A garage for anything but cars.

Garage of the Rubix display home by Webb and Brown-Neaves.  Our garage should look like this, minus the logo.

Garage of the Rubix display home by Webb and Brown-Neaves. Our garage should look like this, minus the logo.

Our double garage is going to have to work its butt off.  Every inch will need to be used.  Our last place had a 4-berth shed, plus a single garage.  We filled the lot.   Work benches, tools, wood offcuts, sports gear, lawn mower, 5 bicycles.  The Nice Wolf hoards, and he has many, many hobbies, for which he needs the right gear.  On top of that we own a camper trailer that could stay outside – but it doesn’t suit my front yard mood board!

We priced the option of adding a third car space.  $25K.  We’ll park a car on the driveway.

Our garage - present state.

Our garage – present state.

The garage is the one space where aesthetics will come last.  Clever storage must come first.  So I’ve been on the look out for ideas to hang, stack, and store our gear.

The Nice and Clever Wolf will be able to knock together plenty of these ideas.  I think I just have to provide the inspiration…


Photo sources:  1. Home Base  2. Unknown  3.  Imgur   4.  Etsy   5.  Fixa via Design Milk.


Photo sources:  1. Family Handyman  2. A bowl full of Lemons  3.  Tote Trac.


Photo sources:  1.  Tool Crib  2.  Bench Solution  3.  Ikea Hackers.


Photos sources:  1. Container Store   2.  Woodsmith Tips.

Have you had to think strategically in your garage?  Any genius tricks to share?

For more garage storage ideas, head over to my Garage folder on Pinterest.




15 thoughts on “A garage for anything but cars.

  1. Sarah says:

    Understand your pain completely on this one. We will not have a shed at our new house but have managed to slightly expand the garage (it will be approx 7.5m x 6m) so will have a little room for the bikes, scooters, tools etc. Sadly because our roofline is quite low we also won’t have an attic which used to be a godsend at our last house for the xmas decorations and no longer in use baby stuff

    • Those extra square metres will be gold Sarah! We think we might be able to use roof space for long term storage later. We had to lift our roof line by 3 courses for our A/C. As a result, there is a huge empty space above one of the bedrooms. I also plan to add cabinetry in our laundry so that should take a little load off the garage. The kids have generous room storage so, they have to house their own balls, racquets, helmets, etc.

  2. joan55555 says:

    My observation is that blokes need a convenient, open, obvious, ‘I’ll put this tool away later’ shelf. This may help with the common question,’ Have you seen my screw driver ? Etc etc…..

  3. joan55555 says:

    Ps We have a large 4 bay garage, and 2 big sheds but the tools are usually down by the gate, or in the chook pen, or under the walnut tree or in the wheelbarrow. Of course I don’t lose anything!

  4. We painted our garage floor with special paint in the UK and that was great for keeping it clean. This time, after seeing The Block, I quite fancy the sparkly resin floor. Hubby is currently unaware of the inclusion of a bit of bling in his man cave 🙂

    On a practical note I like the box storage on runners on the garage ceiling. I better ask for extra blocking to support the weight.

  5. trixee says:

    I have to admit a bit of frustration over the garage situation. Like you, we have plenty of things to store, and also like you, we will have a double garage. However, we only have the one car so will have plenty of space. My problem is that Mr T is convinced that the garage is too insecure to store his Expensive Bikes and Important Tools. But I’m planning on installing a modular storage solution and hang the consequences! I’m not a fan of storing things on the ceiling or too high up, I tend to get dizzy and unsteady on my feet when looking up. That picture you have of the ’50s-like woman storing red boxes on the ceiling terrifies me!

    • Ahh! You have a Mr who has expensive bikes (note the plural!) too. Maybe your man cave would be a candidate for one of those very stylish wall mounts for bikes. There are a lot around. Gorgeous. But our bike tally will be at least 6, so it won’t work for us.

  6. There are some pretty nifty storage solutions there Jo.
    I think we will put some of those bike racks up in our garage as they do get the bikes out of the way.
    Storage space always seems to be an issue.
    I’m a bit like Trixee and not too good with heights but we have friends who added a mezzanine floor to their garage for storage and works really well for them (not too sure how expensive it was though!). ☺

  7. Jane says:

    I’m sorry but the styled vignette in bike image number 5 is cracking me up! Was that one specially for me?! Love it, and love your approach to this often overlooked zone. Like the others, the overhead storage solution makes me a little uncomfortable but vertical options are great. I’m only 5 ft 1 so maybe that has something to do with it 😊 Great work Jo. I have no doubt you will make this as stylish and practical as your other zones x

    • I hate to publish a post without at least one pretty picture, Jane. So many cute bikes and racks are available now, but my husband would just laugh at me, not with me!

  8. Some of those storage options I wish I knew about in our last place! Sounds like your garage will get well used. I’m silently sulking about losing out an enclosed garage this time round and to DH winning an open one. Mainly because I really don’t like washing the car and because they do make good storage spaces.

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