Post handover plan.

In theory, the keys to House By The Water should be ours in 6 months from now.  Somehow it still seems like a lifetime away, but I’m daring to start thinking about the post handover plan.

There’s an enormous amount to be done, so I put it all on a spread sheet and prioritised each task into high/medium/low categories.

Post handover plan - missing some pieces.

Post handover plan – work in progress.

The critical items are installing timber floors throughout the house and window dressings for the bedrooms.  These need to be done before we move in.  The driveway is also high on the list – we don’t want to be walking sand on beautiful new floors.  We took the driveway out of our builder’s scope of work.  We want cobblestones and their quote was ridiculously out of line with any other quote.

So herein lies a logistical nightmare!  Our best flooring quote comes from a company that says our floors could take up to 5 weeks to install!  We do have 300 square metres of floor to cover, including a set of stairs, but this is not what I expected.

You can see I have a few gaps in the table.  I’m looking for recommended local contractors to quote on:

  • laying a cobblestone driveway with a concrete base
  • constructing a rendered brick front fence with steel insets
  • installing an automated driveway gate  (preferably these 3 items would be done by the same contractor)

I’d really like to know:

  1. What was your order of works post-handover?
  2. Which post-handover tasks could be done in unison?  i.e. multiple trades on site.
  3. How long did you take between handover and moving in?
  4. Any other tips for running a tight post-handover ship?

I want to get this plan right.  The race to Christmas will be on for the construction industry, and the longer we take the longer I’m going to be sleeping in the caravan in our front yard.

Perhaps if I get a few film cameras involved,  in “The Block” style, we can get the whole lot done in a week!

These pictures are from my favourite house on The Block this season.  Josh and Charlotte share my love for timber floors and white shutters.  (Photo source:  Domain.) House By The Water will be the third house we’ve lived in with this simple winning combination.


25 thoughts on “Post handover plan.

  1. Kathryn says:

    Hi Jo, I am please to report we are only a few weeks from handover, so our plans are well underway. We have already completed the rendered brick boundary walls, and a concrete path down the “dead” side of the house. Over the next few weeks we will paint the boundary walls so landscaping can start ASAP after handover. Then we are painting internally ourselves!?! Followed by timber floors and window shutters in that order. Cabinets and wardrobe fit out will be done by my Dad, but these are lowest priority.
    The big issue with this plan is we will concurrently run a “prepping our current house for sale” campaign!!

    • Yay Kathryn. Super exciting. Have you been allowed to work on site before handover? That painting is going to be a massive job, but I know you guys are tough! I’m guessing you are going to live in “house for sale” until you’ve painted, floored and dressed windows. I’ve got 2 quotes for shutter installation so far, plus one DIY option – who are you going with for shutters?

      • Kathryn says:

        We are experienced painters now, having just done our “house for sale”, interesting times with a toddler 🙂 the plan is to paint the new one while we are both on leave, but if it looks like we are running out of time, we will get in painters. Just looking into shutters now, will let you know if we get a good deal.
        The builders have been ok with us doing a few bits and pieces as long as we stay out of the way.
        All going well, we plan to live in our “house for sale”, but shift all our stuff (clutter) to storage at our new house once we get the keys.
        Still coming to terms with all the work we have to do over the next few months!!! Very exciting though.

      • Alex says:

        Hi Johanne,
        I just wanted to get in touch to thank you – and your legend neighbour / friend Tracey – for writing about the stamp duty rebate here in WA. I have casually happened upon your blog a few times and don’t know how I ended up at that particular post, but your situation sounded very similar to ours and I have just confirmed we are in for a similar tasty rebate thanks entirely to you and Tracey. As you would appreciate, I have already spent it ten times over in my head but a rebate in this process is a rare pleasure indeed. Husband is equally pleased but we are both bewildered to find out about this windfall via your blog not the legals who handled the transfer!!! Thanks again, Alex

      • You are welcome Alex. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I can’t believe that no one mentioned it to us earlier either. Our settlement agency or builders could have been the “good guys” for alerting us to the opportunity. Happy building!

  2. Will you know your finished floor height? We have to wait for our floor boards and front step tiles/stone to be done before we can get an accurate measurement for our security door. Can’t place order til that’s done. A test of my patience. I want it all done at once!!

    • We do know our finished floor height (at least in theory). Not 100% sure, but our security door is a standard size which we specified in our contract and a “rebate” has been planned for it. I haven’t checked with the suppliers yet though. (I’m going to try to complicate this further and get a custom made screen to match the front fence steel infills. But there is a default plan.)

  3. On the 5 weeks for floors, I’m starting to think that could be accurate. Our 89sqm inc stairs is going down as I type and already it’s taken a day of two longer. Skipper, who is doing the job is a perfectionist and we are happy to get the results we are getting though. He has to cut the bottoms off doors etc to allow for the new boards, fiddle around with window sills so they are flush with floors, find ways to connect with existing tiles in wet areas etc (you prob won’t need to do that?). All time consuming stuff. I wonder if they could do yours in two stages so you don’t have to wait 5 weeks to get in there ie. Complete downstairs entirely (so you can get on with other things), then do upstairs.

  4. trixee says:

    I haven’t got anywhere near making a plan yet, I just have one big to-do list. I probably need to get onto that soon but am struggling to find time to do it right now and other issues are more pressing at the moment. Does the 5-week floor-laying period include climatisation? Most of the places I’ve spoken to allow a couple of weeks for that before work commences.

  5. We are miles off yet but we will be starting to lock in some quotes shortly if we can to avoid price hikes. We did have our builder quite most things but will most likely take back things like tiling, wood, painting and even most likely the plastering – family trades 😊
    Oh by the way we did finally hear back from Nick re landscaping and it seems they have joined with another company. I have since decided I will most likely go it alone so now playing about on the laptop with some designs.

  6. Haylee says:

    Hi! I love the idea of blogging about your home build! I was just having a nosy and saw that you are looking at steel infills for your rendered fence. My husband and I run a small engineering and design business Steele & Co, we have just completed aluminium infills for a property in Subiaco, and will be installing a substantial amount of infills in Mt Claremont next week. If you haven’t sourced someone for the infills, we would be happy to provide a quote. If not, will enjoy following your journey to your house by the water.

    • Haylee, your steel infills on the Subi place look fantastic. I spotted them on Insta. I’ve fallen in love with the “wattle” pattern for our steel infills because our house facade needs a little softening in my opinion. I’m going to keep you in mind though, because I also like your furniture! Thanks for popping by.

      • Haylee says:

        Good call on softening with laser cut wattle print I’m sure it will look fab! Thanks as I said we are happy to quote and discuss custom designs at any time!

  7. Hi Jo,
    3 months for us between handover and moving in…we painted all the skirting boards though after the flooring guy installed them…that took ages. We didn’t put the shutters on for nearly another 3 months (we held off as we were giving the builder every opportunity to sort out out dodgy sash windows..:which they still haven’t, but that’s another story). So 3 months of living in a fish bowl. We had Boardwalk Shutters do ours, they were very good – one of the very few companies who didn’t cause us any grief. Good work on the planning- definitely pays to have the long-wait stuff ordered early. 6 months will fly!

    • Thanks Camlas. Good to hear another good review for Boardwalk Shutters. I think we’ll go with them. They’ve given me the best quote so far. What a drag having to wait for window problems!

  8. Tracy says:

    Glad the stamp duty information helped Alex! Every cent counts when you are building! Johanne we are getting version2 of our plans this week, I’m excited but worried as we are knocking out some walls from the display home. I love your timber floors with the white shutters. Similar to the islander display, has a very relaxed feel.

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