently had my eyes opened to the very gifted, homegrown textile artists we have in WA. I’ve always overlooked them thinking handcrafted, ‘design’ goods would be out of the budget, but I’ve been very pleasantly surprised by the price tags! Markets are also a great way of supporting an emerging local artist, while not having the wallet take too much of a hit.

  6. trixee says:

    I recognise that South Fremantle house, pretty sure it won an energy efficiency award. I’d love to be able to buy more Aussie made, but aside from the price tag, sometimes the style I want isn’t available locally. Love the idea of Aussie made textiles though, that may be something to investigate when I get to curtain stage.

  7. Great blog Jo – some more shops for me to investigate.
    Jahroc and The General Store both do some beautiful local furniture – might be worth you looking them up 🙂

  8. We haven’t bought anything from Jahroc for many years – unfortunately I think they are expensive. They do have some stunning pieces and like you say it is lovely to look.
    I’ve always found The General Store quite good on pricing – like a lot of similar shops that sell Australian (mainly WA) products they are not cheap. We have a few jarrah pieces from them but again haven’t bought in a while.
    Our next buy will be a sofa so I will be checking out some of the places you mentioned. ☺

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