The Best Places to shop in Western Australia

This post is to make my husband’s life easier.  With a birthday coming up and an I.O.U. or two in my favour, not to mention that “C” word that I dare not think about yet,  I’m certain he’ll appreciate this list of the best places to shop for me in Western Australia.

It has been 10 years since we lived in Western Australia, so I asked my favourite local Instagrammers and Home Bloggers to help me out.


Jane is an Interior Stylist at Spacecrush and has impeccable taste.  I really connect with her style and hang on her every published word.  She has the knack for Instagram vignettes that regularly have me drooling at the colours and textures.   Jane said that asking her to recommend just one place to shop was like asking her to pick a favourite child!  (Sorry Jane, I only allowed you one.  I don’t want to confuse The Nice Wolf.)  Jane recommends:

Design farm

Design Farm show room.

Design Farm showroom in Perth.  Source: @ledgelovespace on Instagram.

“For the best in Australian and European design, I can’t go past Design Farm. I love how all-Australian designed and manufactured ranges such as Adam Goodrum, Coco-Flip, Tait furniture and our home-grown WA favourite, Nathan Day Design, blend seamlessly with Danish icons such as Hans Wegner, Hay and Gubi. I love every visit to this beautiful showroom.”


Trixee is building a solar-passive house and blogs at Ecohome Style.  Trixee has the auspicious title of top commenter on House By The Water so I think she “gets me” by now.  Trixee is equally stylish and practical.  But, like me, she just can’t resist an occasional splurge on something that’s just beautiful.  Trixee recommends:

Baker and Shuhandler

Baker and Shuhandler is my eye candy for the soul. If you want luxe furniture, this is the place for that one-off piece. They also have a good selection of homewares.”


Deb is currently “living the dream” with her beautiful new house finished, the garden in and the pool running!   Deb blogs at Deb’s Dream Home.  Amongst other things, we share taste in indigenous art and garden landscaping.  Deb has kindly passed on a lot of home building information to me – curtains, landscaping, nurseries, art.  Deb’s latest Perth homewares discovery is:

The Furniture Gallery.

“I found The Furniture Gallery that I think will be right up your alley  – I was tempted!”

A quick look at some of their lounge and bed options on their website and I think Deb might be right.


Lady Jo runs The Little Farmhouse Pantry in addition to a hectic family life on the farm including renovations.  She’s a savvy lady whose sense of humour and humility I adore.  Check out her quotes on Instagram and beautiful photos of good country food.  Some people dream of fancy cars, others, fancy houses.  Lady Jo dreams of a kitchen with an Aga.  She is definitely a gal who appreciates beautiful things with a history and suggested:

Matilda’s Antiques

Antique sewing machine.

Source: Matilda’s Antiques in North Fremantle.


Sarah is building a home right in front of the ocean (sigh).  We play snap with our Pinterest collection.  I pin, she repins.  She pins, I repin.  That girl has awesome taste!  You can catch a glimpse of Sarah’s build in progress at All About Sarah on Instagram.  Sarah likes:

Empire Homewares

“So Empire would have to be number one – it has been around forever but is constantly keeping up with beautiful coastal trends without being “too cool” – plus they stock the entire Armadillo and Co. range!”


Gino and Marie are owner-builders and are definitely up to the exciting part of a build, the interior fittings.  They blog at Brick By Brick, but I suspect they’ve been a little busy of late – so you’ll find their latest progress updates on their Brick By Brick facebook page.  Timber floors, void spaces, a fire place, interesting tiles – their new house is already beautiful!   Gino is also the General Manager at Home Base, so I suspect he knows a thing or two when it comes to local suppliers.  One of Gino and Marie’s favourites is:

Orno Interiors

“Rose and Gabrielle are delightful and we love their collection of beautiful homewares, especially their custom designed furniture pieces. We’ve bought a few things there for our home, but our most important house purchase to date has been an exquisite, hand-crafted jarrah table with aged brass inlays. At 3.4 metres long and 1 metre wide, it’s been created by the duo’s Husband and Dad, using 100 plus year old jarrah wood – and is one of our home’s feature pieces.”


Dee has a beautiful, modern Australian home and an eye for gorgeous homewares that I’ve been stalking on Instagram for quite some time.  She’s generously answered my questions about her floors, paint and plants.  Well next time I have a question, I’m going to pop right into her brand new shop  “Frisky Deer Interiors + Cafe” in Mandurah and ask her myself, over a cup of tea.  I decided not to put Dee in the awkward position of choosing a favourite shop.  I felt sure it would be her very own homewares shop:

Frisky Deer Interiors + Cafe

Frisky Deer Interiors

Source: Frisky Deer Interiors + Cafe

How easy is this one, The Nice Wolf?  You don’t even need to leave town to get me a little something here. Might even be good for some birthday cake??


Latisha is the brains and talent behind Little Petals Floral Design.  Normally I wouldn’t linger over photos of flowers for too long, but Latisha has me completely sucked in.  Latisha suggested a local homewares store, but added the proviso that she still “lives at home” so wasn’t really homewares savvy.  So I’ve taken the liberty of making a recommendation on Latisha’s behalf:


Latisha sells her stunning flowers at Gilbert’s Fresh Markets  in Mandurah (and now at Frisky Deer too) for prices the average Jo can afford.


Maya, a.k.a. House Nerd, needs no introduction on this blog.  She’s got all Perth and Fremantle’s little homewares secrets covered.  But Maya can’t resist telling a good story, so it’s only a matter of time before the “secrets” are shared.  I knew I could rely on her for a shopping tip or two.  Maya loves:


“Shedwallah in Fremantle is a beautiful warehouse filled with exotic and colourful offerings like beautiful Indian bedlinens, vintage gates, furniture and old Indian cooking pots (perfect for fire pits – I gave Mr Nerd one as a birthday gift). It’s the perfect place for adding a bit of texture or pattern to an interior design scheme.” 


Tonia has her finger in many Margaret River pies.  Styling, events, branding, wine!  You can take a sneak peek of her work and her unique home at Foraging By the Sea on Instagram.  I particularly like Tonia’s style for its homeliness and realism.  She doesn’t fall for the latest trends.  One of Tonia’s favourite little shops to browse is:


Remedy is one of those understated shops that is an institution whilst always inspiring with bright and beautiful window displays, local artisan products, fair trade items and a selection of special things from wooden crafted toys for the wee ones to stunning made-to-order Armadillo & Co. rugs!  The ethos of the store is created by the warm and funny Melanie Clark and her partner Joe Ottone. Everything they do, like them, is genuine and authentic.  With stores in both Leederville & Fremantle you will be surrounded by village strip shopping with easy parking and brilliant coffee, my idea of an outing!”

Nice Wolf, no need to thank me.  xxx


14 thoughts on “The Best Places to shop in Western Australia

  1. trixee says:

    Now you’re making me sound like a crazy stalker… well played, Jo, well played! Some awesome links here, both to shops and other blogs I wasn’t aware of, so I’ll be checking them out for sure. 🙂

  2. Nice inspiration – homewares, furniture, antiques, garden, you’ve got them all covered. I do seem to follow a lot of WA-based blogs, you guys must be less snooty than the east coast. I sort of want to put together a Tasmanian version of this post now?

  3. Great post Johanne! I had forgotten all about Empire, even though I have visited the Dunsborough store quite a few times. There’s a few others on the list I will need to check out this weekend 🙂

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