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I’m going for longevity with my material and decorating choices in House By The Water.  However, despite my best efforts to stay true to this, I am not immune to trends.  My preoccupation with beautiful homes on Pinterest and tempting homewares on Instagram and my penchant for watching the likes of “The Block” and “Reno Rumble”, means that I can be a sucker for trends.  Sometimes I get sensible and reign myself in, but sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between fad and enduring style.    Take for example, the style of these sofas that I’m coveting.

They are definitely on trend.  I guess they could be described as Scandinavian style, but I think they look good in Australian “earthy” homes.  I’m seeing them everywhere.  I like them for their height off the floor, allowing the floor space to look larger, and for their simplicity.  But have I been brainwashed?  Am I better off with a more solid design, that is more conducive to slouchy, feet-up moments?

Anyway, I digress.  So far on this blog, I’ve tried not to offend too many readers.  It is with some trepidation that I introduce this topic, but after a recent conversation with one of my readers about an “unnamed material” being used for pendant lighting and the possibility that such “unnamed material” may be a passing fad, I couldn’t resist.  You have all been so lovely, commenting when you see something you like on this blog, but I think you are a little shy when it comes to saying “yuck”.  (Aunty Kate, you may be the exception!)  But readers, I feel I know you well enough now, that you can hit me with the truth.  Tell me what decorating trends you love, those you hate, and especially those beautiful things that you think stand the test of time.

I’ve got some pictures to show you of some current top trends.  Some I like, some I don’t.  Then there is a survey I prepared.  It’s just for fun.  It’s anonymous.  I’ll collate the results later and let you know how much we are like sheep!

  1. Copper

    Sources:  Kitchen, Pots.

  2. Plywood

    Sources:  Book shelves, kitchen.

  3. Human skulls

    Sources:  Bedding, wall art, planters.

  4. Shibori prints

    Sources:  Tea towels, cushions, bed cover.

  5. Animal heads

    Sources: 1.  Country Living, 2.  Domino,  3.  Fran Parente.

  6. Geometric patterns

    Sources:  Black vases, Armadillo Rug, Kitchen.

  7. Chunky knits

    Sources:  Bed cover, Throws, Jacqui Fink art.

  8. Marsala

    Sources:  Sofa (unverified), wall paint.

  9. Fiddle leaf figs

    Vogue Living

    Photo:  Eve Wilson for Vogue Living

  10. Pineapple decor

    Sources:  Clock, Print, Wall Sconce, Chair.

Click “HERE” to access the survey.

Got a home decor trend that you love to hate?  Feel free to get it off your chest by leaving a comment!  I promise not to be offended.  Homes would be boring if we all liked the same things!

What about a trend that you just can’t resist even though you know it’ll soon be “so last year”?

(Feature photo by Eve Wilson for The Design Files.)





25 thoughts on “Home trends 2015

  1. Well I’ll be most interested in the survey results.
    First survey that I have enjoyed doing and that actually made me laugh. I loved your daughter’s comment about the baboon’s bottom 🙂 Now to quietly go google ‘shibori’…..

    • Thanks Lunar. As I wrote this, I just kept thinking of more trends, I could have gone on – but you know, dinner to cook, kids to supervise, etc.

  2. trixee says:

    I’m loving this topic! Here’s my take:

    Copper – love the shiny, not the colour.
    Plywood – looks a bit cheap IMO
    Skulls – I’ve already gone through my goth phase.
    Shibori – Is this the new tie-dye? I’ve already gone through my hippie phase too.
    Animal heads – goodness no!
    Geometric – I don’t mind geometric prints, just don’t like the way it’s currently being done.
    Chunky knits – fine for bedding, not convinced about wall hangings.
    Marsala – I’ve been waiting for this to come back in fashion!
    Fiddle leaf figs – I like all indoor plants, don’t really understand the current craze for this though.
    Pineapples – I want to hate them, but they’re so cheery. On my guilty pleasures list.

    Re sofas, I like the raised legs, lets the robot get underneath to vacuum!

    • Thanks Trixee. You know our copper light “conversation” triggered this. Good point about the sofa and the robotic vacuum. I’d forgotten that. Another point in favour of these sofas.

      • trixee says:

        Oh is *that* the one you were talking about! Copper is one of those things that I really want to love but can’t quite manage it. So I don’t get upset when people tell me I can’t have it. I do occasionally throw it out there as an option just to double-check though 😉 All of my furniture purchases must pass the “Roomba test”.

  3. Laz says:

    Hello…been reading your blog intermittently for awhile as we are also thinking of building with WBN! Love your taste and ideas…. Anyway, not really a trend per se but it does appear that marble is IN! I hate it when something I’ve loved for YEARS is suddenly the rage. So, marble I. Any way, shape or form is something I think stands the test of time. Terracotta and slate don’t….

