I love linen.

Warning:  $$$$ alert.  Read ahead at the risk of your budget.

I have a weakness for linen.  The 100%, made-from-flax kind.  In fact, I’m at risk of dressing like my decor.  Or is it, decorating like I dress?  It’s in my wardrobe, it’s on my bed… table, cushions, oven rail.  I’ve always loved linen, but it was at odds with my dislike for ironing.  But now that the world is embracing the rough look, un-ironed, there is no holding me back.

I have big linen plans:


Curtains for the master bedroom

Photos:  1.  Home Beautiful Magazine.  2.  Mark Tuckey.  3.  Eye Swoon.

Possibly for the living area too.

We are talking double height curtains here!

Photos:  1.  Collected Interiors (Perth).  2.  Vosgesparis.   3. Home DIT.  4.  British Properties.

And, for the beds.

Photos:  1.  Nancy Bird.  2.  i gigi.  3.  vtwonen.

Before I get too carried away by gorgeous pictures, let’s talk cost.  Here are some Australian suppliers of 100% linen products and a quick look at what two standard products cost:Cost chart - 100% linen


I shall be looking in the green section, but I’m also keeping tabs on the orange section for sale prices.  Andrea and Joen recently had 40-50% off linen bedding.  Of course, if you are not as adverse to sewing as I am, you might make your own.  Linen by the metre starts at about $25 and goes up quickly, especially if you’d like a nice print on it.  If you prefer linen bedding with a pattern, try Moochie Lou or Nancy Bird.  And if your budget doesn’t extend to 100% linen, Aura Home has bedding in linen-cotton blends.  Nearly as good!

Since the Nice Wolf is probably already gagging by the time he’s read this far into this post, I might as well keep going.  In for a penny, in for a pound!  (Or dollars, as the case may be.)

Curtain costs

I love the soft, romantic (see Nice Wolf, linen is in your favour) look of linen curtains in a master bedroom. We have 8 metres of full length windows in our bedroom.  Yep, 8 metres!  Two sets of windows, each about 4 metres wide.  They join at the corner.

Master bedroom plan.

Half the walls are windows!

Given the limited area to draw the curtains to, I’m planning to use light linen curtains (to minimise bulk) for mood and we’ll add blinds for light and temperature control and privacy.  Ready-made 100% curtains seem to be few and far between and really are only made for small windows.  On my last trip to Sydney, Pottery Barn’s linen curtains caught my eye:

Pottery barn curtain.

I’m not sure which colour this is, but I like it!

 According to curtain rules, you need 2 – 2.5 times your window width in material.  That equates to at least 12 of these curtain panels for our bedroom!  $888 not including the curtain hardware.  There is the issue of having to join the panels together but I reckon I could just about cope with that amount of sewing.  I looked at some fabric options for DIY, but I’d be hard pressed to find some that I like for under $1000.

Have I missed your favourite source of linen?  Do tell.

Or are you more of a flannelette kind of person?  Silk?  Cow hide? 

Have you made your own curtains or found some goodies ready to hang?  

Keep an eye out for plain linen curtains for me.  Blue, grey, black, natural and any where in between, are all possibilities.


27 thoughts on “I love linen.

  1. I love linen too!! I am awaiting my custom linen master bath curtains I got for $100, and the ones for the master bedroom are going to be $300 {6 panels} – I haven’t ordered them yet though. I’m sure the quality isn’t going to be the absolute best, because most places I found with custom linen curtains are like $200 a panel – but I just can’t justify the $ {$1200 – say what?}. I just ordered a linen headboard and platform for our master. I am also in the middle of ordering a custom washed linen tablecloth from Balgaria – it’s a steal for only $68, but $24 for shipping. {https://www.etsy.com/listing/225848033/pure-linen-striped-tablecloth-washed}.

    So, I definitely share your love for linen!!

    • Jennifer, you are a hard-core linen lover! I can’t wait to see your bath curtains up. I didn’t talk about linen headboards, but I’m looking at them for my daughter’s bedroom. The only thing I’m worried about is keeping it clean in a kid’s room. I could have gone on and on about linen, cushions, tea towels, table wear. A whole other post for another day! I shall look up your link. Great price.

  2. trixee says:

    Linen is beautiful! I checked out my local textiles shop which is having a half price sale on this month, but they only had linen blend curtains. It was ok but not quite right. I’m after white linen sheers for my living area and dark sheers for the master. I also need blockout curtains, have you seen any linen ones? I’ll be making them myself, with my mum’s help (what’s the bet she just takes over and does them). If I wasn’t getting linen, I’d probably be after silk. So pricey whichever way you look at it!

    • I’ve seen white linen sheers at IKEA and Weylandts. Pottery barn just added a blackout option, I think only to their linen/cotton blend. I think it’s called Emery and I love it as much as the 100% linen, but it is more expensive. I took a photo of that too, will send it to you. It’s on the web anyway. Plain white linen fabric at Linen Things is on special. The colours I like are too expensive.

