The modern Australian entrance.

An absence of news from our building site can only mean one of two things.

  1. Everyone is so busy working on our house that they have no time to write.
  2. There is no news.

I’m trying to remain patient.  The Nice Wolf has brought up the subject of contingency plans, you know somewhere to sleep when you don’t have a house, but I’m not entering into it yet.  Instead, I’m doing what I do best, admiring pictures – developing the vision for House By The Water.  Some might call it burying my head in the sand.

So with my room inspiration formula well established by now, I set out to select my Top 5 entries/hallways.  I’ve collected pictures of many beautiful home entries, but our entry should reflect our home style and finding “modern Australian with a touch of earthiness” soon narrowed down the contenders.  As I look at more and more beautiful homes it can get confusing at times, but I’m trying hard to stick to my self-imposed “brief”.


My idea of the perfect entrance.  Photo:  Made By Cohen.

A place to put your shoes on.

A place to sit to put your shoes on.  Photo:  Home Adore.


Coastal.  The fish is a bit much for me, but otherwise, yes please!  Photo:  Hare and Klein.

Almost worth changing the house plans for!  Coastal with no kitsch.  Photo:  Lucy Marstan, Architect.

Almost worth changing the house plans for! Coastal with no kitsch. Photo: Lucy Marstan, Architect.

Hmmm, yes, only 4.    Nevermind.  How hard can a hallway be?

Our entry and hall has a great design with a linen cupboard tucked away to the side and even some wall space to hang hats and bags that is out of sight as you enter the house.  Functionally, aside from being a passage way, it will be the shoes on/off space.  We are a shoes off family.  It comes from having lived in Canada.  Wear those snowy, muddy boots inside and you are going to get a thwack.  Once I got a taste for this, there was no turning back.  The reduction in grub (read floor cleaning) is huge when you are a family of 5.  Plus, we like to be barefoot.  It’s one of many reasons we are installing timber floors throughout our house.  Currently The Three Little Pigs sit on the floor to remove their shoes and shoes are every where.  So a bench for sitting is in order and most of the ground floor linen cupboard will be dedicated to shoes.

A wide entrance and a hidden nook for shoes and bags on hooks.

A wide entrance and a hidden nook for shoes and bags on hooks.

We have a beautiful antique buffet cabinet that we bought in Tasmania on our honeymoon.  It won’t fit in our new dining room with no walls, so I’m going to house it in our hall.  Accommodating that and a bench to sit on are my only prerequisites for this space.  We have a void space above our entrance that is calling for a long feature pendant.  If money was no object, I’d hang several oak pendants.  In reality, I’m planning to install some kind of traditional fishing basket or net here as pendant lighting.

My one chance at the "minimal" look, and I've blown it already.

My one chance at the “minimal” look, and I’ve blown it already.   (There will be art, but I can’t decide which pieces yet.)

Definitely a few extra styles sneaking in there.  Perhaps I should just add “a hint of coastal” to my brief.  “Modern Australian with a touch of earthiness and a hint of coastal” is getting a bit long winded.  How about “Aussie surf and turf”?

Have you given yourself a decorating “brief”?  Can you name your style?  Or is it just me watching too many home renovation shows?

Does your home entrance reflect the mood and style of the rest of your home?  

Got any secrets for avoiding a large pile of shoes and school bags beside your front door?




18 thoughts on “The modern Australian entrance.

  1. The timing with building/moving/temp accommodation can be so tricky as we ended up finding out! I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the no news is because they are so busy with your building they don’t have time to write.
    As per usual you’ve chosen some beautiful pics – love the first two.
    I wish we had all been in the habit of leaving shoes at the door as the amount of sand that has been traipsed through the house is unbelievable – thank God for tough tiles lol ☺

  2. Yes sand and new floor boards do not go well. With this in mind, I’ve been trying hard to establish a contractor for our driveway but pinning someone down is proving difficult. Our cobblestones are limiting the field and it seems no one is that interested in getting a quote to me.

    • I sympathise Jo as it is so difficult trying to get hold of some of these people and we are in Perth so I can just imagine how hard it is for you trying to do it from overseas.
      I haven’t seen too many cobblestone driveways here but our old neighbour did have one installed about 4 yrs ago. He got a little local guy but the results weren’t great so I won’t follow that up for you! Patience and perseverance is the name of the game in Perth ☺

  3. I hear you on the changing the brief. As I see my house come together I am tempted to change it to an earthy modern look. But I am forcing myself to remember what my dream plans are and trying to tell my self it will look great.

