Building progress: photo frenzy.

The first thing I do every morning is check my inbox for photos of House By The Water.  You never know when one of my Mandurah friends might have been in the area and thought to take a photo or when our builders decide it’s time to show off some work.  This week I cracked the photo jackpot.  My blogging friend, Trixee, was in Mandurah.  Trixee is building a solar passive home in Perth and knows what a girl wants when it comes to building photos.  No detail is too big or small to snap.  Aside from evidence of building progress and quality, the photos serve as a record of the location of pipes, wires, holes, etcetera.  As if Trixee’s photos weren’t exciting enough, our site supervisor sent photos of windows!   WINDOWS!

Here’s an abbreviated collection of the photos:

OutsideUpstairs render and windows.

The top floor render is completed and is drying out before being sealed, “textured” and painted.

Upstairs windows

Bedroom windows.

The window frames (in “white lustre”) should blend in with the walls once the render is painted.  Some top floor windows are yet to be measured up on site.  Coming soon!


Upstairs living.

Left to right: linen closet, stairs (scaffold covered), master bedroom (in distance), living area.

Upstairs the rendering is complete, the ceilings and cornices are in.   Ready for sanding the ceilings and white-setting the walls.


The garage that will be filled to the brim before long.  Entry directly into the hallway, handy, should we ever be able to fit a grocery laden car into our garage.  (Note: photo featuring discarded tradie clothing.  I think Trixee wanted to add this to her rather impressive “What the tradies leave behind” photo collection.)



Entrance and hallway.

Looking rather dark, but not for long.  Scaffolding currently covers the entrance void space and light grey walls will make all the difference.  The library opening is to the left.

Bedroom for the littlest pig.

Kid's bedroom.

Future sty.



Scullery. My mess hiding indulgence. Home to sinks, dishwasher, fridge, microwave, pantry and more.


Laundry chute.

Featuring the laundry chute.

And the best for last,

Open living area.


From the dining room, looking into the kitchen. Scullery at right rear, “cellar” through the door.

Open living area.

From the dining room, looking across the kitchen to the living area on the left (still housing a lot of scaffold to cover the void).

To top it all off, Nearmap published another aerial view of our property – the first time they’ve flown over since December.  There’s not much to see now that there is a gigantic roof on top, but you can see the difference in style of our house compared to a typical house in our area.  I hope the neighbours are not cringing!

Aerial timeline:

Aerial view - canal side.

Canal side view. Work in progress.


11 thoughts on “Building progress: photo frenzy.

  1. Tracy says:

    Wow it’s really coming along, how exciting! I will drive past next time we are up there. Won’t be long until you are sipping a wine under the alfresco 🍷

  2. Looking fabulous Johanne! I love that you have a laundry chute and a cellar! The bedrooms look very spacious too – do you have 31c ceilings throughout?
    Your view is incredible. Cannot wait to see the final product 🙂

    • Thanks Ashlee. We have a mix of ceiling heights downstairs. 28 c in the kitchen (with bulkhead), scullery and laundry. 31 in the dining and hall. 32 in our library/theatre and the bedroom. And 63 in our living area (with void)! Upstairs is 28 c throughout.

  3. trixee says:

    Your facade is getting better and better, I love it being slowly revealed each time you update. Love seeing the aerials as well 🙂 You know, I didn’t even notice the laundry chute when I was there!

  4. Jo says:

    Wow it’s really coming along – I so need to catchup on my blog reading. Really enjoy the ariel timeline snapshots, perfect to gauge the built. And yes, it will be bubbles on the deck sooner than you think!

  5. Moving along nicely Jo – you must be getting excited.
    I have to say that I was in two minds about putting in a scullery but I absolutely love it – hides all the messy stuff like kettles and toasters etc.
    Wow – what a view!! 🙂

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