    • Hi Laz, Thanks for commenting. I know what you mean, when something you eternally love is suddenly over done and everywhere and the prices rise. Marble is a great example. Good luck with your big decisions re: building. Huge commitment!

  4. joan55555 says:

    Furniture, fabrics, decorative items and surfaces that look beautiful and are very inviting to touch are going to be ‘stayers’. You will enjoy them for years. Stick with your earthy colors and lovely textures.

  5. This post is perfect already, since I love getting to bag out trends. Well, not really. I do have gray walls, kilim rugs and cushions, fake Eames chairs and an assortment of trendy houseplants. 🙂 Lots of things I like have been done to death by Urban Outfitters over the past few years. That’s all right.

    Current trends that I think will look dated: geometric prints, Scandi style + pastels, paint-dipped furniture, tiny succulents, antlers and faux taxidermy. Anything mid-century modern that wasn’t actually produced in the 20th century. Anything rustic/industrial if you don’t live in a loft or a farm.

    Surely all houseplants are timeless, even trendy ones like fiddle leaf figs and sansevieria, though the houses CHOCK FULL of plants (like a lot of recent homes on Design Files) feel like they’re playing to the trend, hard.

    I don’t know if you’ve seen this blog but it’s a pretty good round-up of design cliches and affectations.

    • Ha ha! I think I could have sourced pictures for all the trends from Urban Outfitters. Your link made me laugh! Changing subjects, but it’s a good example of a blog (if you can call it that) writer who could do with a thesaurus.

  6. This was a great post and a fun survey topic! A few I am definitely all in for and plan to incorporate and a few there is no way I would put in my home. But that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like it in someone else’s 🙂 Yes, please let us know the results!

  7. I really enjoyed this survey Jo and was amazed how easy it was for me to choose as I tend to be a ‘sit on the fence girl’ but this was doddle as I definitely am not into skulls and pineapples and prefer jarrah and marri to the plywood any day.
    I love the fact that copper is trendy as we have some antique copper pots that are from the Middle East that we can pull out of the packing and use again 🙂
    As for greenery I love almost any green plant and think they have add a softening and calming feel to a room.
    Lots of fun – thanks Jo ☺

  8. Copper pots are made to last forever. I don’t think they are a trend. I’ve never cooked with them, but I’m curious to try. I think they are beautiful but I’ve always been too shocked at the price to buy! I’m with you on the green. Plants bring homeliness.

  9. Mrs. T says:

    I’m really enjoying your blog & this week’s survey & discussion on trends has been lots of fun. I’ve concluded I must be an old fuddy duddy & as most of the current trends don’t appeal to me. I’ve recently returned from a trip back to Oz & found it interesting to see some trends are different to the UK & vice versa.

    Pineapples & zigzag patterned soft furnishings seem to be very “in” in Oz. Conversely, polished concrete (in modern homes) & the Cath Kidston look are popular in the UK.
    Of course many trends seem to be global too. The geometric, taxidermy & copper ones seem to be everywhere!
    As an aside, I’m told copper is ideal material for chocolate making equipment.

    • Thank you Mrs T. So nice of you to pop by the blog! Yes, being sheep is definitely a cultural and generational thing. South Koreans love their Cath Kidston stuff too. A bit prissy for me! As for Brazil, bold colours, hard surfaces….

  10. I’m assured by the Director of Heritage at work (he knows his gardens, plants, and all the latin terms for them!) that the fiddle leaf fig is not a new trend and that it was the ‘it’ plant back in the 70s too. Malden hair ferns are also back.
    I must confess to spending a shocking $180 on a fiddle leaf fig to glam up my apartment when i sold it last year, I also spent about $350 on flowers over three ‘open’ weekends to give the apartment a touch of luxury. I still have the fiddle leaf fig, it still looks glossy and gorgeous, but I don’t have the flowers. So money well spent!
    I reckon it’s ok to buy a few faddish things once in a while, but let it be some (easily removed) brass planters rather than expensive brass light fittings in every room of your house installed by and equally expensive sparky.
    You forgot macrame plant hangers off your fad list….another reincarnated blast from the past…that we’ll all be putting out for council collection in a couple of years time.

    • I didn’t forget macrame, I could have gone on, and on! I think it is fiddle leaf figs that are growing like weeds beside all the roads here in Brazil. Don’t let yours escape from the pot, one tree would take up your whole back yard. BTW, I quite like them in pots.

  11. joan55555 says:

    Did someone say macrame? I’m 1974’s master of macrame. Johanne you grew up under a jungle of hanging plants in beaded macrame masterpieces… beautifully coordinated with all those lovely lime green furnishings. Happy to take orders!

  12. Sarah P says:

    Great survey J! Can I admit a secret loathing to grass cloth wall paper? I know it’s “alllll thaa raaargee” at the moment but it actually makes me feel suffocated when it’s in a room- like dust is clinging to it or something (that’s normal right?) and don’t get me started on how the seams are visible 🙈

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