    Those entries are amazing. Like walking into an art gallery. Are you planning on putting art in there?

  4. Miranda says:

    Oh I really hope they have your house ready for you in time! It’s so hard managing that timing. And we didn’t have an international move and kids to worry about.
    For the driveway contractors, can’t Eco Outdoors give you some contacts? They gave us the names of several people who could install our unusual-shaped stone cladding.
    I feel like wedding planning was good practice for a home building “brief”. People involved with weddings won’t accept you not having a “theme”, so I got better at it. In that context, I said I wanted things to be soft and natural but sophisticated (rather than too rustic). That’s pretty close to my brief for our house.
    Then the Freedom interior designer suggested we should also aim for “young and fun; not trying to copy the house your parents would want”. That brief gave us a different perspective on things and was good fun to try to implement.

    • I love that your wedding brief almost became your home brief! I’m a bit cynical about Freedom suggesting young and fun (and new)! but I’m glad it worked for you. Eco Outdoors have given me contact details and I followed them up over one month ago but none have come through with a quote.

  5. Sarah P says:

    Entrance 4… Oh my! Love it! Nailing your “style name” is sooo tough (and surprisingly important when trying to explain to contractors etc what you’re after!) I’m ending up going with resort names to sum up the style ie. I’m after “Atlantic Byron bay” whereas hbtw might be ” bunker bay dunsborough” – first world troubles indeed 🙂

  6. Fingers crossed for a timely and smooth completion! We used white vintage crackle glaze tiles (think metro but with a bit more age and texture) on one of the hallway walls from the bottom 3/4 way up as I used to get annoyed at the landmarks (leaning on wall when removing shoes) as well as the marks from ‘kicking off’ shoes which inevitably bounced off the bottom of the walls. Looks great, introduces a bit of warmth and character as well as easy easy to clean – In retrospect I would add a couple of wall (spot) lights to (pool) highlight the tiles! How are you finding being so far away from the build and how often do you get to visit it?

    • I love your tiles SBH and I imagine that a “short stay” house would really need to think about minimising wear and tear. I’ve inspected our current entry for signs of shoe scuffs and it’s no worse than elsewhere in our poorly painted (one coat!) rental. Being away from the build has been fine – but only because we are building a “package home”, so we don’t have much to co-ordinate relative to a build such as yours. Luckily, communication has mostly been good and our builders have built homes for overseas clients before. I’d probably be more frustrated if I was actually there, noticing days of absent trades. I think an independent building inspector is probably crucial to check on build quality during the process.

  7. You definitely need a healthy dose of patience when building! Hopefully the builders are too busy building HBTW to email.

    I love me a void! Just gives the house that wow factor. I’d love to see your take on ‘surf and turf’ Joh😄 I might also take a leaf out of your book and try to enforce a ‘no shoes’ house rule. For our entrance,I’m hoping for a modern minimalist look with the Tarisse King art being the hero. I sound like I watch too many of those reno shows myself😜

  8. joan55555 says:

    That Coastal look is very beautiful and appropriate. It will never date. Aussie Surf and Earth reflects the M Family love of the sea and goes well with indigenous Art and so many of your furnishings and decorative tastes.

  9. trixee says:

    Catching up, I thought I’d replied to this but clearly I haven’t! I had to chuckle at your comment: “My one chance at the “minimal” look, and I’ve blown it already” Much as I like the look, minimalism is not in my blood either. I was at a lighting shop today and saw a nice looking white rope pendant, and thought of you. Tried to find it on their website but no luck.

  10. Mrs. T says:

    I really enjoyed this post & loved the Aussie surf & turf descriptor to sum up the brief. I’m sure there’ll be no need for a contingency plan & it sounds like you’re in good hands with those builders.
    I also had a laugh at the ‘my one chance at the minimal look’ comment. To be honest, it’s over-rated. Personally I think you can have neat & tidy but I haven’t yet worked out how minimalist is conducive to a comfortable, lived-in home.
    I come from a shoes-off family too & I still struggle with the spread of shoes etc. The only thing I ever found worked is shoe racks, which I feel are a compromise in houses without purpose built storage. Your linen cupboard will be the way to go – everything out of sight!
    Hooks / cupboard for bags, coats etc are also a good idea. Aside from that, it’s constantly reminding everyone to put their items away as there’s always a tendency to leave shoes where they fall….
    I can’t wait to see what decor you decide upon for your entryway.

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