Second storey bricks

Our House By The Water has grown.  Three weeks of brickwork has seen the house go from single storey to double.  As photos have landed in my inbox each week, I’ve become increasingly excited.

Week One:

Thank you Mark from Best West Building.

Second story bricks.

Second storey bricks.

Week Two:

Harry, you are the best!Second storey bricks - week 2.

Week Three:

Thanks to new reader and future neighbour, Tracy.

Nearly done.

Nearly done.

Front facade.  The feature column will be bricked to 80 courses.

Front facade. The feature column will be bricked to 80 courses.

Most of the house is 63 courses high, double brick.  That’s a lot of bricks.  Work has come to a temporary halt.  The feature column on our front facade (that will eventually be clad in stack stone) is 80 courses high.  The brickies need an extra “lift” of scaffolding so that they may complete the taller sections of the brickwork.  The scaffolders are booked for next week.

In other news, following on from my “I love Linen” post, I won a little competition!   Ink and Spindle is a Melbourne based company that print gorgeous Australian-inspired prints on 100% linen, cotton and hemp.  You can buy their fabric or ready-made homewares using their existing prints, or you can choose one of their prints and customise it to your own colour way.  They have just introduced some new colours and celebrated with a competition.  My favourite colour combination proved popular and won me some fabric!  One 100% linen Silver Gum doona cover in Bluestone and River Salt on Oatmeal coming up!

My winning entry.

My winning entry.

Of course, then I had to play with mood boards for the master bedroom, to check that my current front runner for linen curtains (Pottery Barn) and the new fabric will work together.

I'm happy with the blues, woods and linen that are starting to form the back bone of my master bedroom grand scheme.

I’m happy with the blues, woods and linen that form the back bone of my master bedroom grand scheme.

I’ve had a heavy week on Polyvore, playing with mood boards.  It started with the question of linen versus leather  for sofas in our living room.  Leather is so practical and has my husband’s vote, but I love so many linen sofas.  This week a leather sofa that really appealed to me crossed my laptop screen, so I plugged it into Polyvore.  These decisions are always multifactorial, so I tested some of my favourite rugs and pieces of aboriginal art too.

Living room 1

Living room 1

Living room 2

Living room 2

Living room 3

Living room 3

Don’t tell, but I spent a whole Friday afternoon doing this!  It was blissful.

My conclusions are:

  • Artwork and floor rug should be considered together.  For example, patterned artwork and patterned rug is a bit too much.  Pick one star, then don’t upstage it.
  • Either leather or linen couch could work, but both together, hmmm..??

Which living room version do you like the best?  Why?  

Should linen couches and children occupy the same space?  

I’d love to find a really nice, Australian-made, linen sofa with removable/washable covers.  

Any tips?

Finally, to some money saving news, for a change!  Tracy alerted me to a potential rebate on stamp duty!  In Western Australia we pay a lot of money in tax/duty when we buy land.  Our “stamp duty” was in excess of $30K!  However, residential land is taxed at a slightly lower rate, so if you commence building within 5 years of land purchase you may be eligible for a rebate.  For us, it could be worth almost $3000.  That’s a sofa nice little bite off our mortgage.  Already I have secured a “Newly Constructed Residential  Exemption” from annual land tax, a separate bill of a couple of hundred dollars, by filling in a form and sending the department of finance proof that we’ve commenced construction.  As always, there is some fine print, but if you haven’t already investigated these potential savings, it could be worth your while.  Now, just to find our original stamp duty document….


22 thoughts on “Second storey bricks

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hi Jo, the house is looking great. I will have to pop by and have a look. Thanks for the tip off regarding the stamp duty, will have to check it out.
    Please let me know if you manage to find a good nice linen sofa that is child friendly. Will take any shopping tips I can get!

    • Do you watch the block Kathryn? Dee’s sofa has removable covers. I’m not sure if they are linen, but they look good. I suspect they are expensive. It doesn’t check all my boxes because they aren’t Australian made.

    • A bit more web surfing today Kathryn, and it seems to me you can have the upholstered look or washable covers but not both. Blu Peter in North Freo have some removable cover options, though not Aussie-made I think.

  2. House is looking great!! Congrats on winning the fabric for your bed cover 🙂

    I like living room 3 best. My eye gravitates to the lighter blue rug because it’s the same shade of darkness compared to your floor and I like the darker wall painting because it adds some contrast at eye level.

  3. How exciting!!! It’s looking so great. The decision between linen and leather. I love linen….but I don’t see it as practical for us. That leather couch is beautiful.

      • Yes a nice throw would work perfectly…..I already have a couch and love seat that are leather…..(not pretty like your pic). But very practical and still in great shape after many years of kids and pets. So we will be using them.

        I had tried to reply to the drop cloth comment. That is just painters cloth……what they put down when painting. I am going to make curtains out of it… looks a lot like linen. (But so inexpensive….great for diy)

  4. Sarah Bentley says:

    Stamp duty refund is ready done for my build (I’m a tax advisor so knew of this tip).

    Best bet is to physically lodge the document with the State Revenue Office (located just off Hay St in the city) and take with you 2 copies of all your documents. Hand them a copy for their records and get them to ‘stamp’ the second copy so you have proof of lodgement to take take home with you. They can and do lose things…,

    Take every document you think might be helpful as if they discover they are needing something after you leave they will often just return the application form yo you and you have to start from scratch.

    Mine was processed and cheque received within 3 weeks!

  5. trixee says:

    You can really get a sense of the progress in those photos. It’s looking great! I find myself being drawn more to living room 2. I think it might be the painting appeals to my aesthetic more, which probably means you should go the opposite way! 🙂

  6. Gorgeous post Johanne! So happy you won the Ink and Spindle competition – what a beautiful colour way you created. Just perfect for a bed cover. Happy mood-boarding 🙂

  7. Congratulations – the house is looking fantastic, and by the looks of things the inside is going to be quite impressive too. Enjoy the goodies you’ve won, love the colour scheme that they’ve inspired.

  8. Gino & Marie from Brick By Brick says:

    Awesome – really starting to take shape now!! And so many exciting milestones to come too… 🙂

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