Girly glamour and glitz.

“Mum, you need to passion up a bit,” said The Second Little Pig sometime ago, referring to my lack of lipstick and ordinary attire.  She would totally disapprove of the natural, relaxed look that I’m aiming for with House By The Water, if I let her have a say.  We don’t know where she’s got it from, but somehow The Second Little Pig (from hereon referred to as P2) has a kind of pizzazz, a crazy style sense that can only be pulled off by someone with an unusual amount of energy and lack of inhibition.  So for P2’s bedroom we need luxury and sparkles, glamour and glitz, but most of all lots of mirrors! Here’s our common ground:

Restoration Hardware has great kids' room inspiration.

Restoration Hardware has great kids’ room inspiration.

Bold.  Photo source: Macys.

Bold. Photo source: Macys.

I wanted to commit to colours because we had a little furniture makeover planned.  She wants pink, black, purple and white.  3 out of 4 is fair, don’t you think?

Mood board for The Second Little Pig's bedroom.

Mood board for The Second Little Pig’s bedroom.

I decided it was time to start warming up my DIY muscles.  (They are going to need to be in top shape once the keys to HBTW are ours.)  We braved a trip or two (Doesn’t it always take more than one trip to the hardware store?) to the local equivalent of Bunnings or Home Depot, in search of a greyish-pink paint and other supplies.

Et voila!

Before (left) and after.  Styled by P2.

Before (left) and after. Styled by P2.

Cute.  P2 spent several days styling and restyling her new dresser and hutch and self-filmed a little “How to style shelves” movie.  Maybe we’ve been watching a little too much home-improvement TV. P2 has drawn up a bedroom layout plan, to scale with some help.  We have plans to make a fancy head board – light grey velvet(?), some sort of drapey thing to hang over the bed and probably a faux chandelier.  Aussie readers, do let me know if you spot a reasonably priced dress-model thingy (I’ve forgotten the proper name again) for hanging jewels, handbags and scarfs on, like the one shown on our mood board.


11 thoughts on “Girly glamour and glitz.

  1. trixee says:

    That’s a classy girl you’ve got there 🙂
    I’ve seen some mannequins at places like Red Dot or King Kong before, so it’s worth checking out those types of shops too.

  2. My #2 daughter has the same style preferences! She has really put a kink in my paint decisions. I’m a warm-tones lover, and having to look through the million gray shades out there is stressing me out. I like your inspiration pics. They may help us out!

    • I’m hoping to grant my children most of their bedroom wishes, without any wall paint. It’s so much easier to change a doona cover than the wall colour! Did you see Restoration Hardware’s wall hangings? (In my Feature Walls post 2 weeks ago.) Some of those are lovely, though I’m not sure they are any less “permanent” than wall paint since I expect they need a couple of decent wall mounts installed.

  3. joan55555 says:

    Ooh la la. Lots of things out there that will make decorating easy. Love the pinks and blacks , silver shiny stuff and mirrors and so did you . Go for it P2!

  4. Oh wow. Lucky little lady. It looks like she would have loved the room my dad built for me when I was about the same age. It was pink, grey and white. He built in a bed with cupboards below and underneath, and it has a bookshelf at its head and curtains hanging down, princess style. Every little girl loved my bedroom. I like it when the kids start to develop their own style and want their own say in their bedroom. I’m looking forward to my eldest’s input.

  5. Oh those restoration hardware rooms are swoon worthy. My eldest had to have the pink room. We are going to do some serious furniture painting too. But what fun. I am so excited to see how each of your three rooms end up like. Such decorating fun. 💗💗. And fun for the kiddos to be involved.

  6. Karen Laguerta says:

    Very classy taste for a little lady! Love her colors. I’m still in love with pink but black was not an option for me when I was her age!

  7. I laughed when I read this post as it reminded me of the different colours our girls went through over the years. Your decision to change a doona rather than a wall colour is spot on as I remember cursing many a time painting lots of coats of paint over bright pink or purple walls to change them.
    Lucky for you she has great taste 🙂

    • I may have gone through a pink and black phase myself! My parents were very obliging. An inspiring girls room on last night’s Reno rumble, but I’m positive that you did not have time to watch that.

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