Worldly walls.

Exterior render and paint

Thanks for the pic, Harry.

It’s a light news week.  The internal render has started on our house, but I have no photos to show.  The exterior render started too.  It took us a while before the penny dropped and we thought it was a bit odd that the feature column at the front of our house was being rendered when this column is to be clad in stacked-stone.  Oops.  I bet render is not fun to remove.  Aaah!  I feel another week slip away.

Anyway, it’s holiday time here, so here’s a post I prepared earlier.

I have wallpapyrophobia.  The fear of wall paper.  It’s a bit of a shame, because there are currently some lovely wall papers available.  Still, I’ve enjoyed collecting these well-walled interiors with one thing in common. Can you guess what it is?

New York, apparently.  Source:

Paris. Source:  Pixers.

New York Subway

New York Subway.  Source:  Olive Juice Designs via Houzz.


Bamboo Forrest, Kyoto.  Source:  Pixers (unverified).

The Great Wall of China.  Source:

The Great Wall of China.  Source:  Pixers via Freshome.


9 thoughts on “Worldly walls.

  1. Sarah says:

    The render stage will go quickly. Next you’ll get glass in your windows! Strangely enough, I’d bet they won’t remove the render on your feature column and will just install the stacked stone over the top. That’s what’s happening with our pool feature wall as they want the wall waterproofed underneath to avoid the glue lifting beneath the stone. We’ve had a decent week – lower roofline (where the ground floor is wider than upstairs) is now finished, glass is in and so is upstairs cornice. Staring to look like actual rooms!

    • Hmmm. I wonder what they are going to do. The stone is not meant to be installed over the render. Great progress on your place. Hopefully it’ll be us too very soon.

  2. Good thing you’re not decorating in Korea! It’s wallpaper everywhere. Lol. Even our ceilings are covered with it! These are interesting…I especially like the Paris one…just not sure if I could look at it ALL the time.

  3. trixee says:

    The 3D wallpaper is amazing, I love those optical illusions. I’ll be sticking with more sedate wallpaper though I think. The render mistake shouldn’t cost you a week, it shouldn’t be on the critical path to anything.

    • Trixee, the scaffolding seems to be in the way of everything! It’s been up at that level for weeks and I thought they might keep it up to remove the render. I hope a flurry of activity and a big catch up effort starts next week.

  4. Looking fab! The house two doors down from ours had their stacked stone column done very quickly… then two guys spent about a month chipping off all the stone, piece by piece, and then another couple of months putting on another lot… which looked an awful lot like the previous stuff. I was getting frustrated and it’s not even my house. So I hope they put it on right the first time for you!

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