Counselling for building customers.

House building packages should come with counselling.  You know, the “Build Well value pack”.  It includes internal painting, floors, air conditioning and 4 sessions with a qualified psychologist.

Sunday night, I was a little bit grumpy.  The cause?  The weather App on my phone.

Mandurah weather report.

Outlook is blah!

I had visions of the tradies staying at home all week, Ugg boots on, watching reruns of “Real Tradies of Melbourne”.

Tradies health video link

Special program for Tradies National Health Month.

Fortunately, I woke the next morning to fresh photos of work at House By The Water and a plan for the week that didn’t revolve around weather.   So I’ve postponed my session on the therapy couch for another time.

The renderers managed to get some external render done before the rain:

The ceiling fixers put up the ceiling on the top floor:

Alfresco ceiling.

Alfresco ceiling. Versilux sheets.

Plasterboard ceiling.

Plasterboard ceiling and a small amount of internal render started.

I have been waiting for this bit.  The ceiling makes all the difference between a construction site and a future home.  The light suddenly changes and you get a sense of the room proportions.

The internal render on the top floor should be completed this week.  (Writer’s déjà vu.) Then the ceiling fixers can return to flush the joints and put the cornice up.

How do you deal with the emotional highs and lows of building or renovating?  

23 thoughts on “Counselling for building customers.

  1. Made me laugh out loud – know the exact feeling! Looks like its coming on really well. We’re hopefully looking at starting our next ‘project’ soon – this time a 16th century(!!) grade II listed cottage. I do hope the weather improves 🙂

      • It’s in Surrey (about 45 minutes from London) – it’s a money pit but oh so beautiful! It probably amounts to a mid-life crisis! As it happens we’re going to Skye ( tomorrow for a break – cannot wait! Wanted to ask how you get the aerial shots?

    • In answer to your question about the aerial shots, I bought a 12 month subscription to NearMap. They cover the U.S. too but are mostly geared to commercial customers. I don’t think they are offering private/personal use subscriptions any more. I hope you enjoyed your break in Skye.

  2. joan55555 says:

    How’s the weather on the Isle of Skye? Good luck Self Build. Clear skies in Mt Beauty,Australia. I hope the gloomy skies have cleared in Mandurah. Thankfully all your lovely Housebythewater followers are providing lots free counselling. The house is getting to a very exciting stage.

    • Famous for it’s mist and rain but always stunning – it’s one of the those places where all you read about it is true – mountains, sea, sun, rain and wind (but very good for the soul)!

  3. Rose coloured glasses warning….
    Great to have some rain along the way…to check for holes in the roof and other waterproofing. Better than having pools of water appear once the internal render/plaster is done and painted and your gorgeous blackbutt floors are down 😉

  4. I remember very well how frustrating it was getting weather delays or any sort of delays as you have the clock ticking away.
    I did lots of deep breathing and a few glasses of bubbly helped me keep sane lol
    In the end though it will get done and I don’t think any screaming or shouting will move it forward any faster.
    Keep smiling 🙂

    • Deb you must have ESP. I deleted a final paragraph asking whether readers liked to bury their head in sand, drink or cry! Don’t worry, I’m staying cool! Just a moment of gloom.

  5. Building should come with therapy and renovating with marriage counselling 😉 living in a reno, the best thing I have learned when the rubble piles up, the tradies don’t show and the nerves get frayed is to get. Out. Meet up with good friends for a fun night out with a beautiful dinner, red wine and lots of laughs. It never fails to restore your sense of humour and make you feel reconnected.

  6. trixee says:

    That’s an awesome idea, you should put it on your feedback form. I didn’t realise Real Tradies of Melbourne was a thing. Oh dear.
    Your progress, however, is becoming very exciting! Ceilings make a world of difference, and you’ll get your aaah moment soon when the white set is done.

  7. I think I would have ticked two of your boxes in your deleted paragraph Johanne 🙂 Remember my Chardonnay Lawn well this will be the Sauvignon Blanc house! Perhaps house building is like child birth and you forget the intensity of the pain once you have your lovely new house … hopefully 🙂

  8. I thought that Real Tradies video was a real program for a minute there… it did feature a burly bearded tradie using the word “darl” so that’s my day made.

    The plaster and render done so far looks promising! At least in a few weeks you’ll be able to chase them up in person. 🙂

    • Oh, there will be chasing, Steph! They’ll wish they were all finished up before I arrive back in Australia. Build progress stalking will be taken to a whole new level!

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