External paint revealed.

External paintThank goodness for a new photo and a smidgeon of progress at House By The Water.  The scaffolding that was getting in everyone’s way, and seemed to be the cause of a two month standstill, was finally lowered.  And, ta da! The external colours of the house are revealed.  I’m rather happy with my paint choices.  Although I spent weeks deciding what interior colours to use, the exterior paint was a 5 minute decision.  I showed Webb and Brown-Neaves’ interior designer a picture of a house exterior that I liked and muttered something about grey.  She said “How about Grey Pebble with Calfskin?” as she poked a couple of sample strips in my direction and I said “OK”.  Done.

The trim, between the roof and the top of the brick work, is Dulux Calfskin and the paint over the render that’s on the top of the window and on the feature column is Dulux Grey Pebble.  (People like to know these things!)  The roof is Colorbond Surfmist.

The plasterers were due to start and finish the internal plaster on the first floor last week, but my spies dropped by on the weekend and couldn’t find any new work.  Ho hum!  This week should be action packed  with ceiling fixers and external renderers both scheduled to be on our site.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, otherwise it’ll be a post on housing pets next week and I’d rather it didn’t come to that.

On a side note, this week I had

My 15 minutes of fame!

In case you missed it, I was interviewed about my purchase of an original Coco pendant as opposed to a replica.  You can read the article on Domain News.

The Coco pendant. A work of art. Source: Coco Flip.

The Coco pendant. A work of art. Source: Coco Flip.

In response to the article my blog stats did a bit of a flip of their own, and, ahem, check out the hits counter!  It reached over 100K views.

Secondly, an anonymous blog reader nominated House By The Water for the U.K. based, Amara Interior Blog Awards in the Australian category.  Thank you to Mr. or Mrs. Mystery and “hello” readers from the U.K.. If you wish to vote, click on the icon below:vote-now

Okay.  I’ll get back in my box now.  Awkward moment.

Feeling bolstered by my newfound “fame” I decided to test out a suggestion made on the HomeOne forum to another home builder.  Remember the cobblestone driveway saga?  Think $$$$.  After getting yet more crazy quotes for the driveway, my husband and I decided we’ll have a go at it ourselves.  Some of my Instagram friends even offered to turn up with scones and help!  (One might be forgiven for assuming this means that we eat scones and chat while we watch the Nice Wolf, a.k.a. husband, lay cobblestones.  But if you’ve seen my Insta friend, Lady Jo, with her tools, you’d know that her offer is sincere.  But I digress…)  So the suggestion was to ask suppliers for trade prices in return for displaying a sign advertising the product.  Since House By The Water will be highly visible, I thought there was some potential for this idea and I asked Eco Outdoor for a discount on cobblestones.  I received a polite and prompt response, offering a rate of $121 per square metre.   $10 per square metre more than my previous quote.  Ha ha ha! The price of fame….

Cobblestones are everywhere here in Brazil. Might have to pack a suitcase full.

Cobblestones are everywhere here in Brazil. I might have to pack a suitcase full.

15 thoughts on “External paint revealed.

    • Next week I’m sure I’ll be back to being your average pleb! I am getting excited Nat, although the house is still missing doors, windows, paint, cabinetry, you get the idea!

  1. Well done Jo – a well deserved nomination and enjoy being famous ☺☺
    The house colours look great.
    Those cobblestone driveways are expensive but maybe your working bee wiil be the answer.

  2. trixee says:

    OK I voted 🙂 Well done Jo, your blog has certainly inspired me! Love how your house is slowly being revealed, although I wish they’d taken more photos. Hurry up, WBN! Hey, now that you’re famous, maybe they’ll go faster on your build??

  3. 100K+ blog hits – Go you!
    Shame Eco Outdoor wouldn’t do you a deal on the cobblestones. We had a working party of friends to help lay our last lawn years ago. It wasn’t very level but we had a good time doing it. We nick named it the Chardonnay lawn, this one will be the Sav Blanc lawn 🙂

  4. joan55555 says:

    Yep, working bee for the cobblestones. I can recommend someone who you know very well , he does an excellent job and will settle for BBQ supplied by The Nice Wolf……or a crayfish

  5. joan55555 says:

    Ps Do you like the way I just volunteered a volunteer?
    Pps just checked out July 7, 2014 post to see who is the new favorite for the bottle of Western Australian bubbly. I’m thinking Anne-Marie at Humpty Doo or John Hayes in the UK could be sitting by your pool sipping champagne early next year.

    • Thanks XV. I’d love to make a coffee table book eventually. But I’m still only half way through trying to make Pig One’s baby book, 10 years later.

  6. Africadayz says:

    Hi Jo. I’ve been wanting to comment on this for weeks but now that I’m actually living in my house, I don’t seem to have a moment to read or write… Have done some catching up today. So at last, Congratulations on the nomination! I have voted. Hope not too late… Good luck; I’d love you to win. Your house is looking fabulous and I am looking forward to hearing you’re back in Australia and camping in the yard:)

    • Thanks Jacqui. Yay for being in your house and having no time for blogs! I don’t expect anything to come of the nomination, but I’m flattered that someone thought to nominate me.

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