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Every woman and her dog writes a blog these days.  There are literally thousands of blogs documenting home building, renovation and decoration but with a bit of sifting, you can find a good community of like-minded people sharing tips, referrals, encouragement and inspiration.  A couple of friendly home-building bloggers sent their readers my way and posed me some questions.

Let me introduce:

  • Trixee, half of a motivated duo building a modest but glamorous solar passive home in Perth, from Eco Home Style.
  • Sheilzy, a go-get-em chick who’s building a Metricon home in Sydney, from Our Hudson.
  • Kerrie-Lee, the world’s most patient builder’s wife, who is building a very stylish home in coastal NSW, from eternalicons.

Thanks for the plug, girls!

1. Why did you start blogging?

I started my first blog 4 years ago when we moved to China for the interest of our extended family.  I enjoyed keeping a record of expat life and playing with words.  I caught the blog bug.

The 3 Little Pigs in China.

Photo from my first blog:  The 3 Little Pigs in China.

2. What are your favourite 3 blogs and why?

  • Spacecrush – I only recently discovered interior stylist, Jane Ledger’s blog, and the timing is perfect for me.  Jane, who is Perth based, shares her passion, knack and skills for interiors with unusual generosity.  I’m lapping up her “how to” series of articles such as “How to hang art” and “Choose the right sofa”.
  • House Nerd – You already know I love House Nerd for her rambling stories about interesting homes, DIY projects and local creatives in Western Australia.  Maya always keeps it real and affordable and I’m guaranteed a laugh, often at Maya or Mr. Nerd’s expense.  Maya reminds me that I’m glad that we are over the reno phase of life, but that it was good for us!
  • Third place was tough- so I’m going for a tie between The Design Files, for wholesome Aussie homes with lots of heart and character, and Planet Deco for an endless supply of beautiful homes, mostly from Europe .

3. What’s your favorite post that you’ve written and why?

40 decades of houses because it was such a nice trip down memory lane.

Exposed brick and psychedelic green!

Exposed brick and psychedelic green!  That’s Aunty Kate in the box, and I’m towing.  Check out my art.  I haven’t improved.

4. What do you enjoy most about blogging?

The connections made with readers.  We are helping each other blunder our way through home building.  The banter is fun and the tips are helpful.

5. How do you find things to blog about?

Somehow I always have at least one month’s worth of blog topics up my sleeve.  Ideas come to me naturally as part of the building process, often while I’m doing the dishes!  So far I’ve resisted writing the:  “I can’t wait to have a dishwasher” post.

6. What do you hope to achieve from your blog?

  • Make sense of the building process.
  • Make good decisions by “thinking out loud”.
  • Maximise the enjoyment of the building process, however remote I may be.
  • Keep the builders honest!

7. Describe your favourite meal.

One large salad with beetroot or mushrooms and goat’s cheese, and a cold glass of Margaret River white wine, please.  Served here:

Landscape design for House By The Water by Tim Davies Landscaping.

Landscape design for House By The Water by Tim Davies Landscaping.

8. If you had a day to do anything you want, what would you do?

I would go homewares and furniture shopping in Melbourne with Aunty Kate (my sister).  We would, of course, have an unlimited budget.  We’d meet my Mum and my other sister for lunch at Cumulus Inc to drool over the lamb and the interior design.

We’d visit Mark Tuckey, Jardan, Southwood Home, and Weylandts.

Jardan's Melbourne store.

Jardan’s Melbourne store.

9. What are your current obsessions?

Blue, preferably dark and moody.  Linen.  Australian made furniture.  Oh yeah, and that small thing called building a house.

10. In 5 words describe your interior style.

Relaxed, modern, Australian, earthy, light.

Normal blogging services will resume next week.  

Edit:  News just in from Webb and Brown Neaves.  
Second floor brickwork is still not quite complete.  
The roof carpenter is expected to start next week.
Bedroom of the second little pig.   An impressive amount of scaffolding.  I'm quite amazed to see it all.

Bedroom of the second little pig. An impressive amount of scaffolding. I’m quite amazed to see it all.

The scaffold floor will be removed to reveal a void space above the ground floor living area.

The scaffold floor will be removed to reveal a void space above the ground floor living area.  It’s starting to look large.


22 thoughts on “Housey blogs

  1. trixee says:

    Thanks for the shout-out Jo 🙂 I recognise those questions, love your answers!
    I chuckled at the dishwasher comment – ours broke last night, so now I’m faced with handwashing again 😦

    That landscaping render looks new, I can totally imagine you having a glass of wine there of an afternoon, watching the dolphins go by… love it.

    And more building progress! That’s great. Our brickies’ “a couple of days” has turned into a couple of weeks, so I think you’re catching up again.

    • I took a little liberty with the rules Trixee. I’m sure you won’t mind. Hand washing dishes will be great for your blog! We are sinking further behind schedule too. How’s the rain looking in W.A.?

      • trixee says:

        I don’t mind one bit 🙂 What, you want me to blog about doing the dishes? Lots of lovely pics showing off my dirty dinnerware will make for thrilling reading I’m sure 😉
        The rain is looking like it’s here to stay, it’s been raining all week and won’t stop for another couple of days. Good for the plants, yes, but not good for building progress!

  2. joan55555 says:

    Another stunning pic of the 3 little pigs and it would look magnificent mural size. You are going to need a gallery to put up all my selections.
    My most creative ideas happen when I am ironing…..another tip for young home makers…

  3. I love these little insights into blog authors lives that extend beyond the topic of the blog. Really interesting. Very cute little pigs – they must have some stories to tell already with all the interesting places they’ve lived! A world without a dishwasher is a world I do not want to live in LOL.

    • Thanks Lauren. I have renewed appreciation for dishwashers. Not only do we not have a machine, but we don’t have hot water on tap either. Dishes are an endless and tedious task. Machines are not common here, because if you can afford a machine, then you would employ a maid.

  4. How chuffed am i to be included in your ideal day answer! You made me turn to mush. Hurry up and come back to Australia so we can have some of those days again soon. Lots of love Johannie xxx

  5. How absolutely lovely of you Johanne to include me and my humble little blog on your list of faves! I’m so glad you like it. As you know, blogging can be a lonely business so it’s nice to know people do check in and value what you do.
    It’s been a pleasure meeting you through this blogging world, so thank you again for your support and acknowledgement. Oh, and lovely to insta-meet Trixee today too! xx

  6. Miranda says:

    Great post!
    I really love Jane Ledger’s blog. How nice to see something so good that’s based in Perth – so it might actually be possible to buy the things you see… I noticed that both our pendant lights made it onto her list 🙂
    I wish she’d been in Perth a year or two earlier to help me!

    • So kind of you Miranda, thank you for visiting my site. And yes, I like to keep it relevant for Perth readers. I can source everything I post about, and almost everything in the mags 🙂 Thanks again x

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