Suspended slab

The latest milestone in the construction of our House By The Water is the suspended slab.  Before you get excited, there is nothing fancy about a “suspended slab” – it just means it is not on the ground,  it spans the space between the walls.   But if you would like to get excited or astounded by the amount of steel reinforcements and electrical conduits that go into a slab, go right ahead.  I am rather amazed myself.

This network of electrical conduits and steel is now hidden in our concrete slab.

This network of electrical conduits and steel is now hidden in our concrete slab.

The heat in Western Australia last week was rather extreme.  Our slab pour was postponed a couple of days in an attempt to pour the concrete in lower temperatures.

Suspended slab

The suspended slab looking a bit spotty from some rain.

Thanks to our Site Supervisor from Webb and Brown-Neaves for the photos.

A guided tour for my Mum:Slab with floor plan.

Because we like pretty things on House By The Water, and maybe, like me, you don’t think our new concrete is quite in the “pretty” category, let me show you some good-looking concrete.

concrete floor

Beautiful concrete. Happy Laugh’s vision for her farmhouse. Source: Norm Architecture.

One of my favourite home-building bloggers, Happy Laughs, has finally arrived at the fun part of home building.  Happy Laughs and her family live on a farm in Texas and have become “owner-builders” late in the process of their build.  They are fully in charge of the finishings for their huge barn.  It’s tricky to describe the style of their house.  They’ve used gigantic reclaimed wood beams and have an unstained concrete floor but to call it rustic would not do it justice.  Happy Laughs likes country style but with some Scandanavian, industrial and modern influences.  How about that for a combination?  Check out her amazing chandelier, incredible fire place and gorgeous ceilings for yourself on Happy Laugh’s blog:

Farm house

Happy Laugh’s farm house is nearing the end of construction.

If you are on Instagram you can see Happy Laugh’s new house and her little cowboys and cowgirls enjoying the farm at:

And, if you haven’t found me on Instagram yet, I’m here:


15 thoughts on “Suspended slab

  1. Thank you Jo for your kind words…..the finish is so exciting. 😊

    So much conduit in your slab. It looks very scookum with all that rebar. Love how you look over into the lower floor. You can really start to see the layout. Awesome. 😄

    • Yes, I am very pleased to see all the reinforcement that’s going to help hold me and the house up. For me, it’s quite a learning experience. Probably you’ve seen many, so I’m glad you think our slab is awesome.

  2. Bruna Evans says:

    That’s a farmhouse!! I’m sure we didn’t have farmhouses like that in the Kiewa Valley where I grew up. Fabulous with amazing beams! I really like polished concrete floors. They are in quite a few of the cool cafes in the inner city. Bruna x

  3. I’ve always wondered about the engineering mastery that goes on to get a suspended slab … concrete and suspension just seem like an oxymoron! Fascinating stuff. Happy Laughs home is just divine! I’m incredibly jealous.

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