      • trixee says:

        Ooh, cool! I wonder if the drop will be long enough. I suspect I won’t be able to use many off the shelf curtains as my ceilings (in the living area anyway) are 2.9m and I don’t think they come in drops that high do they? To be honest I haven’t done much in the way of investigation yet, but I’m keen on the s-wave fold as well. I suspect that will impact on what I can get too.

    • Trixee, with drops that long, I think you’ll have to DIY or have custom made. There are a couple of fabric supply links in the comments on my Facebook page. Nice options, but I just did the sums, and for my standard lengths, it would not be cheaper to make my own – only more frustrating.

      • trixee says:

        Thanks for that, just checked it out. Didn’t realise Spotlight had a decent range, there’s one round the corner from work so will have to check it out. And the online place sounds promising too.

  3. Thank you for the eye candy!!!! I love linen, my sister made me two linen dish towels for Christmas and I adore them. I will be doing drop cloth curtains for our bedroom to start…..that one day will turn into linen. 😊. I dream of linen sheets…..those will happen one day too. Love love the charcoal color. Lovely!!!! Can’t wait to see what you end up with. Such beautiful choices.

  4. I love linen, too. Your curtains are going to look so good with double-height windows. All of those colours look nice but I really liked the photo with the white ones!
    I went for the budget option for bedding: the IKEA duvet cover in ‘natural’. (It looks very brown on their page but it’s really a warm plaster grey.) No complaints so far.

    • Good work Steph. I checked Ikea for linen curtains, but didn’t delve deep enough to find the doona covers. At $139 for a king doona (including pillow cases), that’s definitely a price winner. I was surprised to learn that the range of linen curtains available from the Perth Ikea doesn’t match the Sydney store. A lesson learned for shopping online.

  5. Africadayz says:

    Johanne, from different continents and different generations, we still have an awful lot in common… I love this post! Almost as much as I love linen:) Crumples and creases have not managed to put me off wearing it whenever I can either. I wonder if you’re also a fan of raw silk and pure cotton?

    • Raw silk? Yes please. You hardly see it in Australia though. I only have one small piece from India. I wish I’d bought more. 1/4 of the price compared to Western countries for a doona cover – I still couldn’t afford it at the time. Pure cotton is very popular in Australia and there is plenty of that. My current sheets are 100% cotton and feel beautiful. I think linen looks better though.

  6. As always Jo you have beautiful taste. I’m also a big fan of linen and live in linen trousers through summer here.
    I have noiced in a couple of curtain places that there seems to be quite a bit of choice with linen fabric now days. I didn’t check any prices as I was just having a quick flick through. I am thinking of getting some linen sheers with the wave pleat and ceiling mounted rails for our bedroom so will be getting quotes on those soon (well, as soon as Jason windows get their act together and put our windows in!) I do like the charcoal colour in the picture.
    Looks like you will have to do a sequel to this linen blog lol ☺

    • Deb, the various pleats/waves and curtain mounts, etc. is a whole other can of worms! I’m going for a relaxed look in the bedroom, so I think I can be flexible, but I’m interested to know why you’ve selected “wave pleat” and “ceiling mounted”.

  7. To be honest Jo I started looking briefly several months ago and then stopped as we got caught up with other building stuff. I saw the wave pleat and ceiling mounted linen curtains in a Riverstone display and just loved the look of them, it is very soft and unfussy. I will start looking very closely at curtains and blinds in the next few weeks so I am more than happy to post pics and send some info on our quotes if you like.

  8. Riverstone will normally design and build private homes and they will often have an arrangement with the new owners to show/display the home for a few weeks. They build some beautiful homes ☺

  9. Like you I will be watching the sales for bed linen. I fell in love with a Sheridan quilt cover – only $600 – I thought it was a typo! You can get it initialised starting from $15, think I’ll go with ‘k.e.e.p o.f.f’ for the cats 🙂
    I look forward to seeing your final choices.

      • I knew what you meant Lunar! My Sheridan doona cover bought 15-20 years ago from the factory is still like new! Good made-in-Australia quality! (Not linen though.) I love your monogram message. I can 100% relate to that. When my husband’s cat moved in with us many years ago, I had one rule. No cat on the bed. It ended up living on my pillow beside my head.

  10. Now that made me laugh – so typical of a cat.
    You can see from my avatar how unsuccessful I would be in implementing my new rule.
    I am now researching Sheridan outlets instead…

  11. Sarah says:

    Looked at restorationhardware.com? Not sure if they now ship direct to Australia but you might have better access where you are?

    • Sarah, RH’s range of linen curtains is amazing. I love a lot of their other stuff too. Still only ship to US and Canada. Any idea what their instore range is like? Might have to send Igor on an errand the next time he’s passing through Miami. I wouldn’t mind a shopping trip there, but despite our location, getting there is a hassle (2 flights) and expensive.

      • Sarah says:

        Sorry, I can’t really comment on in-store curtain range. When we lived there I would just walk around gazing at all the beautiful ‘knobs and knockers’ – more formal than I am normally drawn to but also some classic items which I think are so flexible.

        Know anyone on the ground in the US who could do a scout mission for you? Or on-ship a trial run purchase?

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