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Our barbecue collection is becoming a bit embarrassing.  Lest we be caught short without a barbecue, our current count is 4, spread over 3 locations.    But that is not enough for The Nice Wolf (a.k.a. husband).  Australians love to barbecue, but so do Canadians, Brazilians and South Koreans and they all do it in different ways.

The Nice Wolf loves to entertain and if he invites you for dinner, the chances are you will be fed either BBQ or pizza.  And when the husband is cooking, which wife in her right mind would deny him the “necessary” tools?  So the outdoor kitchen at House By The Water shall be requiring a standard Australian/Canadian style barbecue, a Brazilian churrasqueira and a pizza oven.

Top 5 Outdoor Kitchens:

COS Design back yard.

This is probably the closest example of how I imagine our BBQ area to look. Amazing Melbourne back yard by: COS Design.

Pizza oven

Pizza oven and built in BBQ by Harrison Landscaping. (Feature photo is from the same garden.)

Punta del este alfresco

Space hungry but beautiful.  Source: Menossi Fotografo.

Black and timber outdoor kitchen

Building approval required for this rather OTT outdoor kitchen. Never-the-less, it’s classy. Photo source: unknown.

Simple BBQ bench.

Subtle BBQ bench by Secret Gardens.

Longtime readers will know that I like to choose my favourite 5 photos for inspiration, but I have to tell you that outdoor kitchens were a struggle.  So many of them dominate a space.  When I’m outside, I want to forget about the sink and let the canal and garden be the focus.  We want a lot of BBQs but we don’t want it to look like a lot.  Probably the standard BBQ will be wheeled out of sight most of the time, leaving just the built-in churrasqueira and pizza oven on display.  I’m sure the Nice Wolf will enjoy the challenge of designing just the right space, with my guidance on the finishes:

Mood board for outdoor kitchen.

Keeping the outdoor style consistent. Modern Australian with a touch of Italian and Brazilian!

  • concrete ✔︎
  • timber ✔︎
  • matt black ✔︎
  • stainless steel ✔︎
  • neighbour friendly ✔︎
  • plant friendly ✔︎

Have you got a fancy outdoor kitchen plan?  

What are your back yard cooking essentials?  

Could you start your own barbecue shop?

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my Dad whose favourite BBQ method is a snag in a pan on a campfire in the paddocks, and to the Nice Wolf, who likes that too!

8 thoughts on “Outdoor kitchen

  1. We are up to 2 bbqs Jo – both are tuvked away in the shed and wheeled out when needed. My better half was keen to have flexibility in where he cooked so decided against going for a built in bbq area – this may change. Like you I am not a huge fan of looking at a big cooking area outside but there are some very nice setups (just like your inspirational pics).
    Yay summer and bbqs are just around the corner 🙂

  2. trixee says:

    Kitchens #1 and #4 are on favourites list too, you obviously have excellent taste.
    While I can’t claim to have quite as many barbeques, we are pondering how to do this. We do want an outdoor kitchen – well actually we need one just so we can have a wok burner. And a large bbq is always handy for when there’s more than a few people. So we’ll get one of those. But we also have our hearts set on an honest to goodness firepit that Mr. T can cook things on while I bask in the warmth and rotate my body around the fire like a pig on a spit. A pizza oven would be awesome, but we’re not sure how to fit that in just yet. I’m looking forward to seeing your plans come to life.

    • Thanks for that visual, Trixee. LOL! I’m hoping the “where to put it” bit will become obvious once we’ve moved in and got used to the space for a while.

  3. joan55555 says:

    I like #2, the cooking gear is sleekly lined up rather than scattered and the landscaping blends it all in. Number one consideration for me would be wind protection.. The Old Wise Pig says thank you for the Fathers Day Wishes. He will be sitting near the tractor shed with a camp fire, billy boiling and some sausages sizzling.

  4. Lydia says:

    I like #2 also. If you are planning on doing a LOT of barbequeing, it makes more sense to have the BBQ integrated/on display, otherwise either it will be out all the time anyway (and in the way because it’s “place” is is in the shed), or it will be too much of a pain to wheel it out and back every night and you won’t use it as much as you should. If you’re cooking with gas, then having the BBQ connected to natural gas (if possible) is fantastic! Never run out of gas again. We have an alfresco ‘room’ (the old garage with 2 sides knocked down), the BBQ is there (under cover) all the time (because we don’t have anywhere else it can go). We are trying to work out what we can do with a range-hood as we are limited by the roof line. I wish we had the space for a pizza oven…and maybe if I knew what a churrasqueira was I would want one too!

    • You are right, of course. Thank you, Lydia. We have planned a gas point, but I’m not sure it’s in the best place. Do you really need a range hood? After two years living without a range hood (inside), I’m thinking that they are expendable. Give us a year or two, then come to W.A. to find out all about churrasqueiras!

  5. Lydia says:

    Great to hear your experience. I don’t want a range hood because I don’t really like them (the one in the kitchen is concealed), and the bbq ones are ginormous, but husband is worried about smoke etc dirtying up the ceiling, and sometimes we get a breeze that blows smoke toward the house that a range hood may counteract (?).
    We were actually thinking of a trip to monkey Mia and coral bay next year! Might have to include Perth too? Xx

    • You’d need a very strong range hood to counteract natural breezes. Seems unlikely to me. Coral Bay is a great place for a family holiday. We’ll expect you in Mandurah. Can’t promise churrasco, but can promise spare beds once our shipping arrives from Brazil. xxx

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